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  1. Have you noticed that the targeted advertising from Amazon, eBay , etc. is deeply flawed?


    They don't understand the difference between being interested in the GWR (like me for instance) and general interest in railways. So I keep getting offers for books about the Southern or the LMS, or heaven forbid, BR! (Urgh! :wink_mini:


    It's like sending an Arsenal supporter offers for Man City merchandise!


    I think this is a major failing for modern deep-profiled marketing and it should be sorted out!

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    2. Night Train

      Night Train

      Thats nothing. Spent a few hours on the Triumph forum (motorbikes) and was promptly bombarded with ads for Triumph (lingerie). :wacko:

    3. Harlequin


      And this is a problem because...???



    4. Hroth


      Trying to convince shoulder surfers that you're not actually looking at that sort of site.  Mind you, it might be more acceptable than looking at model railways all day*....  :jester:


      *Or motorbikes for that matter!  I remember that "Back Street Heroes" had a reputation for louche covers. Looking at the website, this months is quite plain, so they must have toned things down a bit...


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