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  1. Its not even the Hornby 67, its the original Lima one Perhaps there motto could be "Rocket railways, our prices are so sky high theyre in orbit!" NL
  2. Lets dissect this description: "A excellent Heljan inspired [a]Hornby triang class 86/0 bR blue pantograph locomotive numbered e3146 relined by expert hands [b ]and in excellent condition with retractable pantograph[c] comes complete with correct r753 interior casing [d] with only a tiny crack blemish [e] these are hugely collectable items that only go up in value [f]a great Investment or layout addition [g]" [a] How can it be "inspired if it pre-dates Heljan by probably about 3 decades (correct me if im wrong)?! [b ]Only lines I see are the brush strokes that were used by the pound shop paint brush used, and I see no Evidence of this "lining" he / she is on about ? [c] Ill be surprised if it works [d] Well at least he knows what the R number for the interiror is, although isnt that the model number???? [e] "by "blemish" I mean where I knocked it the other day after watching Gogglebox, sipping several pints of Whisky" [f] Youve seriously delaued it now with that bodge job!!! [g] NL
  3. Diesel model? am i missing something lol? NL
  4. Well its October after all NL
  5. But doesnt history state as such; "Before the war we painted our locomotives and everything else Yella" NL
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144190204539 I know ive posted one before, and it is DCC fitted again, but how much?! NL
  7. "Do you wish to see my friend St Lucifer? Terry said, the dead green-ness of his eyes that peierced through the soul every time he made eye contact with anything" NL
  8. Complete with scribble on the photo and at least we can rest easy knowing it has a "roof flap" NL
  9. Much better than the wierd u shaped platforms that Bachmann insist on putting on their 47 NL
  10. Some photos of the Island line a year on in 2021, 483s are now retired and 007 is pictured at the train story on the Isle of Wight steam railway and 006 is at the time of this post sat in Ryde st johns Platform 3, the line isnt open, but the 484s are caught on a couple of test runs and 484002+003 are seen at Lake and entering Shanklin: NL
  11. Yes I found the description vague, I mean I sure wouldnt pay that as I have that model myself and have fixed all the silly livery errors on it, although mine no longer has a motor as I shifted it on a few years ago now NL
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144190204539?epid=2256075166&hash=item219267ea7b:g:p80AAOSwdiRhN3sc I remember this back in 2009 when got it for £49! NL
  13. Didnt on my one lol, I fitted the windscreen exactly how Shawplan intended and had to repaint the whole area and redo the orange stripe, worth it though as it looks much better now NL
  14. 47805 Roger Hosking M A 1925 -2013 leading 5Z48, Crewe HS-Southall at Linslade this morning , this was a stock positioning move for tomorrows tour with 46100 NL
  15. Looks like a good rescue job, Ive gone down the Replica body / scratch building route for my 3D, alot of work but so far its paid off, really must finnish it off now! NL
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