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  1. Its probably because people have different preferences of models, people prefer the running qualities of the Bachmann chassis so stick with that model, people also like the older models (Lima / Hornby), so therefore look to upgrade their older models with a mechanism that they think will improve the model, but as i've said to others, unless you really know what youre doing particularly if mounting the body on a different chassis its not worth trying to combine two different models , but not all combinations require alot of skill and some are straight forward enough Agree that the vitrains 47 is the better model, it looks alot more like a class 47, and doesnt have such exaggerated window aperatures (Heljan), or a narrow looking body (Bachmann), but one thing none of the manufacturers have gotten right, is the high intensity headlights NL
  2. The Heljan chassis is 2mm overwidth, youd need to mill alot of the chassis to get it to fit, im surprised as mentioned by the OP, that the Vi-trains chassis doesn't fit the Lima body, as Vitrains brought out a replacement chassis so that people could upgrade their older Lima class 47 models. The vitrains 47 can detail int oa good model and requires alot less work than the Bachmann and Heljan models, both of which have their own faults, but no excluding the vitrains model as well which also has faults NL
  3. Ive used Dettol, mixed 50/50 with water, leave it in soak, and use enamel thinners to remove the paint, after a good soaking it just melts off I found NL
  4. Oh another "Shawplan doesnt answer the phone" thread ... as others have said Brian is alive and well, and Ive spoken to him twice in recent months at exhibitions (Scaleforum and Warley) both times have been great as he is a pleasure to talk to. Happy customer here as well, so no complaints here, in fact Brian did say he was working on some products, they weren't ready for Warley, but I simply said to him that I understand as he is extremely busy and operates alone most of the time and is working on alot of projects etc NL
  5. Hi - The roof on mine takes alot of persuasion to get off, but it slides to one side and lifts out, it may be stiff, as I think Dapol have designed it not to be removed very often, I had to place the headcode box of mine on a flat surface and push it downwards just to get the off of whilst I airbrushed the roof the correct color and replace the under nourished ventilators NL
  6. Hi - Recently I did the opposite, I converted a Class 122 into a 121, but basically its the same principal. The roof will indeed fit as Dapol have used a standard roof and bodyshell moulding. I would of offered the exhaust pipes to you as spares but unfortunately they were welded in so tight I literally had to destroy them to get them off!. Pictures below of how the model started out, the swap is straight forward, and the PCB strip for the lights will work as nothing is being changed, just the roof HTH NL
  7. It sounds like they possibly havnt been mixed enough. Remember Enamel paints, or more so the Enamel itself will clump down the bottom, if your paint is thin, then that could be that it hasn't been mixed enough to ensure the actual solvent itself is spread into the paint. new or old, I always mix mine for a good few minutes before airbrushing or even painting with a brush. Ive noticed however with some Railmatch paint the finnish isn't as good as Phoenix Precision, which is why I now use their range for all my projects NL
  8. I also have 37104, lovely model works nicely, although it seems a shame that Bachmann havnt changed the tooling much as previously mentioned, lends itself well to detailing and looks much improved when you add the Shawplan parts as well NL
  9. Hi Will, Excellent work as ever on the Vi 47, im working on 47484 at the moment, just sprayed off the yellow ends to correct the lemon coloured ones, as well as preping the bodyshell for Foxs' excellent nameplates.. maybe a suggestion, have you thought of adding the Penbits parts to your 47? im adding their brake components to mine as the originals were broken when I received it Keep up the good work NL
  10. Sadly a bit late now, an email would fall on deaf ears as this model was released a while ago, Bachmann can't cater to every detail variation as nice as that would be NL
  11. Those are ETH leads, only 1 part is relevant the fronts of a class 47, youd still need the actual TDM cables themselves NL
  12. Vitrains did the TDM cables, but however the "lozenge" shaped top part was moulded onto the bodyshell. Your best bet if you can get a hold of some, are the Heljan ones NL
  13. Having tried out the class 33 etch, I can certainly say it really improves the look of the model. The mesh is very fine also so it was tricky to paint without it clogging. The "vertical intakes" and the framing also need to be added to complete the loco as these are noticeable, easy enough to do with a nights work and patience, and the end result is certainly miles better than the Heljan moulded grill NL
  14. Hi Paul, I have recently converted a Lima 117 DMBS into a DTS. I used a spare bodyshell stripped of paint. The cuts were made along the door lines to hide the joins. I'll post up some pictures later when I get the chance if it is of help NL
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