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  1. SketchUp does allow precise measurement input. See this video:
  2. Hi Jamie, Great reply to my post, and your additional time spent on looking at how it might be realise is very much appreciated. You've hit the nail on the head with many items, such as transportability. If it's got a handle on the top, then that will dictate the maximum depth before it hits the ground. And I was certainly thinking that the front of the box would fold down and provide an area to be able to work on without damaging any table it would sit on. So the inside face of the front flap would have a cutting mat on it exactly as you have shown. I hate wasting space, and a lot of ideas for storing bottles of paint seem to have them stepped on platforms, so that there is wasted space behind in the lower levels. (Here's an example for the highly rated HobbyZone modular units to illustrate what I mean). With space in the box at a premium I'd be looking to either eliminate this design 'flaw' or utilise the space in some other way. Ply is brilliantly stable and, with a little bracing or corner blocks, wont flex, so I'd be very comfortable with a 6mm ply for the main carcase. The front flap which would be a workbench would, however, need to be beefier. For this I was considering 2x 3.6mm thick ply sandwiched over some balsa-wood spacers. The construction would be quite strong, being a series of lattice 'I' beams but it would be expensive to get 3.6mm ply for just this and I'm not sure of its worth the trouble, maybe just go for 9mm ply for the front instead. (I like thinking these issues through too). I also thought that the sides, instead of being a fixed panel, could be hinged so that it opens out a little more. The side would have shelves or storage that face inwards when closed, and present itself to me when opened. (like a tri-fold mirror but with storage depth). And you are right about considering the practical aspects. Making sure it fits it in the car upright, or could it lie on the side without everything fall about inside? And then some space for a 2 gang 13A extension lead, so that I could plug in a good worklight and either a soldering iron or hot-melt glue gun. Thank you again for your thoughts and sketch, it's great to bounce ideas around. Damo
  3. Hi Jamie, Excellent piece of workmanship, and a very useful and clearly laid out blog. I'm at the design stage of trying to work out some sort of travel box that could hold some small hobby tools; paints, brushes, needle files, small clamps, cutting mat, helping-hands, soldering iron etc, that can close up with a door and I can take with me in the car when I'm away from home for a while. First stumbling block is trying to figure out what small tools it should hold, and the next is what form it should take. I'm very familiar with SketchUp but I think I'd prefer the freedom of free-hand sketching first, and then maybe make a foamboard mock-up to set things out in real-life. However I feel that I'm miles away from doing it as I cannot get the starting point of what it'll look like. More research, but wanted to say well done on your folding table. Like your precision, absolutely essential and you've cracked it.
  4. Ha! Unless the perps stay on the railway lines, there is no way An Garda will be chasing some low-lifes across Ballymun in one of those. (There's not even a blue flashing light, which as we all know, signifies to all that they have been caught and must stop running immediately!)
  5. As I travel a little and stay overnight I thought that some sort of small briefcase that would contain all my modelling paints, files, scalpels etc would be handy and I could chuck it in the back of the car and have it ready for use whenever I have an hour or 2 to spare. But I'm finding difficulty in finding anything suitable, which surprised me. I figured there would be a few options out there. This is kinda what I'm thinking about: This was by a Spanish company but they don't seem to exist any more. This is a DIY solution, and looks almost perfect for my use. This has good points and bad points for me. Would need additions to make it transportable. Does anyone on the forum know of similar products available off-the-shelf? The middle one is my preferred solution. Thanks D
  6. Hi Stu, Could I have the British Railways Locomotives & Coaching Stock 2007 and 2019 And the Rail Guide 2015 please? These will cover the areas of my interest. In my eagerness, omitted my civility, should of course wished you a very Happy Christmas and hope that Santa was good to all in your family. If you could PM me the postage when you have a moment. There is no rush on my side, whenever everything calms down after Christmas is absolutely fine. Thank you. Damo
  7. You'll have to change this at some stage to an 'EI' number plate (EI not as in Ireland, but as in the Sligo county code for car registrations). JEI 390 would be around the late 1960s, so you'd need to work back from there perhaps.
  8. Thank you Mick for this information, I was contemplating the DCC Concepts Z218 or their newer Zen Black.
  9. Well, between the various arguments over the last few days about affiliates and pre-production models, I thought I had a good question to ask that would have got this thread back on topic, but I guess it'll now get lost in the cloud of 'Hey, mine's on the way......'. Well, I'll ask the questions anyway. What is the Hattons DCC chip they use, and can I easily find a suitable 3rd party chip for me to install? I've ordered a sound 66 and also a plain DC 66 for me to put my own chip in. So I'm wondering now if I'd be better off having a DCC 66 for another £15 or to have the freedom to put my own choice of chip in. If I go the later route will I have a lot of trouble getting a suitable chip to match all the functions?
  10. I'd be interested in 'The LMS In Ireland by Mark Kennedy' please Steve.
  11. I too agree that things should be made clearer, whether we are watching TV, Infommercials (Info-Commercials), looking at Bill Boards, viewing Social Media. etc. I think we are being subtly manipulated in many ways and from several directions by some very clever marketing and political people. However, my point is that I have not seen this (Social Media Guidance) as Law. Even your quote doesn't say it is breaking the law, it says 'you may be', not you are. You might think this is a fine point, but to me it is clear. I'd just like this thread to stay focused on the facts as we know it, and not wander off when a wrong assumption is made. But then, maybe I've made a wrong assumption and it is law, I'm fully open to clarification.
  12. On a point of Order, I didn't see where it is Law, but then again I didn't read the whole article in the link. It clearly states that this is Guidance, but it isn't Law. There are no Statutory Instruments associated with this, but please enlighten me.
  13. When I asked the same question an EM modeller friend of mine recommended the Gaugemaster GM27 track rubber as it doesn't leave any (as much?) crud on the ballast, ie: rubber detritus. http://www.gaugemaster.com/item_details.asp?code=GM27&style=&strType=&Mcode=Gaugemaster+GM27
  14. That's funny, Both Rails and Hattons have the same loco in their Advent calender today, the J36, but Rails of Sheffield are about £10 cheaper than Hattons. Hattons: R3621 - Class J36 0-6-0 722 in LNER black - £99, Rails £89.50 Hattons: R3600TTS - Class J36 0-6-0 673 "Maude" in North British Railway lined black - as preserved - TTS sound fitted - £119.50, Rails £109.50
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