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  1. Hello I am currently building a micro layout but am a bit stuck when it comes to signalling it correctly. I intend to have non working signals as my expertise is not up to making them work yet. The layout is set in the 1970s/80s in the old LMS area and can either be in Scotland or ths North West of England depending on stock. I would prefer semaphore signalling. It is a small terminus with a brewery to the bottom right and entrance to fiddle yard top right. The top line is the main platform for passenger trains, whilst the middle line serves as a siding and occasional train departures of passenger and freight. The bottom line is a short siding. Please see the attached diagram and I would appreciate any help - I am looking to know what signals to place where, both standard signals and ground/shunting signals. Many thanks
  2. Are you able to show any pictures of how you join the boards together please? This is something that I would like to do myself. Thanks
  3. Looking at making something in one of these (well two with boards that will join together) so following with interest.
  4. And what a layout Pallet Lane is. Gave me some inspiration when having original thoughts
  5. Thanks for everyone's input so far. Whilst the desire for extra width and length is shared - unfortunately this is my permitted space from 'the boss'. I have come to the conclusion that a run round loop would be beneficial for operation, and that only short trains would be possible. This all leads to the Highlands of Scotland - 26s, 27s and a couple of Mk 1s. By my calculations I think that they could be accommodated in the headshunt - maybe even a 37 if I push my luck I've come up with the below plan and would appreciate critique Thanks
  6. It appears that the coal depot was off what was originally intended to be the line to Leatherhead. I was ideally looking for lines which led directly from the platform into a goods siding
  7. Hello All Does anyone know of a location where there was a single track terminus into a 'through' platform that led to a goods siding? Many Thanks
  8. Thank you for everyone's input so far. Does anyone know of a location where there was a goods siding immediately beyond the platform? Would this be realistic? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the input - that was generally my initial idea. I like your idea of the scrap yard - it seems to me to be more in keeping with the urban environs too
  10. Very good point there. Consider that point taken - and see a revised version with a loop added via the black line and the removal of the warehouse siding which is now a headshunt Many Thanks
  11. Hello All My first foray into posting on here. I've got a space of 1460mm x 200mm (split into 2 x 730x200 boards), excluding a run out to a cassette. I'm trying to get a small yard with passenger terminus of 2 coach trains (maybe DMU sometimes loco hauled) in a run down urban area. I have come up with the following - plan attached. The green area on the plan would be a platform/station area, with a warehouse siding beyond this. The two lower sidings would be for general shunting and would also act as a headshunt for the bottom right siding which would be for an oil tank or some other load. I'd be grateful of any feedback or critisism Many thanks
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