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  1. That's true but as for me, I would more likely get chewed out than shot and even then I would only get shot with a blast of nagging due to over indulgence! .
  2. Yes I could. But another thing is that if the rumours of Revolution doing another run in 2021/2022 are true then maybe its best I just settle for about 10 for now and then pre-order 22 new ones at that time. Chances are that I won't have to pay silly money for them on eBay ;).
  3. Currently bidding on them. I would like about 10 for my Hornby Class 60. These wagons do pack some weight though . I would have 32 of them but I would probably get shot! .
  4. I managed to get myself six of the VTG Grey ones for my Hornby Class 60's. They are nice models and they are about 30% heavier than the Lima ones. A long rake of them would surely test the haulage capabilities of the Class 60 from Hornby. Here's 60008 with mine :).
  5. I wouldn't rule it out but highly unlikely and yes they do now fetch silly money on eBay. Probably better to get one resprayed and save some money. Anyway best we should not go too far off topic as I don't want to get roasted! . As for this HST and with the new Mk3 SD's coming out. I can legally have a short HST on my twin oval of track with the new Mk3's which to be honest. I am looking forward to it .
  6. Nice one Ian, When I get mine. I shall be adding a Kato driver into the cab and I may add Legomanbiffo sound as well as his MTU sounds are pretty good in my opinion. Should be interesting to see the new Mk3 SD carriages once they are released . Just out of interest Ian, will you be getting the model of 60081 in the EWS/GWR livery? For some oddball reason that one would fit in amongst the GWR trains due to its Brunswick Green livery . Shame the real one is in a right state rotting away at Toton since it failed in 2004 but that is the way things are and nothing lasts forever.
  7. To be honest opening doors is nice from a function point of view but for me. Its just another gimmick like having opening cab doors on some models. Will I even use them? Nope but just like you, I would rather pay around £30 or even £35 for a carriage with decent detail rather than extras like lights etc which I could always retrofit myself if I needed them so badly .
  8. Well at the rate the prices have risen in the last decade. I think I will be back at the Job Centre looking for a newer job with a better pay packet to buy them then .
  9. Perhaps because people like me want that model but are forced to buy the TTS version because there is no alternative as a DCC ready model like 60044 on this occasion. I will be buying more of them but I shall just remove the chip and flog the decoder on to those that want them and will replace them with V5 LokSound with Legomanbiffo sounds. That way I can enjoy DC mode and when I get DCC, I can use them on DCC whilst enjoying the best of both worlds on that choice. I too would welcome that move as then we won't be forced to buy the TTS version that in reality I do not want at this present time . They haven't done this with all models yet mate. Otherwise I would have bought the DCC ready version in the first place .
  10. Oh that's new to me then. So does that now mean that Hornby are intentionally disabling DC mode on the TTS decoders now? If this is going to be norm then perhaps Hornby should release two versions of the model. One with TTS sound that won't work on DC and a DCC ready model that WILL work on DC like they did in the past when Hornby did DCC ready and DCC fitted models of the Class 153 and the new models of the HST. Or maybe just leave DC enabled for non-DCC users and leave it up the the DCC user to manually disable it or not .
