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  1. Amen. I tend to have a polite easy going attitude with a mix of semi-seriousness on this forum. But in truth, I treat people in the way that I would wish to be treated like in real life . Off here though I do love to have a good craic and enjoy myself once the Harp beer kicks in at the weekend! .
  2. I learned a long time ago not to feed the trolls and that rant post was probably just bait to get people triggered which I just ignored. Its probably best if rude people like that are not permitted on here because there is no need for that kind of attitude from people like that guy and respect to the mods and staff for dealing with the situation accordingly. From what I have learned in the past is that Hornby will only make a model if there is a market for it mate and to be honest. I think the 2020 range from Hornby is probably better this time than in other years and I am pleased that Hornby has put a lot of effort and thought into their 2020 range for their 100th anniversary and I have a lot of planning to do to ensure that I can get all those nice models that are coming this year because there is a lot on my wish list .
  3. Back on topic. I am personally looking forward to getting the model of 60100 in the DB large logo livery. May have to get a Legomanbiffo decoder to match .
  4. How about an O gauge Class 60? That would blow the poor Heljan one out of the water! .
  5. I heard that someone used car wax to make their Blue Pullman glossy. That might work with this HST but try it on a scrap model first though. Not something that I have done but its tempting to experiment with this model though .
  6. I stepped out of line yesterday big time yesterday as when the Harp beer took a hold. I thought it was a good idea to use my Eurostar power cars with my rake of GWR Mk3's! . I will save the footage for April the 1st! They always say "A little of what you fancy - does you good!" . I'll get my coat.
  7. 2021 is likely the year they will show up Hayley. My true reason for some matching Mk4's is because I had some great memories of riding them up to 2017 when I was living in England . Up to a point I agree with you mate. But for me, my reason of getting the Mk4's would be to have a complete IC225 train in the VTEC livery because I used to enjoy these trains until I left England in 2017. The VTEC was one of the best liveries that the ECML fleet wore as it was bright and it stood out more. You are right though, with excepts like my needs. It will mostly be modellers with a large layout and clubs that need the full rakes of new Mk4 stock that will buy them up upon release . Just like me mate. I will probably run my Hornby IC 91 with my Lima Mk3's and the dummy HST power car at the other end just for fun times as I mostly run my models trains as I see fit .
  8. I think I will be getting the Intercity model as it looks nice. Same in regards the VTEC and the "For the Fallen" models. The GNER and the LNER models don't interest me much but the VTEC interests me as it was the last livery I saw on the locomotive before I left England in 2017. Never got to see LNER in the flesh and I dislike GNER for reasons I will not share publicly. Therefore I will only buy three Class 91's . As for the Mk4's. I think Hornby will do them next year because to be honest. It would be silly for Hornby to not make the carriages and DVT and only do the locomotive. Cavelex on the other hand should still consider proceeding on with their models. Why? Because it gives the consumer a choice - that's why .
  9. In regards to Key Publishing, this wasn't the case for me as I received mine in a condition that looked like a bus had ran over it. Had some stern words with them and the replacement was sent in a padded pouch thing. I wouldn't have cared much had it been just a cheap magazine but a Hornby 2020 Brochure at £12 odd (including postage) isn't cheap in my books. I am happy that I got a replacement but if companies use something like a cardboard sleeve or one of those padded pouches. That is ample enough to protect the Brochure in transit when going through the postal system .
  10. Correct me if I am wrong but didn't GNER also have a buffered HST around 1998 as 43067 and 43080 as spares until about 2005? Think they passed over to Grand Central after that but there is another idea for the buffered HST. But that's for another topic. Anyway I think my bank account is going be taking a virtual kick in with all those new model trains on my shopping list and I am just about to order the 2020 Hornby Brochure right now! .
  11. If the HST and the Class 800 are anything to go by. I would imagine that this new APT will have all wheel drive with a central can motor on the power car that was mounted into the middle of the train.
  12. I completely agree mate and I am sure that the investment will be worthwhile for Hornby in this aspect. Additionally the new PCB could allow Hornby to add a second switch so that the tail lights can be turned off when a train is being hauled because it would make train operations more realistic and if the tail lights had another circuit added. The switch could be used on analogue mode and a function key for DCC mode.
