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  1. hi, I bet every trainspotter in Germany has these https://www.ebay.de/itm/6x-Franckh-Taschenbuch-Eisenbahn-Lokomotiven-eb201/324036463600?hash=item4b72140bf0:g:yVYAAOSwJStcVLAz books, They are small and handy, (11X15cm) and contain one page for every class with some dates including first and last use. should be easy to get through ebay.de or abebooks.de Michael
  2. I agree it might be best to get a bottle of airbrush cleaner. However, if you want to start immediately, household glass cleaner will most likely be a good alternative. I feel that water is not removing all paint from my airbrush. Michael
  3. Oh my! That means now it will be 0 -- 1 1/4 -- 2 1/2 -- 3 3/4 -- 5 -- 6 1/4 Bad for a continental metric mind. Michael
  4. Ric, I have solder paste that is normally used in the electronic industry. If I am using the paste as it comes, it spatters quite heavily. So I mix the paste with Flux (phosphic acid 25%) to a soft creamy texture. This improves the wetting of the brass and reduces the spattering. I should add that Andy's comment about using the same flux is correct. I am using my method with small amounts of solder paste. I think that the solder will corrode after some time if is is exposed to phosphoric acid. Michael
  5. Very nice, especially the 1turn per mm is great. There are many other tables at ebay mostly with 1.5mm per turn. I have ordered one 5 minutes ago :-) Thanks!!
  6. how much are you willing to pay? the price range starts at 20 GBP and goes up (at least) to 400 GBP Michael
  7. I am looking for a unbuild David Parkins MMP kit "LMS 40 Ton Bogie Trolley - Diag. 6248". Wasn't there one in your pile of unbuilt kits? Shipping to Germany required. All costs covered. Michael
  8. I prefer this one. because it's not connected to the mains. Michael
  9. You may also want to visit the German language forums like https://stummiforum.de/ https://www.h0-modellbahnforum.de/ https://www.eisenbahnmodellbauforum.de/ https://www.drehscheibe-online.de/ which are mainly focussed on H0 or https://forum.spurnull-magazin.de/ https://www.argespur0.de/forum/ for 0 scale. The spurnull-magazin forum has a dedicated English language group, but all other forums have English speaking members that try to help. Michael
  10. Morning, that is because continental railways use Westinghouse pressure operated brakes. All coaches are linked and have their own brakes. It appears as if the Westinghouse system allows higher brake forces, so no extra brake coach is required. It surprised me a lot to learn that every British train actually needed brake coaches. :-) Michael
  11. All correct as well, except the "D" which is a luggage department. In many cases, these letters were combined, so that a BD would have a second class and a luggage compartment. Michael
  12. John, that is all 100% correct. Only one more issue. There were older coaches that were shorter than standard 26m size, most of them pre-war coaches. Examples would be the Eilzugwagen or the Umbauwagen . The Umbauwagen were actually rebuilt prussian coaches. Both types are significantly shorter than more recent coaches, so they were always to scale. Michael
  13. Thanks Phil, very nice movie, but not much injector to see. I am happy to see that they repainted the machine in black. The blue livery was quite strange. I have found a very poor picture of 53808 without tender, where the injector can be seen. This is what the kit injectors look like: Michael
  14. Good evening, can I resurrect this thread please? The kit makes good progress as you can see here, but I am a bit stuck now with the "Davies & Metcalfe No 10 hot water injector". The white metal part that is included in the kit looks quite different from any picture I have seen so far. I couldn't find anything comparable at Laure Griffin. The injector itself is well hidden behind the step backplates, but the tubing is quite prominent. Is there any kind soul that can provide a picture or a drawing of the injector? Michael
  15. hi there, lot of question: You are right GS = Gleichstrom = DC; WS = Wechselstrom = AC; MM is Märklin genuine digital system that was incompatible with DCC. Historically, all DC systems evolved to DCC. I am not familiar with the Märklin digital systems, but wikipedia may help. The coach scales come from the past where most model railways had very tight curves of 400mm or below. As German coaches were 26,4m long (86 foot), it was impossible to build scale length coaches. Gradually, as model railways became more prototypical, the curves became wider and manufacturers started to provide more scale length coaches. Coach colors is a huge thing in German modelling. You may want to take a look at wikipedia to get an idea when different colors came into use. Sorry, German language, google may help. You may also want to see Bundesbahnzeit . They have a lot of pictures of recorded train formations. Modellbahnwiki is a great source to get an idea about what was produced at what time. I have been using that extensively to get an idea if an ebay article was worth the money. If your are in doubt, just send me a message, I might be able to help. Michael
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