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    Southern 1930-1945, especially routes to Hastings & Brighton. However I am completely new to railway modelling especially DCC.
    I am also a keen artist as you can see from my own website

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  1. @mr_tilt I have ordered some trunking to store my latest acquisitio n. Here she is along side a very different take on how to install a turbine in a train
  2. I am just going for the secr livery as it's my wife's favourite from when she took me to the NRM and saw the original. I have bachmaan secr birdcage coaches and some of the secr Hattons genesis on order as well. I am hoping that is what she would have pulled back in the day, but happy to be corrected
  3. @BR60103 I do worry about peco they don't seem to making anything. I have friedn in other manufacturing organisations from Rolls Royce (engines), Da Vinci (Westland) and Sunseeker(yachts) and they are still in production. I would love to see innovation at Peco too the loco lift is a good start but needs to have additional removable parts for transit and as you say to create a system for made up trains
  4. I am going to add a long hidden siding on my layout where it can live when not in use. So a bit like the NRM in that it can quickly get on the mainline when I want to use it. None of my stuff is in original boxes it's in crates and peco loco lifts but of course that isn't going to work for this. also honoured to get a reply from @Mr_Tilt I studied the apt-e as part of my OU MSc and I am no a project manager engineer at Microsoft, because of what I learnt.
  5. Before I get one of these how long is the 4 car version as I'll want some sort of unique siding for it when it isn't in use so I don't have to break it down each time. Secondly is there a group of people thread for those who actually run this on their layouts?
  6. Phil good stuff I did some work a while back with Ordnance Survey and I have historical maps from them and I have a couple of books on train routes to Hastings. However I am borrowing as well so I'll be adding a roundhouse that'll look a bit like the one at Eastbourne (destroyed 1923). I got the Hastings station plans from the network rail archive. However I am working flat out full time so only limited time to work on the layout and definitely limited skills which is why I love the advice I get on here
  7. Phil I grew up there but my bridge is going to be a real homage - it's going to be curved and it's going to allow one line to go over another so NOT over Queens Road. My layout is too small to do Hastings station but the building as it was in 1934 will be recognisably on there as well. Below is the SCARM cad I am working to, but my work at the moment is backscenes and the edges of the layout. I need to get down to Hastings to shoot the housing at the back of the station and go to Bulverhythe to shoot the sea across to Bexhill for that
  8. @phil_sutters thanks the cake stands have arrived, thanks so much for the idea
  9. by my count that's about £10,000 of stock there so spending a few hundred quid to protect them seems eminently sensible, it's a shame you still can't get the loco lifts when other manufacturers like dcc concepts, KR models Hattons etc. seem to be able to supply us
  10. Hi and hopefully I have tagged this right. I want to model an homage to this bridge in Hastings and I need to source the columns they only need to be 80mm high but I have no 3d printer and haven't manage to find anything suitable on the interweb so far. thanks in advance @deepfat
  11. My GT3 has just arrived from KR models- It's a thing of beauty, did anyone else get one?

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    2. deepfat


      wow that is some seriopus model building. I am waiting for Aberdeen Commonwealth to turn up and have a PDK brass kit on the go but not happy with the compensated chassis as it binds when I had connecting rods..20190717_151457.jpg.62adb9da4e5fc2f45a4c370000ad909c.jpg

    3. Spam Can Man

      Spam Can Man

      I bought a Comet Kit etched brass Merchant Navy Class chassis with the idea of building 21C1 Channel Packet in original conditional with the "widows peak". I bought the wheels from Markits and started scratch building the body from plasticard. That was many years ago! Of course Hornby brought theirs out! I might build it as an austerity Merchant Navy. Bulleid designed it and they made a wooden mock up of it, but they never built any!

    4. Spam Can Man

      Spam Can Man

      I must admit, I'm not a great lover of compensated chassis. The Comet chasis had compensation, but like you, I found the coupling rods would bind. I soldered the chassis up solid in the end.

  12. Thanks Mick that is the plan and I don't need the precision to spray coaches. I'd love to see some tips and and blogs on here to share expertise
  13. I have gone for Harder & Steenbeck Infinty CR 2 with a Sparmax 520X compressor, even though I am completely new to airbrushing. However if this was just for my layout it might be overkill, but my plan is to use it for illustration too. To get my skills up I have bough t a load of el cheapo Bachmann LMS coaches to convert to an ambulance train so they are going green
  14. Just to refresh this a Lord Nelson with smoke deflectors pulling a Night Ferry. Why they can' make these instead of stealing of invading Hatton's turf so we have more choice is beyond me
  15. Loving your work but sl-43 Peco lifts are impossible to get hold of, Not sure why Peco can't make things anymore even in lockdown
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