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  1. My order turned up today, so they are busy it would seem as normally here within a week, but guessing with more and more areas moving to Tier 3 theres more of a demand on online ordering. Good to see that even the small places like Dart Castings are busy though NL
  2. I do wonder if Dart castings are again behind with orders again or still, placed a small order for some DEMU parts (bogie frames, roof grill and carriage ends) on 5th October, still waiting for them as of today NL
  3. Saw this move yesterday, such a shame that the Grand Central trains for the WCML have been cancelled NL
  4. All down to personal choice, I would remove the weathering first and then probably some of the livery elements or strip the body entriely so at least the primer has a better surface to adhere to NL
  5. Last Sunday apprently the line was without a service, so it was good to see both units out, sadly theres only two left now that work as 004 has been taken out of service NL
  6. Good morning, Last week went to the Isle of Wight to see the last two class 438s in service on the Island Line whilst taking a short holiday away. After serving the line since 1989 these will soon be withdrawn from service now SWR have confirmed their plans for these units. Some of the results are below and the rest of the other photos are on my flickr. NL
  7. I have some Craftsman DMU sockets etc spare Cheesysmith. I wasnt happy with these so scratch built my own from plastic rod turned and shaped in power drill to shape NL
  8. Theyre a push fit int othe glazing aperture so easy enough, use a bit of glue to secure the glazing it, but not superglue, I may have the glazing youre looking for possibly as replaced my two 37s' glazing NL
  9. Got my new one through today, Yes It is still the same color, a pity, Still I reptained my other two and might redo the yellow on this one as well NL
  10. Is this Yellow part of the livery, still that lovely "Lemon" shade? NL
  11. What about railfrieght/flint Grey? NL
  12. And wasnt it just class 115s that went on the LUL lines (mostly)? NL
  13. Ive got 4 in grey if you need anymore NL
  14. I left my Lima 59 in it for several days and its fine.. usually make sure get exactly a 50/50 solution NL
  15. I used a couple of spare Bachmann 108 bodyshells on my model, including the cabs, alot of profiling but it improves the model alot, a pity Lima didnt get the cabs right in the first place NL
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