  11. Hi there. In truth, this is a brand new problem that I have experienced and considering that all past purchases of DCC and TTS fitted have DC mode enabled by default. I was kind of surprised because the first one I just sent it back as I thought it was just a bad egg or a dud and that one had a nasty scratch on the cab roof. But when I bought my replacement and put it on my DC loop of track. When I applied power, there was nothing and I thought to myself. I'd better alert potential users to this issue as my gut instinct told me that there was something wrong with the decoder and power was not reaching the motor nor the lights. After testing with a blanking plug once I got confirmation that it wouldn't invalidate the warranty by doing this test. The model worked and responded like a DCC ready model with the planking plug in place. As a result, this confirmed that the DC mode on the decoder is turned off as default by Hornby which I found to be a very odd movement. As to fair to Hornby on this issue. I am 99.9% certain that this was not intentional but for those that do not yet have a DCC system like myself or those that are not interested in DCC. It will be somewhat inconvenient and perhaps could cause hassle to buyers that buy the locomotive from a retailer or on eBay and think they have a faulty locomotive when infact DC mode is disabled. That was another reason I raised this matter to help sellers and retailers be aware of this issue so they can take counter-measures if necessary . I will look forward to seeing what the response will be on this matter and hopefully they can fix it on their supply of models and all retailers can fix their stock before shipping it out onto the buying public. Its better to avoid a backlash of complaints using prevention than cure . I have used them in the past via eBay and they have given me an exceptional service in the past and I have no problems using them again mate . I don't mind DC mode being disabled as long as I know beforehand as then I can buy the model and put it away until I get my hands on the NCE Powercab or remove the chip entirely . As I have said before. I am doubtful that Hornby would intentionally do this because it would be bad business practice and the reason I am bringing this issue to light now is to prevent a backlash of complaints from non-DCC users such as myself. That way Hornby and the Hornby retailers can take appropriate action on this issue imminently. Prevention is better than cure I think . Disabling DC mode if you are a DCC user is a good thing to do if you use DCC only as it will prevent runaways and random runaways like on the older TCS decoders which I found quite annoying to be honest . But new models should have DC mode enabled by default which was sadly not the case this time for the Hornby TTS Class 60. All the best Ash.
  12. I am liking this and I will probably get the two from Rails as well. I too would like to see a Stobart model of 92017 come in the future. Probably as a limited edition and then it will be time to put my Lima and Hornby examples to bed .
  13. Just had a good Ian and I am so excited already because I have always wanted to have a GWR HST in my collection and I will be adding a Kato driver into the cab as well by carefully sliding out the cab floor with the chairs on and then add the driver and put it all back together. I will be buying some extra Mk3 SD's to repaint into the Iarnrod Eireann livery with a Mk3 DVT to match as that will also take care of my Murphy Models 201 class model at the same time . I will do a running session video on my channel I promise .
  14. Unfortunately where I live. There is no local model train store here in Derry and Enniskillen is too far and there is no model train store in Belfast either. That means I have to rely on online shopping for my model train needs unless a model train shop does open here in Derry although I would have expected a model train shop in Belfast but this is not the case sadly. That's a point. Does that mean that these Class 60's had DC mode enabled and then a delay of 2 minutes before the model starts to move or even respond? That's fair enough for me because my two LokSound Hornby Class 60's have a delay whilst the start up sounds play etc on DC mode. But if this is the case with the TTS Class 60 then surely the lights should come out to let me know that power is getting into the model. That would make things a lot easier for us. Its when the model doesn't respond at all that signifies that either DC mode is disabled or the decoder is dead which is my concern on this occasion . Thanks for that Keith. I am pleased that I am not alone on this unfortunate experience and that indicates that DC mode is disabled by default on these models which is not usually the case . I am sure that this is a genuine mistake from Hornby this time because although there could be an element of truth that it is quite possible that Hornby could have done this to get more sales and move people into the DCC market but I am doubtful and I will explain why I think this way. Its bad business practice for a start because that could deter people from buying TTS/DCC fitted models in the future which would only have a negative effect on the sales of that model. I am quite cynical on a lot of things as that comes with my age unfortunately. But my instincts are telling me that this is just a genuine mistake from Hornby on this occasion and I am doubtful that it would be something deliberately done. Communication has slipped somewhere between Hornby UK and Hornby China when the models were made. I totally agree with you buddy. Once Hornby are alerted to this issue. They are usually quite swift on dealing with these problems and they can alert all of their outlets and official stockists to the problem. Then the stockists can either check each of their models and manually enable DC mode on each of their models or send them all back to Hornby to rectify this problem . We'll just have to wait and see what Hornby will say on this issue next week. All the best Ash.
  15. I too would like a set of Irish Mk3's with the proper plug doors on them for my Orange 201 models . The closest to those would have been those on the Class 442 EMU's that are used in the UK and the buffet car on the Irish Mk3's is more identical to the RFM. Maybe Murphy Models could make those Mk3's once the Class 121 is out to market. I will have three of them as I will have two in a pair on freight (similar to how the Class 20's are used) and one on the back of a rake of repainted Mk3 SD's with a Mk3 DVT on the other end .
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