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  1. Hello All, As I'm starting to get braver delving into DCC modification, I have decided to take on upgrading my Hornby Class 153 (more general post was made in another part of the forum for fitting parts). Part of this upgrade is to fit sound via an ESU Loksound 21pin decoder on an ESU 51968 21pin Adapter board (with booster circuitry) and wiring in existing and extra lighting functions to the AUX functions. As part of my prep for wiring I have check Hornby's standard wiring to the Head/Tail light clusters and it has a common negative for the lighting board.
  2. Thanks for the links Giz, They will certainly be most helpful with the installation, especially once I get my head around LEDs, voltages and resistors Bif, thanks for the response, absolutely I will get in touch with you guys shortly to talk the finer points, just got a few bits to sort with the whole project first to get it prepared before I drop you a line. One quick question you might be able to answer for me if possible, what is the output voltage on the AUX functions of the MKL as I've had a look through the ESU manual and (probably me just m
  3. Hello all, I've had this project on the back burner for a long time and am now feeling ready to start attempting to complete the project. I acquired a Hornby Class 153 in the original Greater Anglia livery scheme and wanted to do *almost* everything I can with DCC operation to the model, lights, sound, etc The model already has directional lighting so that is okay to go but the following is the list of adjustments that I want to make to the model to 'kit it out' : Fit a Loksound V5 (Standard) with LMB soundfile with some custom adjustments / sound sl
  4. I have just taken delivery on the new LMB file on a Plux22 chip and it sounds really good. I note that some of the sounds are CV changeable by the user to give a different sound of the same 'item'. Does anyone know what CVs and Values i'd have to change to try out these other sounds? (using a lokprogrammer.)
  5. Sometimes, you are right that you have to turn the dial quickly for the wheel slip but I find there is a 'sweet' speed of turning the dial to achieve the wheel slip to decent effect.
  6. Yes, all sorted and greatly received the replacement decoder the other week! Many Thanks Charlie
  7. Hi Richard, When you fit the sound decoder to the model, did you have any problems getting the rear fixing screw back in, when i fitted my one with Locoman's D&H decoder, i managed to get the front screw in fine but the rear one won't bite? Cheers Jack
  8. Haven't had the chance yet to try it in another loco, but will probably do so in the next day or so so hopefully i can find out?
  9. After i took this video, I removed the decoder and put it back in a decoder tester and it seemed to work fine again. The only things i can think that might affect it is that the speaker is wired through the board, not direct to the speaker, or that the motor has a resistor fitted to each side / Has had the TV Suppressor's removed.
  10. V4's can use either 4ohm or 8ohm I believe, both work?
  11. I must admit, i thought the exact same at first but i managed to get the same fault when using the loco on a rolling road. As above, I spoke to Ian and he said he had managed to re-write the file, which seemed to sort the problem. He said that he had spoke to Charlie at DC Kits to get a replacement sent out, but that was over a month **BUT** with the current situation that a lot of us find ourselves in, I appreciate that things aren't running as normal at the moment, although have emailed Charlie and Ian to get the latest and try try and not 'loose it in the melee'
  12. Wired to the loco board, as per the old 3.5 install.
  13. A couple of weeks ago, I acquired a 21pin Blank Loksound V4 second hand off a well known auction site, with the intention of reblowing it on my lokprogrammer and installing it into my Class 45 to replace the factory fitted V3.5. After receiving the chip, i tested as a blank chip (basic, minimal stock sounds were already on it to prove it worked) on my lokprogrammer with my decoder tester, and all seemed well and good. I then ordered the sound file from DC kits as an online reblow, loaded it to the chip and tested with the decoder tester and all seemed OK. I
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