  13. I think I will be getting this new APT model and the prices are about right as I would assume that this new APT will match that of the Class 800 or exceed it in terms of detail? In the past, I did try to get the 1980's pack in very good condition but they either had a missing pantograph or they were fetching silly money at the time. That made me lose interest in the APT until now and I am very pleased and grateful to learn that a new model is on the way to us in the future and I will not be missing this. I remember seeing a longer modified version at the Bullwell exhibition in 1996 when I was only a teenager at the Carstairs/Law Junction layout and from what I found out that the extra carriages were made from converting the "halves" from the driving and non driving ends which were bonded together back to back and modified to replicate the first and standard class trailers. Not sure if they did the buffet car or not as it was about 23 years ago, I am happy that a new APT with the extra coaches are coming as now this has reignited my interest in this unique train :). Good Times Ahead .
  14. I think that the Hornby 2020 range is well balanced in my opinion and its great to see that other regions are also being given the chance as well. Yes I am a GWR fan and I will be getting that HST with the additional Mk3's when they are due out. I will be getting the Class 60's in the DB red as well as the APT and the Rocket and I will be reviewing those on my YouTube channel as soon as I can get my hands on them. I will certainly be getting the Hornby Class 56 in the Hungarian livery as I have the Romanian Class 92 model (my excuse is I like something different) and I will probably get a GBRF Class 50 as well. I am getting the 2020 Hornby Brochure today to remind me of the other models as there is so many. Its easy to forget. As for Hornby upgrading their models. I think that models like the Class 60 would only need minor upgrades to make them up to date. Metal or brass horns and handrails would benefit the Class 60 in terms of looks and the metal horns would be less prone to breaking off. Although I am careful with my models, I have seen Hornby Class 60's with missing/broken horns in adverts for sale and its the same with the handrails. Some came off on one of my models and they are a devil to fit back on because they "flex" as metal ones are more "rigid" and are more easier to handle. A cab light upgrade with an "auto off" function when the train moves in DCC mode would be a great feature as well I think . As for the electrical side of things. Hornby should upgrade the innards to allow a 21 or an 18 pin decoder to be used. As I believe other companies are now using 21 pin interface and the newer 18 pin (or is it 16 pin? - I cannot remember which is was) interfaces on their range to make their models more functional and compliant for newer DCC technology. Of course I am not including the smaller models like the Sentinel Shunter etc that uses a nano decoder. For the regular models, knocking up a new PCB for the new decoders shouldn't require too much investment to do as Hornby have upgraded them in the past to improve reliability for the directional lights on the Class 60 and the Class 43 HST etc by swapping the metal contacts (very unreliable in my opinion) to plug in harnesses which has fixed the problem with non working lights. A great move in my opinion . @GordonC From what I have learned about the recent comings with the new Class 91 from Hornby. Its probably better to let Hornby upgrade this Class 110 model to a premium model when the demand and interests need one as then the old model could be relegated to the Railroad range. Although I think Bachmann makes the Derby lightweight DMU which if they wished to, they could make a Class 110 because to me, there doesn't seem to look a lot of differences to my untrained eyes.
  15. As for the LNER Mk3's. This could serve another purpose because EMR are taking on the LNER HST's and most of power cars have received EMR branding on the VTEC/LNER red part. So technically Hornby could do a set of EMR ex-LNER powercars to do the transitional period. As far as I am aware, those HST's are replacing the ex-EMT VP185 units and those Mk3's as they do not meet DDA requirements. The plan was that I was hoping that Hornby would have done a TTS decoder pack for the VP185 sounds. But as the ex-LNER HST's are MTU powered. That won't be necessary now. Great to see that Hornby are also doing the buffered HST's in the IC Swallow livery that will make good use of the TTS Valenta decoders and with the new Hornby Class 91 coming as well. We could have a nice scenario set in 1988/1989 where the Class 91's were used for a short while with the Mk3's and the HST-DVT's before the Mk4 stock displaced them. Although I think the HST's were in the Executive livery and had full yellow fronts if I remember rightly? But on the model railway side of things, I think the user would get away with using the IC Swallow power cars with the Class 91 model if they wanted to. The Hornby Class 91 might be a bit of a kick in the teeth for the Cavelex model. But that said, if the Cavelex Mk4's come out before Hornby release theirs, then I don't see no harm in mix and matching and a wee bit of competition is always a good thing for the customer. Staying with the HST's. I will be getting the GWR/IC pack for the reason is that the HST is probably one of the most respected high speed diesel passenger trains known to exist and I am pleased that Hornby are doing another run of the GWR Mk3's because some of the models I have seen on eBay to lately are being sold for nearly £60-£70 a piece. That is too high in my opinion as the only major change to the model is the swap out for the European tiphook couplers. I can speak from experience .
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