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  1. Hi Andy, where are the T&C's stating the minimum period? In the emails from Kernow, TMC and Rails Of Sheffield this is the exact text: T&Cs: Offer closes at midnight on Sunday, November 17th. Tickets sent via First Class post on November 18th. Collect your Goody Bag and 1st issue of BRM at the show from the BRM stand. After your 5 issues of BRM your subscription changes to £12.49 per quarter by Direct Debit. When you click on the link provided in the emails also, I don't see any T&C's stating the minimum subscription period? https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/store/promotions/british-railway-modelling/BRM%2fPREWARLEY19TMC?mc_cid=0717d8c63d&mc_eid=e19ce2367d I apologise if I'm being thick, I just cant see where it states the minimum subscription period as it does seem to be very ambiguous.
  2. Heritage Tim

    Hattons J24

    V2??? Crumbs, imagine if the same week they seem to have resolved the Bachmann dispute they go ahead and announce a new OO gauge V2.
  3. Dapol OO Gauge Class 122 at Rails of Sheffield, £104.50 each. https://railsofsheffield.com/groups/2759/oo-class-122-locomotives?fbclid=IwAR1eUGrk57Xn47_hKu9pcCHXFDPjcXPfkGm17j43OSVWBaaSJ8WOm9LvwGs
  4. The new Bachmann Freightliner Class 90 is £140 new on the official Freightliner eBay shop. Cheapest I've seen elsewhere is £152, but only 10 left as of posting https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Freightliner-Class-90-32-612-Powerhaul-00-Gauge-Loco/192932205638?epid=11032088684&hash=item2ceba7d446:g:uX0AAOSwV~lc7ktA&frcectupt=true
  5. Would much rather have a model delayed by a few months and then be wowed by it, rather than a model which has been rushed to meet a deadline but with glaring errors.
  6. Just received an email from Hattons informing me that R3600TTS 'Maude' is due in stock Wednesday 27th March
  7. If there is to be a new club loco (excluding the Bagnall) available to purchase, I'm wondering if it could be Fenchurch in preserved form? It would fit the bill of an attractive livery, preserved loco, making use of a new tooling and would compliment the club H Class loco perfectly. Alternatively I may simply be deluded/desperate to see Fenchurch
  8. Fantastic announcement!! (Especially after Saturday's purchased of a TPE 68!) Will be sure to pre order a rake of TPE ones!
  9. Very much looking forward to this show, it's always a good one!
  10. Received an email from Hattons 10 minutes ago also advising that Maude will now be released in May.
  11. Can confirm the code does indeed work on model railway items!
  12. Fiddlesticks, seems I'm too late to the party for the EWS TEA. Well I'm now signed up to the Revolution Trains newsletter- hopefully the success will encourage another run!
  13. I'm sorry but your post is flawed. At this years open day event at the Churnet Valley Railway, there were both steam and diesel operating including a BR Blue 33 on passenger duty and cab rides in a Janus, both diesel locos. The new N gauge club model MK2A FK in RTC livery is most definitely not steam era and the previous club model in OO was a 47 in EWS livery, once again not steam. Not to mention when you look at the Works report, in OO gauge the quantity of items at EP sample or later, diesels/DEMUs outnumber steam locos and in N gauge there are as many modern image as steam products in the report.
  14. Which version of Lyn would be correct/best to purchase if modelling the new build loco, on the present day preserved Lynton and Barnstaple Railway?
  15. Wow! This one has caught me by surprise, thought that even with the revival of the thing it would be too niche to be produced by a manufacturer in RTR. Delighted to be proven wrong though and will start saving pennies to place an order!
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