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  1. Hi guys what's the best wat to ballast and paint track john
  2. Hi I confess that I did buy them from a lady that I've seen at exhibitios but I can't recall her name john
  3. A couple of trees this board is really a test piece for ideas and may or may not be used in the final layout .The next board will be the viaduct board and the reason for the name Brick Bridge is that the viaduct will (hopefully) be a brick structure and at the moment I'm not sure if that will be brick papers or if it's possible laser cut John
  4. Coal Tank


    Stunning Ian just stunning john
  5. Hi Tom its static grass John
  6. A little bit more progress this is the first time that I've attempted doing the grass it just needs a few bushes and weeds and possibly a tree john
  7. Some progress on Brick Bridge
  8. Coal Tank


    Hi Ian . Could you tell me how to did the grassed areas I see that you use paper presumably with PVA did you just paint in o r did you cover it in plaster before you painted it . Regards . John
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