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  1. UPDATE Wed 23rd May 21:00hrs: MURPHY MODELS CIE MM0088 SOLD OUT Despite ringing beforehand to check, and the website taking my order (another item I wanted was sold out, so the inventory system must be working), plus receiving an email stating "Your order has been received and will be processed once payment has been confirmed.", I've now got an email saying the MM0088 is sold out! Really disappointed. *************************** If your interest is in Irish Diesels & coaches: Murphy Models CIE MM0088, CIE Livery. RRP £145, Big guys have it at around £125. DC-Kits at £85 Restaurant Car MM5541, seen elsewhere at the £45 - £47 mark. DC-Kits at £35 Usual disclaimer, just a customer (Guess not then)
  2. I posted this in a separate thread. Getting straight to the point, this is it: BBC Radio 4. Wednesday 22nd May 2019: Crowdfunding
  3. As Crowdfunding is pertinent to the DJM modus operandi, and there have been many recent discussions and personal beliefs aired on this forum, I thought that today's MoneyBox programme on BBC Radio 4 may definitively answer many of the peculiarities surrounding Crowdfunding. BBC Radio 4. Wednesday 22nd May 2019: Crowdfunding NB: May not be available outside the UK
  4. This in the Daily Mail: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7052557/Police-arrest-four-teenage-boys-model-railway-wrecking-spree.html " Four boys - one aged 16, three aged 15 - have been arrested and bailed over the model railway vandalism Well-wishers have donated more than £80,000 to Market Deeping Model Railway Club in two days Sir Rod Stewart has donated £10,000 and said he 'feels the club's pain' while fellow enthusiast Pete Waterman has also donated and said members' had 'lost their life's work' and would be 'heartbroken' by damage Mr [Pete] Waterman said he had donated to the club's appeal, although declined to say how much. He added he would invite them to have a prominent role at the Warley Model Railway Exhibition at the NEC Arena in Birmingham that he is president of, set to take place in November." Nice long article, very understanding to the situation and the people involved; exhibitors, shops, lives and to the hobby.
  5. I saw your post early April and managed to get a triple pack (not in the livery I was hoping, but at least I got something), so thanks for the heads-up. We'll, I say thanks. This and your ebay post on a layout has cost me lots. It may be cheaper if I block you
  6. Some lovely comments in the Just Giving page. On a quick scan, I spotted: Support from NMRA colleagues in America reaching out. A guy who accompanied his donation with "I don't get Railway Modelling, but love that you do" Quite a lot of donations from females. (So, it's not a male dominated hobby! Make me wonder if there is a secret Women's MRC somewhere?) Donations from other hobby groups, like Warhammer. Clearly there is a lot of support and sympathy for our hobby. The humanity of others in this world is far greater than what 4 imbeciles may do.
  7. Sorry about that. Looks like it's connected to my session only. Go the the Islington Council website, Planning Department: https://www.islington.gov.uk/planning/applications/comment Click the Search box On the next page, put in any of the three planning reference numbers I have listed in the search box: On the results page, click the link to the left: At the bottom of the page you will see 'Related Documents' click there. You will then see the drawings in PDF format. Application No.: P061285 (Land on the Northern side of Hornsey Street lying adjacent to the East Coast Mainline, London, N7 (The site forms part of the Lough Road East development area). This seems to be one of the more useful planning applications for you, but its not the original full planning application. Application No.: P062310 Has some external landscaping drawings from the 1 drawing I looked at . Worth having a look also P041231(MA02) Regards Damo
  8. I enjoy a challenge. But it was late last night and I had already gone down a few rabbit holes before finding the right planning application. I trust you found all the other drawing downloads on the first link. There should be (I haven't checked them all) should be a site layout plan, that will position the whole building on the site, and might even include some of the roadway / pavement. Overall dimensions too if you are lucky. Best of luck.
  9. For your last image of the flats to the railway line: Difficult to find any good drawings on the Local Authority planning portal, surprising as it seems to have been built recently (circa 2004 +/-). This search result has some scanned drawings: https://planning.islington.gov.uk/aniteim.websearch/(S(kaz0bp55vn411sfk3skiy2jg))/Results.aspx You should be able to download drawings such as these: and This search result also has some drawings relating to the discharge of planning conditions, so they don't have the whole scheme. But there might be something that you can find of use: https://planning.islington.gov.uk/aniteim.websearch/(S(vkt5bz55w1zxzl55zbx30455))/Results.aspx
  10. Damo666

    Missed the boat

    If it's not unreasonable to ask, why does this shop seem to have such high prices? I can see that they offer a great range of additional options and therefore can command a good price for some of the more obscure and fiddly additions, but on the basic model, why? I've bought models from a wide variety of shops, both on-line and local high-street (in my attempt to help local a little, even though it probably costs more than web purchases) but Olivia's always seem to be just that little bit too high, yet they survive. Just curious if I'm missing something on the basic price RRP.
  11. Hi Andrew, What would have happened if you had stopped your train a few meters further along, blocking their view totally? They might have ignored you but they could hardly have ignored your Voyger.
  12. As we've specified the metal Guiding Dowels before, the other two Nylon connectors were new to me, only spotted last week when browsing. After reading your comment I looked more closely at the descriptions. The Press-Fit version states: "Can be disconnected at any time and with parting resistance of up to 15 kg". The Plug-In version states: "non-release fastening"! I'll revise my post above to make sure anyone looking is aware.
  13. Indeed. I was just looking for dowels last week. Adding 'Railway' brought you to some very reliable suppliers, and high costs which I cannot see how they are justified. At my work, when designing cabinets for clients, we tend to aim for Hafele for all ironmongery mechanisms; drawer runners, hinges, clips, clasps etc. They are reliable and have a huge range. For dowels I spotted these in metal: Guiding Dowel. Not bad at £1.68 for 10 including VAT! There are two other variants, made from nylon. Not sure how these would compare in use though. Press Fit at £0.36 a set and Plug-in for £0.29 a set. [Edit: See my post two below for an update]. More expensive for 10 than the metal guiding dowels, so must have a useful application. Think I'd be happy with the metal ones.
  14. Hmmmm. £20 for the FEA-E or £50 for the same wagon with 2 bits of flat (plastic panel) on top. Whilst £50 is always better that £59, compared to the £20 wagon, this one won't be for me. Thank you though newbryford, and appreciate you looking and letting me know.
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