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  1. I would say I am more "attracted" simply by your post with a link to the relevant page on your website when you post an update to an operating session. However, I am of course familiar with your layout, so I need no photo incentive to click through. For those less familiar or who have only just come across the AFK the inclusion of a photo or several illustrating what to expect may well attract them, I don't know. If it is any use I personally would not mind one jot if you switched simply to a pure text update with link, that would be more than sufficient for myself. Regards, Ben
  2. The caption states it was a test to do with Channel Tunnel communications. The train consisted of Iris, a 47, 37 Mk1s and two 20s on the back. Also Iris was being detached, so she's not actually hauling the 1600+ tonne train.
  3. Wasn't it considered later on, when the Class 47/7 push-pull system was being developed as the system had an equivalent function for 81s though it was never used as such. That would probably have been more when they were planning the through electrification in the 1980s we have now though. As to introducing 81s on the GEML in the 1960s after the 86s were built, while perhaps a small consideration - linespeed was only 90 not the full 'ton' until 1970 as I recall, when it was raised to 100.
  4. The May 2022 change has been paused until May 2023 and may well be altered by then. The paths for LUMO already existed, but were not available at even intervals, hence the somewhat messy timetable they have.
  5. Station platforms, in fact one service is booked to stop there unadvertised for pathing reasons, one service is booked to do the same at Darlington.
  6. I think that is to try an get a march on LNER by offering such an early journey opportunity. I should point out this timetable is valid from January next year. At their October launch only certain services will operate.
  7. Morpeth & Newcastle only, plus a few making select calls at Stevenage.
  8. AFAIK the Avanti 221s are going to XC ostensibly to permit withdrawal of the HSTs (we will see), the EMR 222s have no home at present though.
  9. Or more - I'm sure the 100 SLU length ones on the WCML are in the region of ~1400 tonnes. (If one takes a passenger coach as the BR standard of 35 tonnes, that would be 40 coaches.)
  10. I like the atmosphere of JBWP171 particularly, a very interesting shot; but also your capture of the 108 unit - I have a particular fondness for First Gen DMUs for all their faults and shortcomings and it's a good wee shot with the unit just out from the station with the telegraph polls and spindly trees adding further visual interest. Many thanks for sharing as with all the images you post on here.
  11. The IC Swallow looks ace mate, that TF is absolutely First Class! (See what I did there? ) Look forward to some nighttime lighting shots to really show off the interior lights. They look very much the part as well, those sort of blended chalky grey patches really give the feel of a revenue earning vehicle in use so to speak. It's nice to see an update from you again, always a delight to see more of the fantastic Waverley West. It's the quality of posts not quantity that counts
  12. You are correct, and GNER briefly resurrected it - twice. On-time performance was poor - 40% iirc under BR. And LNER were going to accelerate services to take 4-4h05, the amended new timetable saw York inserted into all Edinburgh fasts so the timings became 4h05-4h10, or will if the new timetable gets implemented which seems debatable at the moment.
  13. Well, they are a different design to the usual 80x seats. 400 seats exactly - there are less table bays so the intermediate cars seat 94 instead of the usual 84. I presume they mean 5 each way = 10 - they only have 5 paths in each direction in the timetable that I can see. Which is intriguing because the fares database contradicts that slightly: Kings Cross or Stevenage to Newcastle or Morpeth: Lowest tier: £7.90/Highest tier: £16.90 Kings Cross or Stevenage to Edinburgh: Lowest tier: £9.90/Highest tier: £21.90 Newcastle or Morpeth to Edinburgh: Lowest tier: £2.90/Highest tier: £8.50
  14. I think the stripe is standard practice now on GWR. Various TOCs use a variety of coloured stripes to denote bicycle accomodation or where the wheelchair spaces/toilets are located as an aid to staff. Greater Anglia uses blue for bikes iirc on the FLIRTs.
  15. Yes, I've seen photos of Mk2F sets on Glasgows in Virgin days as well, not especially common but it did happen. More often than not it seemed to be the 1405-ish off Glasgow and its inbound working as this was the one which used to convey Motorail vans and so was presumably timed for 100mph thus a Mk2 set substitution wouldn't be an issue. At the same time there would be times, you would imagine, where if only a 2F set was available for whatever reason then it would be pressed onto a 110mph working if required being much more preferable than cancelling the service altogether I would imagine!
  16. Even Glasgow on occasions; I've seen a photo of a 2F push-pull set on the Royal Scot in ~1995 iirc. Must've lost some time against the timetable what with the 100 limit for Mk2 stock against the 110mph schedule.
  17. There were 2+3 sets while vehicles were still being delivered, however AFAIK all sets are 2+4 now as planned with one additional trailer as 'spare'.
  18. Apologies, I misinterpreted what you meant. 49116 (44002) 48146 (42074) 48147 (42081) 48148 (42071)
  19. I quite like that livery, it looks a bit like a forerunner to the so-called 'Jaffa cake' livery but nicer.
  20. According to the railsigns website it is a coasting board, a design particular to the Watford line. See fig. 25.21 on this page of the site: https://www.railsigns.uk/sect25page2/sect25page2.html
  21. Yes, four were so modified and used by the ScR on Aberdeen-Inverness route.
  22. They're in red on the diagram above as set GW16.
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