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  1. A prototype question regarding 50037 Illustrious, the Dapol model of which portrays the loco in early NSE livery. I have only been able to determine a timescale of between 1987 and pre-June 1990 for the loco wearing this early livery before it was altered. Could someone help me with a more precise timescale please? Thanks in advance, Martin <edited end date>
  2. The Hornby R6923 LNER (Dia.064) 'Toad E' Brake Van No.162007 and Hornby R6924 BR (Dia.034) 'Toad B' No. E140580 are arriving at retailers now. Regards, Martin
  3. My 00 layout has been torn down for rebuilding and I presently use an oval of Kato H0 code 83 Unitrack but do not have any points/switches. If it is anything like the n-scale version, the Atlas B23-7 will have all-wheel pickup and, of course, a much longer wheelbase than the 64xx. My present small n-scale layout uses Kato Unitrack and runs pretty well although I have found that the switch blades (mainly on the crossovers) cannot be relied upon to conduct unless they are really clean, so I have had to install extra power supplies behind the points/switches for smooth running. This of course negates the 'self-isolating' function of the points but this is not needed where the crossovers are located. I also had an issue with a Kato n-scale power supply track section and now solder wires directly to the rails instead. I have had no problems so far with the H0 version. Hope you have your problem sorted now. Martin
  4. I am surprised that Bachmann do not state in the loco instructions that the model is fitted with a coreless motor and should not be run as 'Loco #0' on a DCC system. The few instructions that I have seen for Farish N-gauge locos with similar motors are conversely, quite clear in their warnings.
  5. Don't forget Glen's 'Lake', Graham! Regards, Martin
  6. IIRC, the LNER built some of these Lowmacs for the LMS and GWR, which in BR days were coded Lowmac MW and WP respectively. Martin
  7. Only just found this thread. I have just bought an old R127 with the intention of improving it at some point, but on the model I have, the sheave block at the top of the jib seems to be high to gauge. Have those of you who have 'improved' the model made the jib sit lower on the carriage? The other question(s) I have relates to the prototype. I do not have access to a copy of the article mentioned earlier. I assume these cranes were ordered by the wartime Railway Executive? Were they each allocated to one of the 'Big 4' companies? Were they supplied with runners (I suspect not)? If not, what did the four companies use (I am aware of what BR used in later days, thank you) as runners? Thanks, Martin
  8. Forgive me if I have missed it on this thread, but what tooling did DJ Models 'lose' to the Chinese? I am particularly interested in the fate of that for the LSWR Beattie Well Tank, O2, GWR 14xx etc and the 13xx 0-6-0ST. Thanks, Martin
  9. MartinTrucks

    Oxford N7

    Oxford Rail have posted the following on Facebook: 'OR76N7004- N7 Late crest Livery detail includes white smoke box ring, White chimney top. Full lining including Westinghouse pump and a red smoke box number'. The artwork shows 69670. I will be a happier bunny when I have my early crest version. Martin
  10. Depends on whether or not one was born within the sound of Bow bells, old chap! Martin (One who was!)
  11. Thanks. I was looking for something online that I could share. However I did find the shot to which you refer in Mike King's SR Rolling Stock in Colour book. Sadly, it is taken from the stops end of a siding (probably at Horsham) with stock in the adjacent road and is not really suitable to enhance our discussion. I am sure that I have seen better on the web ...... Martin
  12. I have been unable so far to locate a photo of 2850 (later CWT13 and CC99013), the last surviving shorty Bulleid (now sadly broken up circa 1991) which may have assisted in this discussion on sidelight/window sizes: http://www.cs.rhrp.org.uk/se/CarriageInfo.asp?Ref=487 Please note the new home for the former HRA Carriage Survey. Martin
  13. Railwire: https://www.therailwire.net/forum/index.php
  14. I tend to agree with Spitfire2865's comments. I have purchased three US n-gauge items from Trainz.com and had no problem with their customer service when one order was short one item. Trainz.com are Okay! - but they are only a retailer, like Hattons, RoS, Model Railways Direct etc. in this country and not a 'supplier' as inferred by this forum. Would one expect, say, Model Railways Direct to accept a return and/or repair on a year-old Hornby loco? Of course not, one would take it up directly with Hornby. You do not state what scale the loco is? With US stuff, it is always best to look on railwire.net to discover whether there are any inherent problems with the model. I know that there have been problems reported with versions of the model, but cannot tell you offhand what they were. Another route is to find and join a Facebook page related to UP modelers (note US spelling!) and ask a question there. Best of luck! Trainz.com is Okay!!! Martin
  15. The diameter of the wheels would affect the tare weight, a pair of 'new' (full-size) wheelsets weighing more than a pair that were almost at scrapping size. Timber varies significantly in density, joinery quality being heavier than carcassing. Regards, Martin
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