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  1. WDP4D

    Dapol 08

    Thanks for sharing that...looks lovely! I wish Dapol did an un-painted version.
  2. WDP4D

    The Engine Shed

    It could also just be a non-painted sample that Hornby will use to hand paint or something into a livery that is actually for the 2016 range.... I am on the fence about new Mk3s. Would love to see new ones. But at what level of detail is a big question. - Highly detailed ones means too expensive for long rakes. - RailRoad ones means all relevant detail added and many people upset over the lower detailed one.
  3. WDP4D

    Simon Says

    Think about it this way..... 1) If we were 4mm figures on a model layout we'd never be able to push the sprung buffers in.... ...similarly... 2) If real trains were actually toys to us and if we were giants then those real sprung buffers will be easy-peasy to push in!
  4. WDP4D

    Dapol "O" gauge Terrier.

    Or a Dapol O Gauge Terrier paste?
  5. WDP4D

    Hornby P2

    I've asked Hornby too.... Let's see if anyone can get images.
  6. WDP4D

    Hornby P2

    Are you referring to R3171 RailRoad LNER P2 or R1183 Master of Glens Train Set version? None of them seem to be in stock on Hornby's website or any other retailers
  7. WDP4D

    The Engine Shed

    Don't think that could be a reason. They've taken pictures of model before which were at earlier EP stages (Adams Radial, King, S15, J50, Hall etc.) and they said they would for the Class 71. So I asked. In fact when they've taken pics before those models usually weren't even at the stage where the Class 71 is.
  8. Will that change the running characteristics of the loco? Having a finescale flange on sharper curves may cause it to jump off? I think the L1 had a problem like that. But I'm not sure if the mounting mechanism for the leading bogie is the same.
  9. WDP4D

    The Engine Shed

    Loved the images of the J50.... I wish they had taken some like that of the Class 71. Whilst I loved the video, I still wanted to see images.
  10. Haha.... Just to explain a bit to you - I didn't call you stupid. If you actually read I said it was a stupid comparison. And yes people who go on and on assuming everything to be a "EXETER SITUATION" need to grow up a bit. If it is an Exeter situation then how does it bother you? Hornby are doing a re-run of Exeter so if this (as you assumed) turns out to be an Exeter situation then we'll get a re-run. I may be new to this forum and the hobby but that doesn't mean I don't know things. It's quite frankly stupid that when ever there is a delay in deliveries that people immediately look at it and assume "Exeter". The problem with posts like yours is that many see the need to pile on and start off another discussion. Thank God this time we've had people post some lovely pics of their model and has managed to keep the topic on track. It's frustrating when you come to a forum and when you read a topic about "XXXXX" and keep on seeing posts about "Exter" in it. There is no connection whatsoever.
  11. I couldn't agree more. For me while I'm asleep Great Britain is wide awake and so when I awake I usually have a lot to run through. It gets really really bugging when I wake up and look at the whinging going on in quite a few topics on RMweb. Most recently you can have a look at people getting a bit jittery about the S15 video that Hornby posted in the lastest "The Engine Shed" blog.
  12. Apples and pears here..... There's a big difference in the comparison for "model trains" and a "car"... Funny to see some compare literally something that's part of a hobby to a necessity/mode of transport. And yes it can either be livery specs that are wrong or issues with the masks/tampo prints.
  13. OH MY GOOD LORD!!! Another one with the stupid Exeter comparisons....Seriously grow up. Not every model out of Hornby is going to end up like Exeter. Have you ever heard of something called time? Yes it takes time to reach a shop!
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