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  1. Forgive such a simple question being new to 32mm gauge. I am looking to buy some Binnie Engineering wheels on 3mm axles and am looking for a source of inside bearings. Is anyone able to point me to a supplier? Gee Vee
  2. EMGS has decided to brand expoEM at Bracknell "expoEM Spring" Its the same great event with all the usual high quality finescale traders, layouts, show you how demonstrations and lecture programme. Please don't be put off if you are not an EM or P4 modeller - the reality is that most people that attend actual model in 00 gauge and come along to stock up on kits, components and r-t-r models, learn a new modelling technique in the demonstration area or to simply meet up with friends and enjoy the quality of modelling on display. Bracknell Leisure Centre Bagshot Road Bracknell Berks RG12 9SE Saturday 10.30am - 5.30pm Sunday 10am - 4.30pm EMGS members £6.00 Non Members £8.00 Accompanying Children £2.00 Family £16.00 For more info visit: Exhibitors. Trewithick - GWR 1940's - EM Graeme Vickery London Road - LNWR pre grouping - P4 - Jol Wilkinson Swaynton - BR (S) 1960's - EM - North West Surrey Area Group Weslo Steels - Blue Diesel 1970's - EM - Dave Tailbey East Becton - London Tilbury pre grouping - EM - Brian Wakeling Sandford & Banwell - GWR 1930's - P4 - Peter & Jeff Day Middle Peak - Industrial - EM - North East & Borders Area Group Pwllheli - Cambrian Coast 2000 - P4 - Ian & Jonathan Buckie Glaisdon - BR (NE) 1960's - EM - Ian Worthington Navigation Road - 1970's Blue Diesels - EM - Joe Newman Guest Layout Gweek North Quay (7mm 0-16.5 Independent narrow gauge 1920's) More info at: www.emgs.org/events Get the date in your tablet, mobile, calendar or diary.... se you there!!! Gee Vee
  3. I originally hoped to do the conversion using the EMGS shouldered axles but found the length of the shoulder was too short for this particular application so when the wheels were pushed on they were too wide to gauge. I did have a mate turn a wider shoulder but for some reason couldnt get the Bachmann wheels back on without going wobbly. In the end I used Markit wheels and it was a straightforward conversion. Intending to use the Bachmann wheels I did slice off the brake rigging to pack with some slithers of plasticard and re-glue but that actually was unnecessary for the Markit wheels. Of course the conversion needs some washers to minimise side play and pickups need adjusting but no other work was required to get a smooth running loco. Hope the helps. G
  4. Thanks for all the favourable comments about the show. Although I say it myself expo (and Scaleforum) really do have a unique atmosphere - they have a real atmosphere about them as a meeting point for friends to meet up as opposed to the run of the mill show full of strangers and small groups of friends. Long may that continue. I feel I have left expo in safe hands and I know that there is a lot of goodwill that my successor Mark Clark can call on to ensure its continued success. The only sour point for me was politely asking an EMGS member to leave the main hall 20 minutes before the show opened on Saturday and wait with everyone else until 10.30. Apparently my request for him to leave was unreasonable and we had a stand up row. He seemed to think he had a right to be there - quite astonishing. What an absolute idiot the like of which I have not seen in my 16 years as expoEM manager!! If I knew the giiys name I would name and shame.... Anyway thanks for all those that supported the show whether it be as a visitor, trader, layout operator or demonstrator. Big thanks also to all those thave give up there time to help put the show on. Too many to list but you all know who you are. Finally in conversation over the weekend about the previous posts about the EMGS web presence I understand that work is already well advanced on a new website that aims to address the sort of concerns that have been expressed (and more). I know the Board are keen to "get it right" before it goes live so lets all be patient wait for the results of the project. Graeme
  5. Make a note to self - don't go out for beers and a curry the night before setting up expo....... Jobs normally done night before to do..... reaching for paracetamol..... See you all over the weekend.
