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  1. I have received regular communications from KR Models and from Keith personally throughout the development of GT3, ever since I submitted my expression of interest.
  2. Many thanks. 60813 was such a familiar engine in this guise and one of the latest survivors, i am sure this would be warmly received.
  3. I note that there are still one or two on here who just can’t bring themselves to be positive about it. I am looking forward to their comments in Q2, next year.
  4. You probably can in about a year’s time as KR have announced EoIs for it.
  5. I signed up for GT3 as soon as EoIs were invited, pleased I did
  6. Looking good. KR have also just announced they are taking expressions of interest to do the Fell in black and also in green. I have signed up and I am sure that many more will; the Fell will probably be just as popular as their GT3 if not more so.
  7. Time they did another run of these - prices on eBay reaching around £60 again.
  8. Great to see provision being made for rarities like this, well done. any chance of you producing the stovepipe chimney and deflectors for V2 60813?
  9. I am glad that some folk are enjoying this programme and if you are, good on you and good on the presenters and producers. But to me this programme isn’t about model railways at all, it’s about gimmicky, and frankly ridiculous, animations such as volcanoes made from old clothing. The actual model railways seem secondary to the silly animations and, as with series 1, i have watched one programme but won’t be watching any more. I certainly would watch a programme which was genuinely about model railways; the programme about Hornby earlier this year was very watchable. But, as I say, if you like it, great.
  10. KR have so far stuck to their timetable for CAD and tooling and have given no indication that the GT3 project is not running to time. On the contrary they have said categorically in their newsletter that all the required funding is now I need place and it is going ahead and deliveries are expected in the 2nd quarter of 2020. But some people pick up the DJM brush and apply tar. That is unfair, KR have no connection with DJM whatsoever. Keith has openly stated that owing to the negative comments made about him and about the running of the GT3 project, he will no longer post on RM Web, that is why you will get no more info from him on here. He does communicate to those who have placed orders by electronic newsletter and emails. Jim raises an interesting point about KR possibly losing business as a direct result of some comments made on here by some posters and I have wondered whether some are sailing close to the wind. I have seen posts removed from this site for far less and I am a little surprised that none have been removed so far.
  11. Mike (Enterprising Western) Said that presumably Keith will have a few dishes of humble pie on offer at October’s Great Electric Train Show. Keith responded by saying that he had ordered a food truck. Sorry, I don’t see the problem.
  12. Keith Revell says on the GT3 thread that he has a truck full of humble pie ready for certain parties to eat! custard or gravy, folks?
  13. When the original price was announced it was comfortably out of my ball park. This reduction is making me think about it.......AAAAGH! My wallet is sweating! The wife will kill me!
  14. We all know the risks of crowdfunding; it’s a matter of faith.
  15. Well, he seems to be making progress, first moulds produced now. Genuine question; did DJM get as far as KR have now got with their crowdfunded products?
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