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  1. Hi im putting a Cauliflower together at the moment. Its an old modelers World kit. Its under S7 LNWR
  2. The 18 inch goods coupling rods are almost done with the oiling points added, and the ashpan has also been fitted. Adding the ashpan certainly beefs up the appearance of the locomotive
  3. The chassis for the 18inch goods is moving forward with the horn blocks done and the coupling rods jointed. It Actually rolls freely. The coupling rods are the ones supplied with the kit, and are etched. The layers being soldered together and then filed smooth to hide the layers.
  4. Hi Some progress on the 18inch goods, the cab and boiler are Just resting on the frames and some fettling is required. It does resemble and LNWR 18inch Goods John
  5. Hi Mike when Ken Newman did his P4 Wagon wheels they had stainless rims he said use a black market pen
  6. One problem I do seem to have is that if you line the running plate and the wheels up the running plate does"nt reach the buffer beam
  7. Looking more Stockton and Darlington than LNWR, some progress on the 18inch goods
  8. Hi here are a couple of bolsters I made out of plásticard Last year John
  9. The next two have new floors as the one supplied with the kit is I think incorrect John
  10. Its a shame that we cant get finer Wagon wheels
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