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  1. Good morning all The bogies are a problem. There is much discussion as to which bogies were replaced by 10ft heavy bogies. The Isinglass drawings show 10ft HD bogies fitted on the restaurant triplet and 8ft6ins HD bogies for the rest. Isinglass drawings also show 10ft HD bogies fitted as middle bogies on the Coronation twins which included a kitchen, with 8ft 6ins HD bogies for the rest. I don't know of any supplier for the 10ft version of the HD bogies. I suppose that one could "cut and shut" two cosmetic 8ft 6ins HD bogies, and fit them to a 10ft bogie frame as supplied by Dart castings. A very interesting and informative thread. Earlswood Nob
  2. Good morning all You've answered the question. I calculated that the gap between windows on the first class Coronatian was greater that the gap in Thompson coaches. However using windows from more than one coach would allow the longer gaps to be modelled. I shall have to start collection Thompson coaches to follow your lead. Earlswood nob
  3. Hi to all modellers An ingenious way of producing the Coronation coaches. Is there enough meat on the Triang Thompson coaches to produce the Coronation First twin?? Perhaps I should get the drawings. Earlswood Nob (A signal box near my youthful residence)
  4. Good morning all I picked up a Westward L&Y 3F 0-6-0 for peanuts last year. It has the fold up chassis, and the castings look reasonable. When I get round to building it, I'll post pics, but don't hold your breath. Earlswood nob
  5. Good morning all I echo the sentiments about Dave Ellis and SEF. He is very helpful, and has been known to known to produce one-off castings of ex-Nucast kits, if the mould are in good shape. Earlswood nob
  6. Good morning all Well done in reproducing the bogies. I find them very good (at a good price) for itting to my conversions of Triang Clerestories to GCR & NER carriages. The additional weight low down makes them run much better Earlswood nob (A signal box near where I grew up)
  7. Good morning all Thanks for the replies and info. John (Brossard), I also have the Cotswold 2-4-2T to build. I thought about the Bachmann RTR 2-4-2T, but it has a short bunker and I wanted the long bunker variant. I will build the 2-4-2T before the 0-6-2T, but first I have the L&Y 7F 0-8-0 to complete. Earlswood nob
  8. G'day all I have managed to work out where the pieces fit except for those inside the white loop. Does anyone have any ideas? Earlswood nob
  9. Good morning all I have recently bought a Cotswold L&Y 0-6-2T kit, but sadly instructions were not included. The kit was later produced by Nucast as NC215. I would appreciate it, if someone could copy the instructions for me. It is an unusual kit as the 0-6-2Ts were all withdrawn by 1932. Research shows that the loco was designed by Barton-Wright and originally worked passenger services west of the Pennines, before migrating east in later life. I have pics in Barry Lane's book of L&Y locomotives and the Illustrated History of LMS Locomotives to help me building the kit, but there are a few pieces that I cannot fathom where they fit. Earlswood nob
  10. Evenin' all Dave Alexander does many spares for NER locos. Sadly no website anymore. Earlswood nob
  11. Good morning all I think the NC108T tender must refer to the tender supplied with the J6. If my memory is right, it was a GNR type A tender. The Kays J3 kit was originally supplied with the Type B Atlantic Tender. Later J3s produced by NuCast had the type A tender as had been supplied with the Cotswold Q1. Earlswood nob
  12. Good morning all The classic transport film Metroland has a GCR Atlantic (pre-WWI) working along the joint lines with a train of GCR stock. Earlswood nob
  13. I obviously typed the above post without seeing that my brain was in gear. The LBSCR Baltic had a double slidebar mechanism, and the A3 had a single (in fact triple) slidebar mechanism. This means that the Comet A3 valve gear would be incorrect. Earlswood Nob
  14. The LBSCR Baltic had a slightly longer wheelbase than the A4. It is not much, but I noticed it when I built the Gibson chassis. A set of A3 rods used to bind, and I had to make a set from Gibson Universal rods. I really must get around to assembling the Langley etch for the valve gear. I'm guessing, but a Comet A3 chassis should fit, with the Langley rear bogie added. I'm not sure whether the Comet valve has the same dimensions as that supplied with the Langley kit. Earlswoof Nob
  15. I think it is disgusting, and have sympathy for those who have lost models. If it was an opportunist, why steal EM models as they would be more difficult to sell. Either they were stolen to order, or by someone who didn't know the difference between EM and 00. I hope the culprit/ culprits are caught, but they would probably get a slapped wrist and told not to do it again. Earlswood nob
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