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  1. Thats the problem though. This forum is full of manufacturers threads with people clamouring for the latest products. They then seem happy to let errors go but then start up the next round of "we need a new tooled/ upgraded X Y or Z" when it could of just been right the first time. In this case its a silly error that should be right and as you point out people could fix it but why should they? If this was a Hornby model we'd be at 100+ pages of people saying it should of been right and Hornby should know better.
  2. Oh I dunno. Would be nice on a nearly £200 loco if the numbers were straight. As you say, we keep getting ever more superb models so it would be nice if they got the simple things right. Seems more and more thought that people want ever better/upgraded models and are also happy for them to carry mistakes.
  3. On all the ones pictured in the last couple of pages. The cabside numbers all appear to be drooping to the left on each side. Can't just be the angle/camera lens that everyone has taken picture.
  4. As Nice as they look, they all seem to have wonky numbers...
  5. Having built a couple of the Cambrian kits recently it only took me a few minutes to look through a few books to see that in later SR and then BR days that some picked up 3-hole disc wheels.
  6. Not all of them had split-spoked wheels so you might want to check that..
  7. This part (Tarring Neville) is shared between BR, off of the Seaford branch and the Cement works at South Heighton. I believe the builder of the layout plans to make the cement works as a layout at some point and join the two layouts together.
  8. Couple of pictures of my friends layout, shared with permission.
  9. Whys it up to anyone other than Heljan to check the body shape? No point blaming people not coming forward and identifying the problems for you. After all, who's being paid to do the work? And in the same way you say about engaging with customers, that works both ways. Blame people for not coming forward to point out errors and those people you're pointing the finger at probably won't bother in the future.
  10. Lets be honest here, DJmodels didn't/doesn't have the money to produce its own products hence all the crowdfunding so why would Dave spend money on business premises when so many are waiting for his products? More bad business management? I don't think so.
  11. A fair crack of the whip? Dave Jones got that.. Kernow, Hatton's, the Irish lads and RevolutioN all put trust in him. Kernow had to bail him out. Hatton's got a hit and miss 14xx, beaten by Hornby to the King and the other two have had mud slung at them for wanting to go their own ways. He had his crack and lost out but of course it wasn't his fault! If he means that other manufacturers should of let him do models of items just because he'd announced them first then why? This is business not the playground and just because he's announced X first doesn't mean he hadn't picked it up just because he'd heard someone was working X.. How many times did he drop hints or let slip other manufacturers were working on things?? Hardly going to endear himself to others is it??
  12. There is a hilarious irony in this.. I mean he's claiming IP to designs that someone else has paid him for and as far as i'm aware he hasn't done the work himself. He managed to take over a design/manufacturing role on items for Kernow that I guess he worked on or was slowly working on at Dapol when he was employed by them. He's crying foul on anyone thats producing items he is / wants to but doesn't see it that way when he goes to do something someone else is working on or produced.. He's crying foul on people going direct to factories he uses when thats exactly what he did to start his business. Remember the first CADs and EPs for the J94? Weird that they had exactly the same join line on the tanks that the old Dapol/Hornby model had wasn't it! People have said for a while that he should just stop with the stupid rants, poor old me routines etc and just get on and produce the stuff that he says he will. Instead he's constantly added more and more to his production list without finishing other things and throws out lame excuse after excuse blaming anyone but himself when things go wrong.
  13. Maybe its time for DJModels to drop the " Setting higher standards" tag..
  14. Bit late to clarify things.. Should of engaged the brain before putting out a daft announcement of an announcement and then following through with an even worse announcement. I would of even won some money if I'd taken a friend up on the bet of DJ coming out today and back peddling on the original announcement. This isn't the first time he tried it but hopefully its the last.
  15. Some people have mentioned boycotting his products... What if Hatton's, Kernow and any other model shop that stocks his stuff just drops him over all this??? People have pointed out certain issues with this guy from day one and its always been stifled or shouted down by those backing him in one way or another... After this latest "announcement" I cant see why anyone would stick up for him. Its the "poor old me" routine over and over again but now less people seem to care!
  16. I find it interesting that he’s effectively been forced into making a response because of the other announcement. Yet when the important people, his customers, ask questions or are after some updates there is little in the way of answers or very slow to respond.. This isn’t taking into account the secret emails... There is still no updates on most the other projects announced by DJM..........
  17. The other thing we might find out is if the required number of people actually signed up in the first place making this project viable. Its easy to say that the required target has been met and run with the project in the hope that more will sign up to pay the remainder of the costs, but if like what has happened and another model comes along and takes a share of that hoped for remainder costs the project ends up S**T creek without a paddle!
  18. Is it about catching a break though? I don't see Accurascale, RevolutioN or any of the other new manufactures having half as many problems as DJM seems to be having. Dave seems to be more of a project manager and if he's not asking for the right things in the first place then its no wonder things keep going pear shaped for him.
  19. Well he wasn't exactly courteous to other manufacturers when he gave away what new models were to be announced. Why he think's he commands that kind of respect I don't know!
  20. Hardly hysteria... and has nothing to do with hate! The checking and treble checking was said to of been done months ago now and was ready to go to tooling. Just seems every time there is some other little problem or excuse.
  21. Well you'd think so wouldn't you! Seems like even more bad luck on top of all the previous bad luck with other things.. Or maybe it's a communication problem.. Does seem to be more and more people voicing their reservations which others had said about long ago but got shouted down.
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