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  1. The variant of that story I heard in the eighties was that someone [at Woolwich Arsenal] had wrecked a locomotive [Woolwich mogul I assume] coupling [or connecting] rod [or other valve gear part] and had [been instructed to] milled it away completely to destroy the evidence. (Enough facts for everyone?) After 100 years it would be difficult to confirm but my source would have started in the MOD in the sixties so he may have heard it second or third hand. Articles on Woolwich moguls do say they were relatively expensive and this might be just one reason.
  2. Very sad news. I only met him once when he was building model railways for the Peco exhibition centre in Devon. I always followed his writings and greatly admired his skill and pure artistry.
  3. Until very recently you knew that anyone in choppy waters who had been given the 'full backing' of the PM would soon be reseated on the back benches.
  4. When I was at school our headmaster arranged for Eric Treacy to conduct an anniversary service. I remember that sermon was couched in railway terminology although sadly I cannot recall the finer details - probably something like life's just like a railway journey...
  5. Bombardier Billy Wells surely, accompanied by James Blades.
  6. https://chasewaterstuff.wordpress.com/2011/08/24/bashers-gadgets-and-mourners-the-life-and-times-of-the-lnwr-coal-tanks/ I ordered a copy of this book in the summer and fully recommend it. You get 250+ pages of photographs, drawings, restoration info relating to 1054, anecdotes, service and modification details, lists, modern image (LMS and BR), etc, etc. Very good value for a monograph which represents a real labour of love. I doubt many copies have filtered through to the s/h market yet. There are just too many fascinating railway books being published and I succumb too easil
  7. Who else remembers George Slater of Slater's Plastikard demonstrating on his stand at the old Manchester exhibition? He invariably had a fag going with about an inch and a half of delicately poised ash. It was stated on the bottle that you should never smoke while using the MEK solvent as it would turn into phosgene. Apparently though it didn't do George much harm as he lasted well into his eighties or nineties and his lungs had already taken a beating after being gassed in the Great War. In those days all the model shows were 'atmospheric' (carcinogenic?), very many well-known modellers w
  8. I think this little film might appeal to the denizens of CA in particular. I can think of two or three folk for certain. They possibly know about it but it was a bit of a discovery for me and I found it very interesting. https://screenarchive.brighton.ac.uk/detail/7039/
  9. Surely there's absolutely no reason why DJT cannot run again in 2024 if he so wishes.
  10. The canopy bracket looks as though this car was manufactured by the British Electric Car Company. My copy of is not to hand but from memory they buit cars for the Portsdown and Horndean Light Railway (one saloon survived from this system and has been incorporated into a rebuilt tram http://www.britishtramsonline.co.uk/news/?p=29313) and Huddersfield Corporation amongst others. Price wrote that BEC were not in the first league for build quality at a time when tramways were expanding everywhere. Well seasoned timber was at a premium, just think how much the railways used in their rollin
  11. So were ours. Of a similar vintage our tortoises were called Twiss and Bannister.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-54780274 PB in the news today.
  13. I bought a new copy many years ago when they were being remaindered and it was only when I got it home that I realised that a batch of pages were completely blank. I hope yours is complete. There are conflicting forces at work here, D&C of this era were pretty good but OS Nock needed a good editor but didn't always get one.
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