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  1. Ace did research it very deeply, though, I know, so .......... It is part of a series of “weird livery” models that they’ve done, which they put a great deal of research into. When I see these experimental liveries of the late 1940s, the BR ones too, I can quite understand why they weren’t chosen for widespread use; some of them are truly eye-poking!
  2. Massively debated subject, but this is the shade I favour, on the basis that contemporary commentators were familiar with it, and said the LMS colour was the same. But, models always look better with the colours slightly de-saturated, to represent viewing distance. Ace Trains of London make Newfoundland in the livery under discussion, and having seen the model, I would say that (a) maybe they got it too pale, and (b) the colour is very sensitive to lighting, so looks hugely different in shade as compared to bright lighting.
  3. Wonderfully patinated wagon! In 0, an identifying feature, or at least a pointer, For Milbro is the way the headstocks are shaped, and This doesn’t have that shape. But, it may well be made using lots of Milbro parts, and might even be theirs, although to me the big date across the bottom says “amateur enthusiast”. Kevin
  4. Yes, I can remember them going through Woking at full belt, and the sound was nothing like the conventional "steam loco noise" which the Standard 5MT made .......... I was trying to imitate it for the (dis) benefit of members of our 0 gauge group last time we met (February; seems like a different lifetime). "Purr" isn't a bad approximation, if you imagine "tiger", rather than "kitten".
  5. Waaay back in this thread, I sketched the layout before and after the Widened Lines. K
  6. I think there is! The various tanks at this time seem to have had top speeds of 15mph and 30mph, so he wouldn’t have needed to pedal very hard.
  7. Brilliant. That tallies with the one semi-relevant Inter-war image that I could find on-line, which showed a field-gun and limber being loaded onto what I’m fairly certain was an ex-LSWR 4W machinery wagon. Here are the Dinkies. Superb models considering that they are contemporary with the real things but mostly very rare due to Mazak rot.
  8. You’re probably right - some of the MoAT collection went there, and it’s a place I’d like to visit if/when circumstances permit. The British light tanks of the inter-war period were so tiny as to look comical. There are some great Pathe news films available via You Tube showing various exercises and manoeuvres from 1930 onwards, which are well worth a watch. I don’t think even the biggest inter-war tanks would have needed wagons that didn’t already exist by the end of WW1, and, as you say, many of the mechanised vehicles would have fitted in/on ordinary wagons. Ideal would be an S-scale display, because Dinky made all the key vehicles in C1:60 scale, although they are ‘highly collectible’, which is a synonym for expensive.
  9. Very useful, especially the nugget that not all WW1 Parrots were sold by WD. Maybe the same is true of Rectanks and Polls. What we need is a picture of an inter-war AFV train, or wagons stored somewhere. I will keep hunting. The first place to go with a query like this ought to be the Museum of Army Transport, but since it was closed, and the collection strewn all over the place ages ago, that is irritatingly impossible.
  10. I’ve told this before, but one day I was in the cess, near Reading, checking work on an HV cable that we were installing, when one went by, shedding lumps of mechanism from its engine/gearbox in all directions. I never trusted them after that.
  11. I think they are superb models, but unrealistic, because the real things were horrible, rattling, rasping things, not smooth and quiet. Very good canopy!
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