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  1. That wins the internet for the most obvious statement. Have an 'informative'.
  2. No legomanbiffo this time? Oh well, I'm very much looking forward to the show. Bern
  3. We were hoping for a Sept start up, but a host of niggly issues has put paid to that. Definitely next year(again)! If anyone needs a particular photo for modelling reference, give me a shout. Bern
  4. The sound of a Deltic is so evocative of my youth. I remember my first encounter, '78 or '79. 'Hit me with your rhythm stick' was a popular tune of the day. I recall my brother and I trying to sing it as our Dad walked us through Finsbury Park to the viewing platform by the ECML, north of FP station. I would have been aged five or so. My little legs dangling over the wall, Dad with a gentle hold on me. Many 47's, peaks and the like, but then a mysterious, distant drone growing.. A sense of anticipation tempered with trepidation and..... Kapow! A blast of the two tones as she tore past
  5. Whilst I was investigating the print quality of this month's issue, it became apparent that page 25 took the interest of a T shaped twig insect (no, I don't know the name of it. Claude, I think) Bernie
  6. The geezer's always been bob on to me. Some of the chairs are shagged, but hey, whatever. At £5/500 a bag, I'll take a 5-10% hit. Cracking bloke, wish him the best. Hayfield, you gonna be at Aylesbury on the Sunday? Bern
  7. I'm thick as mince, but not as useful. But regarding this whole yellow business. OK my eyes aren't the 20/20 sharpshooters they once were, but here I can at least offer evidence! (Gameshow host voice) "And our first lady strolling in with bendy P4 timbers.... followed up by a cheeky buggeration of a 1 in 9! Oh look, viewers, here's the star of the show on the right, some Hornby!" Yellow? Bern
  8. What a blinding thread! Keep it up Dave, expand it. Crucial reading. Bern
  9. For the first time in my life, I don't have a cat.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Metr0Land


      Cats and dogs are such great company. They give their love unconditionally. Am really sorry for your loss.

    3. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Also very sorry to hear your news.

    4. Hroth


      Sorry to hear that. There are plenty of kittens available from cat rescue organisations.


      Otherwise, you'll miss the little offerings of dead mice and small birds lovingly left in your shoes overnight....

  10. umm, no idea. Fun, though! Iron Duke Yep. Big stuff. Yep. Now I feel at home. Make swarf. hmm, lovely smell! edit. iron duke, not firefly! durr!
  11. Railmotor action Groovy willow tree Extra railmotor action The art of doss. The usual suspects!?
  12. I'll chip in a few words if I may.. Major props to Drew, Harry and Lee for towing us around, offering a great amount of info, and generally being top hosts. Thanks to Didcot Railway Centre and it's staff, and thanks to the other members of our 'crew' for making it a cracking day out. Stick my name down for the next one. And the next. Utterly recommended, the thought and planning that went into it must have been quite an effort; concise information delivered with humour, yet practised and professional. Stars, the lot of you! Cheers, Bernie
  13. So to clarify for a wally. Rock up, gaff opens 10:30, spin around, meet at 'door' @12:30? Steam railmotor thingy is running, I hope! Groovy, baby! Bernie
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