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  1. 158 on the Lymington branch in 2017 and more colourful times......
  2. And a Pacer hiding somewhere near Grosmont in the Esk Valley.....
  3. TPE 185 in the Hope Valley near Edale, June 2019:
  4. Turbostar northbound across Culloden. Gradient off the viaduct is apparent here - Culloden is a break in the overall descent from Slochd, after it has headed off the picture the unit will continue the plunge back down into Inverness.
  5. On the theme of 195's, this is one crossing the Arnside viaduct on a Barrow-Preston service, August 2019.
  6. Agree entirely, this an odd anomaly in the model railway business. Whilst I think most of us probably model workaday subjects there is an abundance of incredibly niche (albeit wonderfully reproduced) models either planned or in production - Blue Pullmans, APTs, Prototype HST(?!!) and the like....given the means I would love to start a model production company specialising in the mundane. Hopefully demographics play a part and those of us who fondly remember the 'BR Blue' era will be rewarded with models of all those DMUs in due course. Good to see the MK2Fs with a definite date though, having seen samples of these at a show they are sorely tempting me back to 'N' gauge for a little project.
  7. I got some really nice sound into a 31 (since donated to a friend) a couple of years back by installing a single Zimo ‘Dumbo’ speaker, having first removed the fan assembly, which is a gimmick anyway. Just two speaker wires to solder to the decoder and I really like the clarity from the ‘Dumbos’. There was an article in the April 2018 Hornby mag with a blow-by-blow account of how to do this in a ‘56’, which is virtually the same inside except it has a double fan so they fitted a double Dumbo in that one.
  8. That’s the one, thank-you
  9. Seem to remember a thread a while back about the availability of these but can't track it down - I've recently developed the taste for a spot of shunting and am looking for something simple to fit (to bogie stock, coaches vans etc) on a plank I'm developing. Does anyone know if there's a retailer/website/individual who still makes the parts for the Lincs couplers and how one might get in touch? Thanks
  10. Ah, that's really useful thank-you. Have to say I do like the flexibility of all the lighting options/combinations. Now just got to see if that 156 is coming my way. Or maybe order one of my own.....
  11. There's company called 'Protex Fasteners' who do all manner of toggle catches in all different shapes and sizes from very small to heavy duty. I've used some of their smaller ones to join a couple of boards, best thing was they are black in colour so blend in nicely with the dark colour of the layout fascia. This is the link to their toggle catch page: https://www.protex.com/toggle-latches
  12. Am I right in saying you've managed to re-create the Main/Branch theatre box indicator at the north end of Crianlarich station? Looks really good, were these bought from somewhere or scratch-built? I've been looking for something similar but have only found theatre boxes attached to multi-aspect signals and not the single yellow as on the WHL.
  13. That's really interesting, thanks David.
  14. Just spent a very pleasant half hour reading through this thread - my family are from this part of the world and many of them worked on the railway so the West Highland Lines are in my blood as it were. This is masterful stuff - despite your backscene's Irish origins it really evokes the Lochaber area and I love the way it is cleverly blended in with the rest of the layout. I too treated myself to SLW's 24009 a couple of months back and despite the fact that my own layout is little more than a plank at the moment (but will eventually become somewhere near Morar) it's already given me hours of fun - my first loco since starting afresh in the hobby but convinces me of there fact it's worth saving the pennies and only having the best, here's hoping Accurascale's '37's make the grade.... Something else that stands out is the very subtle weathering on your locos and MK1 coaches, this is something that is so often overdone, could I ask how you achieved this?
  15. That's good news re the pre-fitted speakers....has anyone used these with Zimo sound chips though? I normally use projects from YouChoos or Digitrains, I find their range of functions far more useful - the actual engine sounds from the factory-fit 156s sound really good on videos I've seen but I find the functions as listed on the Realtrack website/DC Kits somewhat bizarre (e.g. toilet pipe(?!) and three functions dedicated to passenger announcements), no facility for sound fade-in/out etc.
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