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  1. Gosh, Johnster, you make the suburbs of Cardiff sound like Mountain Ash! Have you been on a creative writing course recently! (Insert smiley) Dai
  2. Andrew, my gob has been smacked. Lovely. Dai
  3. Possibly the last three or four pages. crying emoji here, if I could
  4. Have a happy Christmas. By the way, other threads are available for light reading over this period. —- just do not ask a question. You know it makes sense.
  5. Didn’t stop me from buying one from Worsley Works!
  6. Chris, going by the number of shows you attend, I thought you had been in three places at the same time! Good to see you at the EMGS AGM. Dai
  7. Hi, has anybody been able to get close enough to these locos to See if they can be EM’ed easily? No scraping of footplate, and all that. Cheers, Dai
  8. Upgrade the Chiltern line? OOC to Snow Hill?
  9. Speaking as someone with a great degree of ignorance on this topic - though wanting to introduce it my layouts - would there be much commonality between components required for an EM layout and an O layout? I’m leaving this question fairly open so as not to prove my ignorance. Better to be thought thick, and not open my mouth to prove it, and all that. Cheers, Dai
  10. Glad it worked well for you, Tony. It did for me as well. I thoroughly enjoyed it, my pocket less so after a few visits to Martin’s bring and buy stand. All good bargains though!
  11. Who won best rucksack in show? Just wondering, like.
  12. Yes, it does; and many thanks. Dai ps. My brother in law had a koala in his garden, the first he had seen in over 30 years there. Whether it was escaping fires, he thinks not.
  13. Hi Chris, where do you find this information, please? I am interested in Merthyr- based autocoaches, etc; but don’t know where to easily (emphasise, easily) the info. Dai Davies
  14. As NCB says, looks like a Grange. If your pennies allowed it, I would look around for a secondhand Hornby Grange, very good model. If not, would an Anchoridge motor do the job for your white metal beast?
  15. Aiming to be there. Revisit my Merthyr roots. See you chaps, Dai
  16. There was at least one crimson and cream auto on the Merthyr-Pontsticill run in its final year, late 1960.
  17. BR(W) copied what the GWR did to a few coaches before WW2. I preferred the three-windowed saloon versions to these compartment versions. BUT I really disliked the Hawksworths versions with bus seats, call me old-fashioned.
  18. Yep, a good mix of very good layouts and trade, and met up with several members of RMRG. The only negative is that all the chippies had closed by the time I got out!
  19. You can’t get away with that. Name names, you cad and bounder! Insert emoji of your choice.
  20. For ‘hacking around old stock’, please amend to ‘ground breaking, innovative use of old stock’, please. Cheers, Dai
  21. I’d be tempted to keep your bogies, and go for Hornby wheels. These can be bought from Peter’s Spares and others, and are finer than theBachmann sets. If the Hornby ones don’t fit, Alan Gibson ones do. Both options are cheaper than buying new bogies.
  22. Hope you don’t mind this question coming into this thread. I have a resin boiler which is painted in thick gloss enamel paint. I want to remove this and repaint, either with enamel or acrylic. Is there any special removal agent needed for this? Thanks, Dai
  23. Re a previous post of mine on this thread. I have now pulled out the wheels to EM gauge on my Hornby 57’ Collett coach ( the latest sort, not the Railroad sort). The coach works fine being pulled and pushed at speed even through small radius (Ma rcway) points. Saves money on new wheels!
  24. Yes, I went three times as well, and only saw it running once. I seem to remember one of the footplate crew saying it wasn’t a popular loco, and they preferred the saddletank. I was too young to ask why, and to understand any answer!
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