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  1. Ian those coaches are stunning, beautifully made John
  2. Hi Nick I used the same process on the Beames Tank that I'm building. Your Pacific is beautiful as are all of your models John
  3. Hi Jim . I'm (hopefully) making this loco as they are a bit of a favourite of mine,plus when I was a boy Triangle used to do one asCKD (completely knocked down) ..It was supplied as a kit of parts it cost 47 shillings &6d if my memory serves me correctly .A loco complete was about £5 which was a lot of money for my parents ,so it was a cheaper way of getting a BIG engine good times I just hope that I have the skills to finish it John
  4. Hi Nick thank you for the tips and encouragement. I wouldn't be able to make the plug for the fire box as I don't have a lathe. My tools are very Very basic. John
  5. A bit more on the Princes boiler .Thenk you to Nigel and Nick for their help in getting this far .The boiler seems to be sitting in place quite well ,I'm putting these photos on just in case either Nigel or Nick see a mistake I have also included the various parts in the photos it's not soldered yet . Additional note. This is the first time when I have put the boiler together with the tubes inside. Again thanks to Nigel and Nick John
  6. Tim Could you possibly tell me why Mr Freezer didn't like the layout John
  7. Very very nice building john
  8. Steps fitted .If it's ok I'll post progress just in case someone notices something that I have missed .The boiler and coal rails aren't fixed yet .Sand boxes splashers and handrails next . john
  9. Superb project, its looking very good indeed John
  10. I'm glad that you said wash basin and not sink. The sink is in the kitchen. John
  11. That really does look very nice indeed John
  12. Hi Nigel Is the coach one of your kits John
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