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    Wonderful Buxton!
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    Making little steam engines, trying to make my first layout (70D) at a very ripe age, Art, Music, my 4 daughters and their offspring, my wife, a deep pool of wisdom and intelligence very scary in a way.
    Modern European History, well any history really, travelling by all forms of transport, motor racing and much more I can't talk about.
    Oh! reading too, discovered the wonderful optimistic SF books of the late Iain M Banks - if only we could become "The Culture" we have wherewithal - just need to focus!

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Fairly ordinary bloke really. Apprentice fitter ex Eastleigh Works and in SR Maintenance depots. Southern House RSD then BRB Derby etc... in fact 50+ years a railwayman. 

Enjoyed being a Dad and since the girls still seem to like me after all these years (oldest is now 46) I guess I did not do too bad a job and I know that I was only half the team!

Found retirement a huge adjustment even though I had prepared for it very carefully. Making little engines (hand-eye coordination + continual problem solving) helps the adjustment but volunteering for the last five years in my local NHS (brilliant institution, how do they do it for the money?) Hospital for a couple or three shifts each week is just fantastic, get so much out of it. I have seen my fellow creatures in all sorts a fixes and have learnt so much. On balance, humanity is wonderful long may we flourish!



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