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  1. OO gauge. Think I may go for the Realtrack FLA twin packs instead as they come with containers
  2. Hi, I'm thinking of getting some of Dapol FEA-B Spine wagons (code 4F-044-005) and was wondering which containers would fit these or do they have to be the Dapol ones? Thanks Chris
  3. Now saying 1000 will be made
  4. Good points about the other people involved - massive credit to them too
  5. Just wanted to say what superb service from Model Railways Direct. Ordered yesterday and delivered today. That is impressive considering these manic times.
  6. Thanks for the sketch, definitely food for thought. A lot of thinking and replanning to do. Chris
  7. Thanks for all the replies and feedback and plenty of useful suggestions. I was thinking of 4 loops to give plenty of train running and was trying to get as large radius curves as I could. May well rethink this now and aim for 2 to get better curves and could always look to add a third loop. As for area of the country, nothing specific but loosely based mIdlands to north (Stoke, Manchester) and so the 2 lines would suit this. Layout is edge of the loft with some access to the other side of the long sides with some contortionist moves. I did make a start with a smalle
  8. I am planning my first layout and would welcome any comments and suggestions on my plan below. Layout will be in the loft and is 7.7m long by 3.4m. Width of baseboard down the long side is 1m. End sections width 93cm. Light green/yellow section has the baseboard lower than the other 3 sides. Red section of track won't be used but is to make it look like the junction is going somewhere. OO gauge and era is modern circa 2000. I have extended the base on the fiddle yard now so have room for more storage but not got around to adding it to the plan yet. Idea is that 2
  9. Thanks Richard. Just tried it and can also confirm it works. John - out off interest I will also try your suggestion and let you know. Thanks for all your help with this. Chris
  10. A couple of things for me to try tomorrow. Thanks for your suggestions, will let you know how I get on. chris
  11. Rick, Yes the green LED stays on regardless of the point position. I have tried the trigger on both D & E and just green. Here are the PM1 wiring and the signal diagrams, if they are of use. Chris
  12. Although the prototype separate circuit works, I have now connected to the control panel and only green is lit. A trigger from the Seep point motor doesn't seem to work. Based on diagram below I was thinking the output from D on Seep PM1 would be input to the diode? D currently triggers the correct indication LED and signal representation LED on the control panel but the actual signal is staying green. I'm thinking this is because the signal from D is positive and trigger to the diode needs to be negative? Any ideas? Chris
  13. Success. Used 3 x S9014 transistors and green light lit. Triggered diode and green out, red lit :-) Thanks Rick for your help with this Chris
  14. Have ordered a mixed set of transistors from Amazon, coming tomorrow so will try again using S9014 and see how I get on
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