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    South West Scotland, United Kingdom
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    Pre group railways G&SWR in particular. Industrial locomotives especially the products of Andrew Barclay and Grant Richie. Modelling to proper scale currently working in S7 but still with an interest in P4.

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  1. So far I have no photographic evidence that the 403s got the black livery. They did of course get painted black by the LMS.
  2. The box will be useful! All joking aside. Having seen a few Ace kits in my time I would approach the ‘kit’ as a source of parts which may make scratchbuilding a Dunalistair quicker. Get a decent drawing and check each part, some may be correct but there will be lots which aren’t so be prepared to cut out new bits and source better castings. Sorry to be negative but if you really want a Dunalistair you will persevere. When you have it finished don’t tell anyone it IS an Ace kit but be proud of your own work. Ian
  3. It was/is a light comedy not a documentary!
  4. I’ve just noticed your post Jim. Not my favourite Caley engine, I much prefer the Dunalistair 1, but a superb model nonetheless. Hard to believe it’s only 2 mm scale! Ian.
  5. Massive locomotives compared to what went before on the Sou’West. Unfortunately the ‘Pumpers’, 279 class, were not very successful in their original condition. Once the pumps were removed and replaced with injectors they were a bit better. This is my effort to reproduce one in the condition it was in just before the grouping. Still waiting the works plate to be delivered and given a bit of weathering. There is progress on the Austrian Goods kit and there should be an announcement soon. Unfortunately a we bit late for my scratch built job which is currently going through the paint shop! Ian.
  6. It's only paint! Doesn't improve, or reduce, eficiency or make locomotives faster or more powerful. Unfortunately it is what we see and it diverts us from the the real engineering beauty underneath.
  7. Better to scale down from full size and then make compromises for the model gauge rather than the other way round! Ian,
  8. Really bugs me the number of folk who move into a community and then complain about what was there before them. If you don't like train noises, church bells or anything else that makes a noise then move somewhere else!
  9. Is that a 2" or 3" brush you use Jim 😀 Ian.
  10. Just remember that a short swing link will pull the bogie further forward than a long one.
  11. I used a similar set up on a Duchess I built in S7. The beam pulled the rear bogie wheel forward away from the brake hanger on curves. As it was 7mm scale, with a bit more mass, I added a light tension spring which pulled the bar straight and gave a self centering effect which helped steer the engine into curves. Sorry I don't have a photo. Ian.
  12. Lauries funeral will be held this Thursday, 7th March at 1.15 in Masonhill Crematorium Ayr and afterwards at Western House hotel.
  13. Very unusual to see 3 one legged girls in the same picture!
  14. Viakal cleaner, from almost any supermarket, works for me and it is quite cheap. I use it for cleaning up after soldering too,
  15. God Save the King is the United Kingdom’s national anthem. Does England not have its own like all the other nations in the Union?
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