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  1. Thank you for the replies and kind words. The baseboards are each 730mm x 200mm. They each fit into one of these 22l Really Useful Boxes with sufficient gap around them inside the box to get my hand in to lift out https://www.reallyusefulstorageboxes.co.uk/22litre-really-useful-storage-box-c2x12502474
  2. Following on from last week's bridge attempts I have now constructed an embankment alongside. The first step was to construct a skeleton out of card. This was then filled with packing paper, although newspaper would have worked just as well. With so many parcel deliveries of late, boxes are not in short supply in this household! I then covered it in mod roc strips and am awaiting it drying over the week. Sorry no pictures of the process - it had the potential to get messy if not kept in check and I don't think that mod roc over the dining room would have gone do
  3. A bit more progress to update you on this weekend, as I have added the remainder of the back scene and constructed the bridge which will disguise the exit to the fiddle yard. The back scene is simply two lengths of thin ply with wallpaper stuck on which has been painted with a matchpot left over from the bathroom. I will document the construction of the bridge in further detail. Firstly I used part of a Wills Girder Bridge kit to make the spans. These were then weathered with rust acrylic and black acrylic, using the time honoured techn
  4. I have received a couple of requests for a wiring diagram for the layout, so please see the below image. I hope it is fairly self explanatory. The blue lines represent insulated breaks, whilst the green dashed lines represent the board edges. Where the wires cross the board joins, they are joined together by chocolate blocks. I use a Gaugemaster D controller, and the diagram shows the feeds into the two outputs. As the layout is wired in this way, there is scope for two loco operation. One loco can reside in either of the sidings or on the loop, whilst the other can arrive
  5. Some more progress today as I have completed the overall of the station building. I firstly stuck some beams which I had in the spare parts box (from a Dapol Station Canopy kit I think) which support the roof. Once dry, I fitted 2x sheets of Wills roof tile sheet. Some signs complete the look. The roof needs to be weathered but this can wait until the glue has properly set and there is no movement.
  6. Len it is worth looking on line for the free routes and stock which are available, often very good stuff.
  7. They look to have some interesting items so will definitely check them out - thanks. Had an operating session today, and finally got some trains operating properly in the layout. A class 26 arrives with a passenger and parcel train, note the crank at the window ready for the return journey An 03 arrives with a trip freight from the local distillery. I'm looking for an industrial loco for this purpose (assuming running powers were granted) , if anyone has any suggestions please shout up! Finally the 26 arr
  8. They look to have some interesting items so will definitely check them out - thanks
  9. This morning I have got round to painting the trackwork on thee second board. Firstly, I painted the rail sides in Humbrol 113 Rust. Whilst it looks pink initially, it dries darker and tones down when sprayed with Railmatch Sleeper Grime.
  10. I did not know that, thank you. I shall have to seek out the book, do you know how different Mr Futers' plan was to mine? I imagine that his work would be infinitely better than my offering.
  11. Indeed. I will need another similar length of track for the fiddle yard so optimistically suggested that space would be required for 3 of the plastic crates. This was deemed to be acceptable but then I went back and said that I can get it to work with two (the fiddle yard will be a simple plank so can be stored in the scenic boxes underneath the layout). Win-Win situation all round as she now thinks I'm doing her a favour by having less boxes.
  12. Quite an important update to the thread here. Firstly, my ballasting at the second attempt was successful as can be seen in these photos. Grass was also laid using hanging basket liner. The domestic authorities have granted me permission for extra storage space, so I am now in a position to extend the layout by 100% ie double in size. Hopefully it would still class as a micro layout to be allowed to keep this thread open. The extension will complete the run round loop and station entrance, with a further kick back siding.
  13. Knowing the lack of distancing in B&Ms around us, you get Covid for free too! We went to the Range last week and they had a variety of the long & thin Really Useful Boxes on sale for cheap, £7.50 for the 22l one was ideal for my Micro Layout. Unfortunately these types of stores its a case of going to see if they have it in or not, rather pot luck. As a further bargain, Rails of Sheffield are continuing their advent calendar - today 4x XC mk3s for just shy of £100 https://railsofsheffield.com/groups/3306/advent-calendar-day-17
  14. Hi Mark thank you for the response. I am meaning to visit the area but for obvious reasons have not done so quite yet - hopefully this coming spring will be kind to us and I can get up there. I will look out for the booklet that you speak of.
  15. Unfortunately upon getting the layout back out this weekend, I found that last week's ballasting went slightly awry. The glue:water ratio was clearly too much in favour of the water so the ballast did not stick. Not to worry though, out came the PVA and pipettes again for another round of everyone's favourite job... In other news I have been reworking the Highland Signal Cabin by Peco. It is safe to say that my first attempt was not the greatest effort. I pre painted the wooden parts and this caused them to warp as the wood sucked up the paint. Consequently fitt
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