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  1. Reminded me of this picture I saw on Reddit early in the lockdown. That's the herbs all sorted! Some joker quipped "Thyme well spent."
  2. Are these a rebranded version of some DCC Concepts decoders?
  3. Le Corbusier touched on this with his modular man (Modulor) in trying to find how the humans can scale. Don't think we are there yet with a standard person. (I detested Le Corb at college because one of our lecturer's thought he was God and everything has to be referenced back to Le Corb).
  4. Yes Ian, it's well hidden, and not logical. Whoever thought of having a picture accessed under a colour fill menu must have been looking at the clock on a Friday afternoon.
  5. I've done 2 things with images in my excel spreadsheet inventory (another vote for Excel). I have a small thumbnail of a side view of each loco placed in a cell. Easy enough as said before. I also have a pop-up image which appears when I hover my cursor over a cell, and a larger image appears. In this example, when I hover over the class type, the large image appears. This avoids having large images taking over the whole spreadsheet, only appearing when necessary. Here's the steps to make this work. 1. Right-click in a cell and select
  6. I believe many years ago British Rail built locos and coaches at 1:1 scale, but they had very unreliable running.
  7. Well that's absorbed this evening's free time! Surprised to see this, a 'Dozer just going across the tracks. Would this be allowed in the UK? No surprise they have derailments if any 20 ton piece of plant can just drive over the track.
  8. Before I returned to the hobby a few years ago, I tried to hack an old smoke detector to convert it to a leak detector. All OK except for my soldering. The solder would just stay on the tip and and bead-up. Could never get it on the circuit connections. Chatted to my brother-in-law who's first questions was "What solder are you using". Dunno said I, label long gone. He kept asking some questions to which I didn't have the answer, then when I started to describe the solder the penny dropped. I had this big spool of solder, quite thick 'wire'. "Ah, that plumbers solder. T
  9. Had to pop into Aldi at lunchtime and spotted some DAS 500g White modelling clay for £2.49. They had some Terracotta too, same price. Amazon have it for £6 for 1kg (reduced from £6.99) so thought, yes, a bargain, but back at the computer I see that Hobby Craft have the 1kg at £4.00. Suppose it depends which is closer to you, Hobbycraft or Aldi.
  10. (My emphasis). Made me laugh out loud. What's your tolerance level?
  11. Not a great pic of the crane, all went past too quickly.
  12. Thanks for that, got to grab a few pics with about 30 seconds to spare. What has surprised my is how the Colas container colours are so close to the new Freightliner livery. 66418 & 66419
  13. Hope you don't mind, but I found the colour cast a bit off-putting, so I tried to correct it a little.
  14. My experience is that not all glues are the same. PVA from Poundland would need to be a brand I trust before I'd buy it for anything other than a hobby. Unbranded PVA is OK for fixing most scenic materials on a model, but I wouldn't rely on it for anything that I would consider vital or durable, like furniture. It's your judgement call, but the way I look at it is, if a good glue costs 100% more, but that is the difference between £0.99 & £1.99, is it worth the time and effort in re-doing the job later with more glue if the first attempt fails (and potentially cause
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