  6. Hoping to have the programme loaded on the website but here is the lecture timings: Saturday 11.30 Duncan Redford, Wagon building - variety is the spice of life 1.30 Chris Lamacraft - creating atmosphere in a model 3.30 Pete Hill - loco conversions Sund 11.30 Jol Wilkinson, soldering 2.30 Chris Lamacraft repeated. See you there!!! Graeme
  7. People Thanks for all the comments on thread. Hope to see you all at my last expo as Manager. And before you ask yes we have a willing volunteer to take over the role. It is very good to have people expressing views on the Society and how it can be improved - it is only be sharing these thoughts that we move forward and ensure the needs/views of members are met. All I would say is that if you have ideas by all means share them here but maybe it might be more useful to share them with members of the board and of course if you are also willing to volunteer to take on a role to address the issue you have identified then even better!!!! b As for expo - as always my plea is if you come and have ideas on how it can be improved then tell me, I dont bite and genuinely want your feedback.... dont just post a message behind some cryptic name on RM web. If you have a good time then by all means tell me that too but even better, come again next year and bring a mate who hasn't been before with you.... As for merging the 2 societies I am not entirely sure what that achieves - A merger of 4 shows currently run by the 2 societies down to two shows in the south and north of England would likely be one outcome!! How much support would that get amongst us finescale modellers and our specialist traders? My sense is that both societies are in a healthy position so I am not sure why they would both want to voluntarily be dissolved for a new 4mm finescale society to be formed in their place. For now all I would say is get yaself to Bracknell at some point over the weekend. If its too far then support expoEM North in September or book yaself into the Bracknell Grange hotel and make a weekend of it. quite a few people do and there are still rooms available
  8. Chaps all is now correct on www.emgs.org and for clarity the layouts are: Cornwallis Yard - David and Alison Barber Hebble Vale - Karl Crowther Brighton East - David Smith Narrow Road - Tony Gee and Ken Hill Pentrefan - Mike Morley Angelbank - Chris Hewitt Ynysybwl - Cardiff MRG St Merryn - Scalefour Soc South London Area Group Edge Hill - Paul Segar The Mill - Chris Rogers and Jason Thomas (Winner of the EMGS 60 Anniversary Challenge) Metropolitan Junction - constructed by DA "Doug" Williams in the 1950s, this was a pioneering EM layout of a similar timeframe to Rev Peter Denny's Buckingham. Doug published a number of articles from the 1940s-80s. 2016 would have been Doug's 100th birthday and we are delighted to have the layout operational at expoEM Guest 0 Gauge Layout: Harford - Philip McGovern Demos lectures and trade to follow.
  9. Guys Somewhat tardy but here is the first "official;" post for expoEM2016. expoEM 2016 14/15 May Saturday 10.30 - 17.30 Sunday 10.00 to 16.30 2 day visitor ticket £8.00 accompanying child £2.00, Family £16.00 Members £6.00 Location is Bracknell Liesure Centre RG12 9SE. Easy access from both M3and M4 - follow the brown signs. free parking and flat disabled access to the main hall For those that have not attended before, particularly those that model in 00 please do not be put off with the fact that this is all EM and P4 modelling. The truth is that most of the people that attend are not members of the EM Gauge Society and are in fact 00 modellers with absolutely no intention of modelling in either EM or P4. The point is that is intended to be a show of inspirational layouts, specialist traders and practical demonstrations and lectures that are relevent to anyone looking to advance ther modelling skills irrespective of your chosen scale and gauge. This year our guest layout is 0 gauge. I have had a layout drop out - agggghh!!! so will post a complete list of all layouts once that space is filled. Some interesting comments above that I will comment on separately... Graeme
  10. decent bunch of chaps at the East London club. Am forgoing the North London derby to come along on Sunday - roadworks or no roadworks. Shame Eilens can't be there - I need to restock on small drills.
  11. Chaps Im building 4 of the new Cambrian 20t ballast hoppers to the GWR P22 design (and very nice kit it its too with chassis already preformed as a single moulding). Looking at p60,61 of "GWR Wagons before 1948 vol 1" they had small GW, 20T and wagon number on left end panel - easy enough to source transfers but on three middle side panels they had E N G and DEPT of last right hand panel in white. Any ideas where I might source transfers - have looked at Cambridge, Modelmasters and HMRS but to no avail. I guess I could try to find a supplier of white lettering transfers of the right size? Ideas and suggestions most welcome. Cheers
  12. Knackered.............. thanks for all the favourable comment. If you enjoyed it tell a mate and bring him/her next year. If you didn't enjoy your visit then tell me so we can see what we can do to improve things next year.u Thanks to everyone involved for their support. I would particularly like to thank all those that helped clear up after the show. Always a time when people are eager to get away so big thanks to you guys - you know who you are. Congrats to Leamington Club for winning the Peter Denny Trophy for most authentically operated layout, Richard Butler for Best layout award (and bear in mind all the layouts present had previously won an expoEM best layout award!!) and to Chris Lamacraft for the Eileens Emporium best scratch built item (a barn on his Hemyock layout). Graeme
  13. I did try to copy the link to the full programme without success but it is at www.emgs.org
  14. I have given up working out how to paste the list of demos and lecturers onto RM Web. But we have 3 lectures each day by: Ray Hodson - Resistence Soldering (entirely selfishly I need to start using my unit and need a refresher on how to use it!! Ray will also be doing a demo) Roy Jackson - Retford Update (previous post refers....) Karl Crowther - how to signal your layout (he is also doing a demo on signal construction - again selfishly I have some MSE products to build so expect to find me sitting with Karl for part of the weekend). Will advise the other demos over the weekend. Most are from the EMGS Area Group network. they are a key part of the Society that bring local members together to share knowledge, learn from each other and bring a social dimension to the hobby. I wanted to celebrate this as part of our 60th anniversary. That's it for now. Going o my workbench - am building a model of Marlow engine shed at the mo and glued the sides together earlier. Graeme
  15. Public apology to John Redrup of London Road for unintentionally missing him off the list of traders. Sorry John..... Only a month to go now. I think traders have all got their final instructions. Will be getting the final info to demos and layouts within the next week or so. I'll post the list of demos and lecturers in the next few days..... Graeme
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