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  1. The Heljan ETHEL is already unpowered, what is in the gear towers, if anything, I don’t know. Roy
  2. Which has been quite common on first/early build stock over the years as part of commissioning. Roy
  3. Model Railways Direct have a Flash Sale on with some very good prices: https://modelrailwaysdirect.co.uk/special-offers.html Just picked up a sound fitted 009 Blanche for £214, which is about £65 less than most places. Roy
  4. Off topic, and asking as someone not very good at identifying wagons, what is the van standing on its own on the righthand side? Obviously vented and seems to have offset doors on the sides. Thanks in advance, Roy
  5. Given it fell under the SECR, might be worth you looking through these (assuming you haven’t already): https://www.southeasternandchathamrailway.org.uk/books.html Roy
  6. Or maybe not: (Flickr link, not my photo) it is a shade that ages rapidly. In my opion both are right as expressed above. Roy
  7. Blue Scottish 37s and Hen’s teeth have a lot in common. Roy
  8. Puzzled by all the angst here. If you run sound then moving lights to lower function keys will mean sounds are not available. If people are not using sound, just remap the function keys. The amount of people still running DCC systems that do not support the full range of functions seems significant (but not high?), however, why should those that can support all the functions be compromised for those that don’t? Sounds/braking etc. need to be on lower keys for simple operations when running, lights tend to be set once before a train sets off, so being on the higher keys is more convenient. Roy
  9. No idea, but that seemed the question above, so perhaps some were modified? Roy
  10. A mix of Flickr and Google finds photos of all but 5463, all looking to have no centre doors. Roy
  11. Interestingly, according to reports the SLW Class 24s needed a special Zimo chip, yet I don’t recall people getting so vocal. Roy
  12. Ok, not just me then. Will drop a message on Monday. Thanks. Roy
  13. I spent most Friday evenings in early the 1980s around Reading/Didcot, so got rather sick of the sight of them! Hasn’t stopped me order two and hoping for my last for sight to be produced, that being 50039. Roy
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