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    Southern 1930-1945, especially routes to Hastings & Brighton. However I am completely new to railway modelling especially DCC.
    I am also a keen artist as you can see from my own website

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  1. I thought rapido were going to do N gauge if there was enough interest? I studied the APT-E as part of my MSc at the open university and saw it as a boy so I have one even though everything else is steam driven on my layout. That's why I needed to hide her when she's not in use.
  2. I am taking photos of my loco collection and resizing them down for ITrain (360x160)



  3. This is a little of topic so perhaps could be mocved elsewhere.. I am sure most friends on this thread run flexitrack and I do wish we could be told what the minimum radius was for these things rather than fiddling around with tacky wax to see what works. Also maybe some of us would design layouts around specifications rather than being disappointed that sand pipes and foot plates near bogies can't be fitted. My other gripe is tender loco drawer bars so I am going to get some made to get a closer fitting between the two setting we are normally supplied with
  4. @Compound2632 ah sorry not that prince of wales this Prince of Wales and I sure you have seen Hornby are doing a new model of this not a revamp of Cock O the North
  5. Mine is SECR lined as that is what mrs Deepfat likes and it's bang on compared to the pictures @AY Mod shared. I have other preserved locos to Q1 C1, the flying banana the Duchess of Hamilton, Evening Star and Tornado, with the Prince of Wales on order
  6. Hornby seem to have given up on DCC - still no detection options here..



    so it's time to move on..



    and yes it is going in the bin as I don't think it's fair to inflict this on fellow enthusiasts and certainly not with RailMaster



  7. I hid my apt-e behind a cutting like yours by bodging plastic box section guttering, I cut down the line of the gutter and screwed the two bits back together and created a sort of horizontal - 45 degree horizontal section which was rigid enough to support itself. the bottom horizontal section was cut back to get the cutting nearer the track and then I screwed through it on to the baseboard. Finally I put some ply from backscene to guttering to support the back edge. It's ugly as hell now but with scenery on top it's job done. BTW I did this as I normally run steam but wanted an apt-e and needed permanent home for it as it's a swine to uncouple/couple this amazing model However my setup is in the loft like yours so we should talk over Teams/Zoom as I have some ideas that could help
  8. My only negative experience at exhibitions is air quality - my wife left because basically more than a few people should have showered. Hopefully Covid is imp[roving personal hygiene so I will be going to another one but actually what I need is training - on iTrains and the more advanced aspects of DCC and block detection
  9. @Tomscrut thanks that makes it super easy, but I didn't find that in the manual or any videos I have watched. I think all my decoders are DCC(126).
  10. OK let me rephrase the question - when I add a loco there's a bunch of decoders option in there DCC(16) etc. etc. so my question is how do I find out which one to use for each type of decoder I have. In crappy old RailMaster it would detect the manufacturer and type for you . I know iTrains can scan CV's to but this drop down confuses me..
  11. soo I watched a few of these and I think you might be missing something. I have a new loco and it's got a decoder in it how do I know which options in iTrain to make it work for some of the common decoders found in the UK: ESU LokSound DCC Concepts Xen Dare I mention Hornby Sapphire and TTS then I can set back watch the videos on setting loco speeds etc. knowing that when I nip up to the loft I have some chance of success thanks in advance
  12. Roundhouse planning, based on Horsham and Eastbourne examples.  10 degree angle and 330mm front to back.  I am  not sure on what construction technique to use I prefer embossed or laser cut brickwork but the challenge is always getting good looking corners. Any suggestions most welcome


  13. hmm that green looks more at home on a jeep ! My wife is very pleased with her SECR version of this , just like the one she saw at the NRM, however I do wish modern models were a bit more gloss, whatever the scale fanatics may say.
  14. My wife is eagerly waiting for the SECR D Class to arrive today from @RailsOfSheffield . She was very taken with the original at the NRM.- so what have your spouses and partners got running on your layouts?

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    2. Platform 1

      Platform 1

      Vacuum cleaner mostly...

    3. deepfat


      @Platform 1 I'd hang on to her,  I think we'd all love a nicely dusted layout  

    4. Platform 1

      Platform 1

      Oh, she doesn't dust it.  It's just a convenient shelf! ;)

  15. I remember having to bodge workshops and hangars when Challenger replaced Chieftan so I get the comments about tanks in sheds
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