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  1. Hi, I have been looking at Brick Bridge and getting the track laid on the viaduct. As you will notice it is'nt stuck down yet but gives an impression of what it Will look like. (hopefully)
  2. Hi John Have you any photos of the Prototype that we can see John
  3. Hi Mike The chassis for the Jubilee is from Nigel Hunt of this Parish, you can find his kits on the 2mm association web site. He's a really nice guy and really helpful. Also have you looked ar Nicks video's on the association web site they are a must and so helpful John
  4. Not soldered together yet, my first attempt at the cylinder and slide bars. I have to say that Nicks vids of the Jubilee are really very helpful John
  5. I thought that I would start a separate thread for these. It is my hope to have them at least on their wheels by this time next year. I thought that if I started a thread on them I might Actually apply myself. The princes may be the most difficult as not all of the fittings are available. Lets see what happens John
  6. Hi Nigel Very nice, is it a scaled down Brassmasters kit.
  7. This is really stunning modeling John
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