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  1. The weather really cleared for the ECS of the evening, cloud made getting light shots rather difficult all day.. I was down the end of the platform from you Paul with the gathering masses.. I'll give all the staff credit for being good sports with the crowds of people yesterday NL
  2. Great to see this today, a superb job has been done on Sarah Siddons, a pity that the incident happened this morning, but worth the wait! NL
  3. NickL2008

    Class 59 in 00

    The Dapol model looks good ,although I agree the strip which bizzarley stops just before the doors! it seems also that theyve done similar to Bachmann with the solebar supports moulded as solid objects and not "struts" and what looks to be moulded on detail. The bottom ledge of the solebar also lacks thickness as well. Sadly even on the newer samples, theyve failed to correct the different sized headlight and taillights on the 59/0 model, a pity as only a minor thing but it looks odd. Despite that credit where its due, is it looks much better than the aging Lima and Limby 59 NL
  4. Hi all, Im after several sets of Heljan 00 gauge Snowploughs in 4mm if anyone has any to spare? willing to pay something for them Thanks in advance NL
  5. T-cut does work, but you have to have patience when using it. Rub gently and keep going until the printed detail is gone, some people use scalpel blades, but I would never do that unless you intend on repainting the model completely NL
  6. Unfortunately like Ebay, the Facebook groups contain timewasters also NL
  7. Doable John, but the Roof vents would be wrong and probably the underframes, unless you dont really care about any of that NL
  8. For the main silver, use Alclad II paints ,the finnish is much smoother than Humbrols' NL
  9. Got the straight track and the points yesterday, they look great, a world apart from the standard code 75 rail so used to, what else is being planned for the range does anyone know? NL
  10. Hi Rich, Good job with the 115, Ive been meaning to do one for ages! im currently revamping a 117, must admit your idea for the illuminated destination blinds was a good idea and certainly adds to the old Lima model. One suggestion perhaps to finish it off, the bogies could do with replacing with Hornbys class 110 bogies as the Lima ones are undernourished, great work otherwise though NL
  11. Try Hornby class 50 buffers, pretty much identical shank and oval buffer head NL
  12. Yes currently with the now usual DB cargo 66 NL
  13. Wow i must say that layout is impressive, and when you consider that its 0 gauge as well! NL
  14. Hi - the Dapol model is good, but needs a lot of work to resemble the real 960011.Heres my model, I've already replaced the wierd looking blobs that are the buffer shanks and also opened out the window. For the flood lights, I shall be milling a tank wheel that I have stuck to a square piece of plastic rodding using Zap Gap (pink). I can provide more pictures when I get home. NL
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