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  1. hi guys! recently bought this back-to-back gauge for EM wheels, and i dont know how to use it! please can someone explain (may sound stupid) many thanks
  2. WOW! thanks alot for the info. i'm sure to be re-numbering some class 25's next weekend! thanks again, really helpful, Tim
  3. hi, i am thinking of doing a small EM project to kick-start me in the gauge, and am planning to model something simlar to Langport East station, but bring it forward to late 60's early 70's (make up some sort of industry that kept the line open), but anyway.. I was wondering if anyone could give me some numbers (and possibly pictures!!) of the class 24/25 senn frequently near Taunton (or bristol)at this time. many thanks for your help, Tim
  4. tim-minay


    my favourite is the one with the model locomotive beside the real one, lovely stuff!
  5. tim-minay


    WOW! this looks amazing, the track in the last photo looks really realistic nice job!
  6. tim-minay


    lovely set of pics there!
  7. ahh right, i thought it looked pretty good coupled up to that VGA wagon, but good idea to update them
  8. personally never experienced any problems, especially with split orders where they have rung me and told me i only need to pay postage once, good shop !
  9. thanks very much for that helps a lot
  10. dont know if anyone could help, but how do you know if the railroad stuff will be DCC ready??? thanks
  11. looks good is that class 31 a lima model or the new Hornby one??? cheers
  12. tim-minay


    in real life the white strip definately looks thinner, however, not sure whether or not this may be exagerated by my camera, its not the best !
  13. tim-minay


    Picked up mine today from Mikron in Taunton... Looks good, i like the switchable tail lights, and the printing is pretty sharp. Seems to creep very well out of the box and am waiting to chip it. it comes with the 1 piece snowploughs which are a bonus, but restrict the movement of the bogie as it catches the bodyshell! cheers
  14. Hi Owen, I will probably make one side set in the suburbs of a city like Bristol, and then another side more rural, like somewhere in Somerset. Thanks for your interest, Tim
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