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  1. And don't for get the brambles! And maybe a few nettles and docks wouldn't be amiss! Roja
  2. Hi, I'm currently building a JE 06 which my brother bought for me last year, and I'm finding it an enjoyable, if tricky in parts, build. Some of the tricky parts are of my own doing, I have only the full use of my left hand and 5% of my right after a stroke some years ago, so I have to find some inventive ways of holding things in place as I solder, and sometimes also to form some of the parts, such as the curve on the cab sides where they meet the roof. However, with a little ingenuity, and some lateral thinking, it's coming along nicely. Maybe I shouldn't say this, but I've al
  3. Progress is progress, no matter how slow! Better to take your time than rush things and make a mess. Think about how plants grow: they take their time and don't react well to being forced to speed up! Roja
  4. Hi, before dabbling with painting your rocks again I would suggest having a good look at any photographs of the rock formations around Mallaig to get the colours correct. I believe that the rocks around Mallaig are granite with some basalt intrusions, gneiss and schists. Each on has a unique mineral and crystalline structure which means each has different colour combinations and weathers differently. It's one of the reasons granite is used building work and basalt is not. Also take note of fractures and possible fold lines in the rocks; due to geological forces what appears to be sol
  5. Hi, at it's most basic, shire comes from the Anglo-Saxon for county, so county of Lincoln, county of York etc, the word county being introduced by the Normans, so all counties were also shires, it's just that some never use the term shire. A modern day example is that although Argyll is sometimes called Argyllshire, I've never heard it called that, and in the local newspaper it's just referred to as Argyll. However, in some copies of books I've got originally printed in the late 19th century some of them refer to Argyllshire. Roja
  6. Hi, just read this. It's my personal experience that biting the bullet is by far the best way, much better than hours of frustration trying to get things to work "just so" that have no intention of doing so. It's also my experience that, not matter how well you plan things, and how good it looks on paper or whatever, be prepared to do a bit of fiddling when laying the track as it sometimes looks a wee bit different in the flesh. Roja
  7. And another vote for Lincolnshire!
  8. And two thirds the length of my layout without the fiddle yard! Ah, to have the space! Roja
  9. A happy, and brambley, New Year to you!
  10. Or disturbed any hibernating haggis! The hunters that supply the beastie for Burns' Night will be very annoyed if they've fled to different haunts and can't be found!
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