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  1. Nice photo Jol I also like the one on the cover of MRJ
  2. Nice loco Jeff, are there any photos of your layout John
  3. I did see your coaches at an Expo EM some years ago, I spent most of my day marvelling at your layout.Your coaches are excellent John
  4. Hi Sandy Yes a similar aproach, do the yellow line and draw a line down the Middle of it with a Rotring pen. How are you keeping John
  5. Thanks Jol I am close to ordering a other engine and the Teutonic is very tempting John
  6. Hi Peter I Just followed Jols articicle in MRJ No 52 I think it was. I remember having quite long conversations with him at an exibition a round about then. I had only Just got back into modelling about then. My only claim to fane was that I was asked by a chap at Pendón if I would do a couple of LNWR coaches for them, I felt too embaressed to do it John
  7. Hi Peter Thank you for your comments its very encouraging John
  8. Just out of interest Jol Will the Teutonic be driven on one axle. If so what do you anticipate the hauling power Will be like John
  9. A small break from engines. Two 50ft arc roof coaches, showing the difference between painted and unpainted. I have quite a few coaches to get on with and they are my prefered models to make
  10. There is a video on U Tube on Aylesbury by its new owners. John
  11. Hi Jol Yes im going to try one of the corless motors on the Precursor Tank and if one Will fit on the Lady of the Lake. I still have a Portescap RG4 that I may put in the G 0-8-0 that is also going on at the moment John
  12. Hi Peter Thats a slip coach behind the engine isnt it John
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