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  1. HI Dan, no worries, sent you a message
  2. Hi everyone, having a bit of a DVD clearout, can send these two to anyone in UK who's interested - 47 cabride from Portsmouth to Reading and various Deltic scenes mainly from the '70s. Would rather keep them as a pair since I only have one spare envelope! Andy
  3. I bought a Piko Smartcontrol system several years back when it was first introduced. The interface is lovely, by far the best I tried with its combination of a high quality (and very smooth) control knob and touchscreen access for dcc functions, perfect for actually watching your trains as opposed to having your eyes glued to a speed display/functions. The smart-box is a very compact command station to boot. But mine is temperamental. Wasn't so bad the first couple of years but lately the handset in particular is prone to either freezing up or being very slow to respond to butto
  4. Freightliner '70' easing its way down to Saltburn from Boulby a few days ago.
  5. Hi Paul, just discovered this topic - all my sound locos have the Digitrains Active Drive files and I have a DMU that is next up for treatment....do you know when your updated project will be available? Many thanks
  6. Pretty sure all the Mk2Fs ran on B4s - as I understand it B5s were similar but 'beefed up' a bit and used mainly under Southern Region EMUs
  7. You can get even closer if you use this technique I pinched from somewhere on the internet of snipping the protruding part from a Rapido and attaching a little magnet to the flat face of one coupler and a little piece of paperclip (or something else magnetic) to the other, I'll post the link if I manage to find it (also works really well with Farish DMUs which don't have the close coupling cam). Will still easily do radius 3 but of course this method is 'handed'. All in all a superb model and the lack of a body-mounted coupler is no downside at all as I see it, may even make things simpl
  8. Well I bought a couple of these and have been experimenting a bit - I had a spare pack of the Hunt HST couplings so attached the ones meant for the Mk3s (the shorter ones), handy because of course they're double pole. These couple quite closely and will easily navigate a peco radius 3 curve as shown. Looks like they could probably just about manage second radius or if you kept to third radius an even shorter Hunt coupling would do the job, assuming there is one.
  9. And at the other end of the country a Turbostar nearing the end of its climb to Slochd summit:
  10. Love the way this line winds its way through nature.....
  11. Perhaps more 'Trains in the Trees' but I love to photograph the Dean Forest Railway, these are from last autumn:
  12. Ah, that's good to know, thanks Alan.
  13. Hi - may be a daft question but I picked up a couple of these 101s last year and have started to weather/detail them. They're one of my favourite models with superb detail and run really well, only thing is the brass strips (just above the bogies on this photo) are a little prominent - has anyone tried applying a little black paint to these and if so did it affect the running qualities? I've noticed the lights on the dummy can be a little flickery (on DCC with sound) though bending the little brass contacts on top of the bogies so they were a little more vertical seems to have helped.
  14. There's something about this part of the world that lends itself to train-less photos - this just outside Helmsdale:
  15. 158 on the Lymington branch in 2017 and more colourful times......
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