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  1. Coming along well, still working on my 318, repainted it several times into SPT but somethings not working right. Practice makes perfect though.
  2. Two of the most recent projects now complete and seen on Greenhill: 320320 now finally has the National Express ScotRail swoosh logos applied whilst 318252 has now been fully repainted into a coarse but acceptable SPT Carmine & Cream livery with all transfers applied, although not exactly realistic in this livery, I’ve decided to keep the unit information on the front of the driving trailers rather than repaint the entire front ends to be realistic, but I’ve dirtied up the fronts and roofs to give a “heavily used” appearance, common on the class in the early 2000s.
  3. Well then, big long break from this thread, was expected tbh due to covid, but back at the workbench again with a long-awaited project and that was to attain an SPT Class 318 for the layout. We changed location at the start of the year as you know to the small Coatbridge suburb of Greenhill with the station being located less than a mile from Coatbridge Sunnyside towards Coatdyke. So at the end of last year, I bought a Bratchell Models Class 318 kit with the intention of putting into SPT livery, but after much consideration and that I had an Orange 318 that I didn’t need, I sacrificed into the SPT livery, I’m quite pleased with how its looking so far, but it’s nowhere near finished, still needs transfers and tidying up, but you get the overall picture. Project 318 is well underway!
  4. Not much going on, to be expected but been once again messing with the camera angles so got some shoots;
  5. The lights now on, shelter installed. So here’s an evening ScotRail crossover in around December 2004 as newly liveried First ScotRail 156465 stops at Westburn Park as SPT 320303 pauses working a Dumbarton Central to Motherwell via Bellshill Sunday only service.
  6. Electrics return to the topic! Westburn Park situated in the eastern suburbs of Cambuslang about 10 miles southeast of Glasgow Central.
  7. A little bit of work has happened shown here as Virgin CrossCountry 43093 “Lady in Red” leads a fully liveried HST set southbound to Plymouth as a pair of Class 320s arrive at Platform 1 with a service to Dalmuir via Glasgow Central Low Level. The new setup gives plenty of scope for running every unit/set that passed through Cambuslang from around 1997 to 2011, and also adding the Class 800 and 390 in Avanti West Coast.
  8. Not a lot has been going on since the last update, to be expected at the moment... though the next thing I aim to do is to finish the EMU fleet this year and buy an 87/DVT for the Virgin Mk3 rake, but with so many tempting releases this year like the Avanti 390 and LNER 800, it might just slip by.
  9. The whole idea is to build the scenery up as I go along. With the likely situation being situated in a fairly industrial and town scene somewhere in Central Scotland.
  10. Big changes have happened to go back to modelling the West Coast Mainline within Strathclyde, also been busy ballasting the scenic section and using the 320s to test, 320303 with the older livery is due to be renumbered as 320318 in the nearish future.
  11. This shot of the 320 shows the installation of the backscene framework, ballasting is due to begin next with the next task of removing all wires to provide clearance to add ballast.
  12. Purchased a second Class 320 in SPT a few weeks ago for £166 on eBay essentially completing the Class 320 lineup on the layout. Today’s the day that the foundations for the backscene will start going in, more to follow later...
  13. I do have a few Class 101s and two 158s, the scenery work should hopefully begin soon, I’ve recently just added a third 320 to the fleet. It’ll come in an update rather soon once a few bits have changed. Would be nice to have a 303.
  14. Recent progress include catenary being fitted to the station scene and new platforms being built. Not long now till the scenic and foliage work start.
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