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  1. Well my model arrived of 58021 in mainline blue, very impressed..... impressed enough to log straight back on to Kernows website and order 58039 in EWS livery... This was waiting for me when i got home from work today, im now sat her looking at my two class 58s feeling very happy. Will certainly consider more from this privatisation era as and when EFE release them, one in trainload triple grey with mainline branding would be nice.
  2. Nothing at all from Hornby if you like class 50s.... I think that Cappagh/DCR class 60 is a must have.
  3. So, i took the plunge and purchased some ARC liveried wagons just before Christmas, now im not usually one to come on forums just to kiss a$$ and tell someone they done well..... but, these are so good not to say something positive about Accurascale, they are my first purchase of Accurascale products and are superb models, i love the wagons, the couplings, the pipe detail.... i was mightily impressed with the style of box they come packaged in, even the box they are posted in had Accurascale printed on them, everything from the time i took delivery of them, unpackaging them, opening the box, p
  4. In the absence of a Dapol class 59 to stick on the front of my newly acquired rake of ARC Accurascale wagons i decided to buy an EFE Class 58 in Mainline blue (58021) via those nice people down in Cambourne (and Guildford) to put on the front. It should arrive today or tomorrow hopefully and im very much looking forward to getting hold of it, if its as good in my hands as it is in the pics i'll have no hesitation in ordering the EWS liveried 58039 to go with it. After that (and off topic) again with no Dapol 59 on the scene i may well take the plunge and purchase a Hattons Freightl
  5. Myself personally.... no i won't go and panic buy Hornby class 59s, i already have plenty of Lima examples, what i will do however is spend my hard earnt cash on Hornby class 60s and Hattons and/or Bachmann class 66s.... The amount of time this model is taking is really starting to take the pi$$, as someone said above, the real ones took less time.
  6. Its been that long that i cant actually remember if i seen the painted examples of the 59s, or if i just seen photos, i must have seen the painted examples i guess as ive gone to Warley every year for the last 3-4 years. Im all settled and living in Marchwood at the moment, and work in Salisbury. Hopefully will see you at the MHR, or those other places i used to see you... i forget what there called...... oh yeah, model railway shows.... remember those? lol
  7. Hi Ian, hope your well. This really is a great layout, the neatness of everything is what blows me away the most, and i'm not just on about the track/layout.... the woodwork, the wiring, shed and all the painting and all the memorabilia on the walls etc..... I do like the cups hanging up on the hooks, it makes it a great environment to want and sit and play trains all day. I noticed your comment about the Dapol 59, I to am becoming increasingly frustrated (ok ok pissed off) with how long its taking to turn up, in anticipation of it arriving I built myself up over time a nice rake of
  8. Can anyone tell me how the Fareham A.R.C trains used to operate/be set up? Would/Did it run with 15 wagons consisting for example an outer at each end of the rake and 13 inners inbetween or would it have ran inners marshaled in the middle of the train. To run something similar to what was real im wondering if i would need three sets of inners/outers or one set of inners/outers and two sets of inners???? Hope that makes sense. Ive tried looking on Youtube to see what the consists looked like but not having much joy, can only find modern video clips.
  9. So where are these wagons???? Surely if they are due to be released this month (which as I type we are dam near half way into), then they should be in a container on a ship somewhere, if not already unloaded and in the country, yet we've heard.... or more to the point, seen nothing, you cant tell me someone at Dapol didn't have the sense to take some pictures of the finished product to get people interested and get sales flowing as soon as they do hit the shelves?? Im finding the silence and lack of news, somewhat annoying and concerning.
  10. Well.... i cant say i had a class 58 on my radar but both the EWS & Mainline blue examples are very tempting, i very much like the weathering on them as well, its not over the top, in fact it barely makes them look dirty at all, but its just enough to take the new/ex works/plasticness look off them. Regarding some of the comments about who produces what, obviously these class 58s (which i'll use as an example) are produced by Heljan in their own factory presumably? Are they then sent to Bachmann or EFE...who ive yet to work out are the same company or not and share factory ware
  11. Sorry if I'm repeating questions already asked but I'm in a position where I'm very tempted by a Hattons 66, specifically one of the Freightliner locos, I have read some of the 170 pages on this thread (I will fess up and say I haven't read all of them, I've not got the time) and I'm aware of the potential issues with the axle boxes which to be fair, with guidance on here I'm pretty confident I could sort out if they become an issue. The same applies if any bits fall off to be honest. What im not confident about rectifying is the electronic side of things, folk have mentioned some
  12. Just thought id add these pics ive taken over the past week, many different types of HOA wagons.
  13. Well this week i had another 4 Mendip Rail liveried JNAs arrive from those nice people down at Camborne... This now takes my rake up to 16 wagons (12 from Camborne, 4 from Guildford), my day job now nearly daily sees me going into Whatley or Torr (Merehead) quarries (sometimes both) im noticing the Touax liveried JNA wagons are increasingly mingled inbetween the silver/grey wagons, that said this week i did notice a full rake of silver/grey JNAs being shunted at Whatley, one of which was one of the wagons numbered by Kernow/Revolution, i was a bit miffed i couldnt grab my phone quick enough to
  14. Has anyone got or seen a video of a loco fitted with the type of smoke generator the Dapol 59 will have? Curious as to how it will look and the effect it will have?
  15. Apologies to Nick for adjusting his photo but in my opinion, as nice as the new livery is, this would have looked better.
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