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  1. I will be using mine with a Hornby Class 60! The TPE "Tug-Tastic" Railtour .
  2. The Hornby Class 60 for me :).
  3. That Class 50 looks slick mate. Does it come with metal nameplates like the newer Class 60's from Hornby? Might have to get one myself .
  4. That APT and 91 look tasty .
  5. I am sure the wait will be well worth it in the end .
  6. It might be worth asking Hornby to reposition the coupler NEM head to the body frame (the metal bit) as that tends to reduce the likes of derailments. I have issues with lightweight wagons coming off the tracks. Perhaps this will solve the derailment issues. But yet heavy wagons seem to run better.
  7. I have the Fleischmann MultiMaus now so I hope I can knock the sound down a wee bit. As when I had the Hornby Select, it wouldn't touch CV settings so the good thing is that I have more control now and I just need to practice with the MultiMaus to get the hang of it .
  8. Having experience with the Legomanbiffo sounds on the Hornby Class 60. I would have no problems in buying his sounds again. If I were to buy three with sound. I would hope that the volume isn't too loud out of the box because although I love DCC sound mate. I certainly do not wish for my passionate hobby to annoy others especially with these lockdowns in place .
  9. Nice photos and haulage everyone. If I could afford a Class 60. I would buy one of the standing ones from Toton and convert it into my new home. It would be more spacious than this apartment I am in. I would just need to buy some land and remove all insides and get it ready to move into. Perhaps those old Class 60's that are not for future reuse could be used for other projects and probably would be ideal to converting into homes for enthusiasts? Still at least the Class 60 is less likely to be blown over by high gusts of wind even with the power unit removed.
  10. Well that sorts me out perfectly fine. I can use the £20 for a chip although I may get just one with sound as the avoid annoying the neighbours too much ;). One with sound should be fine but three of them. It might be overkill altogether running on the layout at the same time. I like the sounds on the fitted model though. I am sure the wait will be worthwhile.
  11. I personally will be getting about three of these models in 2021. I know they are a pretty penny at £180 a smack but for what they are. I am sure the price will be justified and it means I can retire my ageing Hornby models in the process.
  12. I too got the e-mail this morning from Rails, very sad news. I am sure there are valid reasons for this but its none of my business although having used Rails for the last 15 years. I have had a very exceptional service from them. I will just have to find another outlet that will likely be Hattons, KJB Models or AJM Models for my Hornby purchases. In truth, 2020 has been quite a stinking year to put it nicely and there is still four months to go until the end. I like Hornby and I also like Rails but things are a changing and we just need to adapt and survive!
  13. Amen. I tend to have a polite easy going attitude with a mix of semi-seriousness on this forum. But in truth, I treat people in the way that I would wish to be treated like in real life . Off here though I do love to have a good craic and enjoy myself once the Harp beer kicks in at the weekend! .
  14. I learned a long time ago not to feed the trolls and that rant post was probably just bait to get people triggered which I just ignored. Its probably best if rude people like that are not permitted on here because there is no need for that kind of attitude from people like that guy and respect to the mods and staff for dealing with the situation accordingly. From what I have learned in the past is that Hornby will only make a model if there is a market for it mate and to be honest. I think the 2020 range from Hornby is probably better this time than in other years and I am pleased that Hornby has put a lot of effort and thought into their 2020 range for their 100th anniversary and I have a lot of planning to do to ensure that I can get all those nice models that are coming this year because there is a lot on my wish list .
  15. Back on topic. I am personally looking forward to getting the model of 60100 in the DB large logo livery. May have to get a Legomanbiffo decoder to match .
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