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  1. Another excellent choice of subject that fills a gap in the market with a (no doubt) quality product. Follows on from the HUO, PFA, PTA in that respect.
  2. Well, it was lucky that they left the North East as passenger numbers seem too healthy for single car units!
  3. Isn't it strange that Class 153s arrived on the Tyne valley after class 156s and yet they didn't stay long. Hopefully that is reflection of passenger numbers being too high for the 153s to cope with.
  4. I still love the variety in traction and trains you used to get at Carlisle...Looking at pics like David's is the closest we will get to those days sadly!
  5. Nice selection of pics from Newcastle Central while it was being remodelled, including a period reference poster for Chris Rea's Road to Hell album in J11868!
  6. I got the same message re delivery date when I ordered a couple of weeks ago!
  7. As your pics show David, Carlisle used to be a fantastic place to watch trains not so very long ago. The variety and non-stop action, plus the very different architecture compared with more familiar NER surroundings. My most recent visits were semi-regularly pre-covid to get there on the first train from Newcastle on a Saturday morning ready for the Leeds train and a days walking near the S&C. Still an atmospheric place, but less interest on the traction front!
  8. In plastic aircraft modelling circles it is common to leave yellowed transfers on a sunny windowsill all day. The sun bleaches out the yellowing. Worth a try to recover the Fox transfers?
  9. I would certainly still be interested in the ICI bogie hopper parts as originally mentioned, plus the paints. Courier costs for paint are an unavoidable thing these days, so the charge mentioned would not deter me.
  10. I think more accurately it isn't Weardale shed. It is Wolsingham gun barrel shed which happens to be in Weardale.
  11. The Shawplan etches are designed in the expectation that you cut away the existing plastic window pillars in the loco body completely. It's not so risky doing this cutting as you are removing material completely from under the area where the replacement etch will go!
  12. And yet Hatton's delivery update was spot-on with my pre-order for a Heljan Class 25. So perhaps no news is because there is no news?
  13. Theres a post up thread on 19 March. Hattons have moved their expected delivery date to between April and June.
  14. No 150s. Mainly 156 with some 158s on services that run through to Carlisle from my infrequent observations.
  15. Morpeth main station building has been extensively refurbished as it was very tired and some (most) of the rooms were inaccessible. I think the plan is to open some of them for retail (coffee anyone?) but of course lockdown measures have put the brake on this for now.
  16. The adjacent Station Hotel at Newburn still had a working Gin Gan or Horse engine in it's back yard in the 80s even after the Iron Horse had gone. I can remember being taken to see it when I was young.
  17. Hi David Nostalgic pics as always. The last pic of the level crossing at Newburn is interesting. I reckon there isn't a single trace of any of the things in the picture left there now.
  18. Lovely to see a 25 in prototypical surroundings. Great stuff.
  19. I enjoyed your pictures from Penrith the other day David. I remember spending a couple of hours on the station in the early 90s as a kid while visiting relatives. Your pics brought back memories of the look of the station and the liveries on the stock. One thing I also recall is that there was a barrow crossing with "train approaching" lights that was usable by the public. Quite a thrill to do that after watching a few expresses storm through...
  20. There was someone a few pages ago who on the strength of a photo of the model was threatening to return his on-order model to his retailer as it was not a perfect miniature representation of the real thing in every way. Makes you wonder if he actually owns any model trains at all as every single model will have some compromises made in order to be manufactured at all as well as making a profit for the manufacturer. It was an incredible statement which the poster repeated several times until told to pipe down by the Guvnor.
  21. Very familiar with that view. I work about 200m away from where you took that pic!
  22. David Your pic from Saturday ref C5272 is interesting to compare with the view today. There is a pit heap in your pic, which I think may be from Choppington Colliery. It has now been levelled in common with many other heaps, changing the landscape.
  23. Hi David Your pic J13311 is an especially happy reminder of when there were mixed freights running on the Tyne Valley line. Happy days...
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