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  1. I think you are confusion brushless motors with coreless motors. DCC decoders cannot drive brushless motors.
  2. I thought Daisy was a Class 101? That class 108 was a regular on the Cumbrian Coast in the late 80's and then when Kingmoor Diesel closed it moved to Heaton and was seen on Tyneside until withdrawn in 1988 or 89 IIRC.
  3. Because you've had good results using tamiya acrylics through your airbrush (i like them too) is there any reason why you didn't use tamiya acylic flat clear base over the paint?
  4. Branchlines also do an etched chassis kit complete with motor, gears and wheels that fits the Bachmann/Mainline 03 body and also the Dapol (ex-Airfix) Class 04.
  5. None of those are options I'm afraid... It seems like there are no manufacturers offering the plates in a black finish as they were fitted to the 86 and if there were they would surely offer the plates in red to suit the 73 too! The method for changing the colour by painting and wiping off wouldn't work as the full size plates weren't cast in relief. Had a look at Narrow Planet. Unfortunately their terminology is misleading. They don't do "custom" plates per se, they offer a range of plates of standard design that can have custom numbers applied, so no good. Thanks for the suggstions, I think I'll just ask Fox to make a set and cringe when the bill arrives.
  6. Hi all Would anyone be able to suggest a source where I could get a set of 4mm scale etched nameplates for 73138 "Post Haste" please? I have looked at Shawplan, Modelmaster and Fox without success. I realise that Fox offer a custom service (OK, not cheap but perhaps worthwhile if no other sources). I know this name was carried by a Class 86 and later a Class 67, but I know that the style of plates on both are definitely different and thus no use to me. Any pointers gratefully accepted thanks!
  7. Another model from Accurascale that perfectly fits my chosen area and timescale of modelling. Nothing for it but to order a pack then! Well done yet again chaps, good choice.
  8. I've ordered a sealed beam 45/1 from the initial batch and I would like a sealed beam 46 to be produced next.
  9. I did read it thanks and I wasn't criticising his work, just asking if he was aware some small details were wrong. If you read all of my post instead of the bit you selectively quoted you will see I praised the OPs work with rattle cans, so climb down from your noble steed.
  10. Would you be massively disappointed if I pointed out that the bodyside steps and boiler filler hatch etc should have been plated over on your 31 body? Plus the exhaust ports face the wrong way for an EE re-engined 31? And the bodyside horizontal beading should have been pared off? Nice job on the painting, especially from a rattle can. Not sure I could do that with a can!
  11. Glad you are sorted... Do you not consider it slightly odd that the manufacturer doesn't hold spares?
  12. Just to clarify that Cawoods traffic from Blyth originated from Lynemouth Colliery. The working then tripped to "Blyth West Yard Reception Sidings" (I think) next to the staithes and Blyth Power Station.
  13. I used a car tyre many years ago. I now have a large compressor with air tank and a small comp with no tank. A car tyre is not a convenient or consistent source of air for spraying in my experience. If you use a tyre think how you will refill it!?
  14. We're in danger of veering into an off topic ditch here, but having shown the differing variants of the PFA tooling, maybe they would be prepared to tool up for a 37/6 and a 37/4...
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