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  1. I'll stick with the earlier suggestions: A/S Black 5, 8F and Class 40 !! Al.
  2. Just because 'that other manufacturer's capacitor' is visible, doesn't mean that works either ... Al.
  3. I was just wondering the same thing. This depleted Uranium alternative must have limited applications! Is it only the 55, or will it be the 37 (40) 92 as well? Al.
  4. Hi Fran, I only run DC, but I believe this function is working on DC as well? If YES, what if you are slowing for a station, and encounter a 'dead spot' - does it overshoot the platform? Al.
  5. atom3624

    New hst

    So was the SK comment just a red herring, or is there another manufacturer about to release a HST in OO scale? Al.
  6. Don't know what to say - that's a full-on heavyweight - the momentum at that 55" beggers normal OO-scale belief! What have you used, depleted Uranium? !! What did you scrimp on? A little short of 1kg !! Al.
  7. I know, getting a bit slack! It did look more than a scale 120mph. Perhaps I'll do it 'Sam style' over a flying 3 inches ... It "did well over the ...." Al.
  8. Thanks Fran. That does correspond with some of the stories of former drivers of the Deltics, earlier in this thread, so well done. It certainly looked impressive!! I doubt the 4th radius curves I use will handle that, with it's mass - still ~650g? (you'd said you were dropping down from the original target of ~700+) Having had experience of higher revving motors using 'dogbones' in R/C, are the driveshafts metal, C/Fibre or still plastic? It's easy to for me to comment, and often manufacturers prefer a 'sacrificially weak' area to avoid more expensive parts being affected. In this case, if you reinforced the driveshafts and outdrives / cups, you would transfer the potential excessive loading onto the motor itself. Sorry, I waffled. I was impressed with the speed - possibly exaggerated a little by the scenery. Al.
  9. Judder? Pickups clean? Is there a near-broken wire? Is the quartering OK? Are any of the coupling rod screws loosened / unscrewed? Just a few ideas. Al.
  10. Somebody brought up the teenage 'wonder what it'll pull' topic on the Hornby forum, so I thought I'd see what a couple of relative tiddlers would do on my 'temporary' track, in the garage. It's decent-sized, and most curves are set-track 4th radius. Trying to speed match was the most difficult, so ended up with a J15 and a Hornby 08. I was quite impressed! There was some tension between the J15 and the 08, so the latter wasn't (quite) doing all of the work ... Al.
  11. That does make sense, and glad that it's been modelled correctly. Al.
  12. Why is the centre wheel weight effectively precisely where it normally shouldn't be? Al.
  13. Understood with the polystyrene and the 4-pin. I still disconnect - carefully - when replacing and keep the separator. Generally, if no lining remains, I'll use soft tissue to replace it. I always place the detailing, and again always have to cut away various areas of polystyrene as its moulded to tightly hold the locomotive without the cylinder drains, etc. I could not fit this detailing, but it would be rude not to fit as much as practically possible - often the front steps cannot be placed, for example. Al.
  14. Loving this discussion. I live with tHoG tbh. Here's a little twist for you ... The idea's a lovely one by A/S, but by linking 2 3-links together, does that make them 6-link coupled? Al.
  15. I was thinking that too - excellent job on the weathering. Al.
  16. That probably also had a satin black bonnet as well - nice colour combo! As a pre-teenager at the time, must admit I liked the purple 1600E's as well. 3-litre GXL Capri was quite a big seller and sounded great ... until a Jensen blasted past! Back to Deltics, are any actually still available? Al.
  17. I suppose that's always a compromise. Some may complain the numbers are actually fading off, others that they're too difficult to remove without body paint damage. Interesting depth of research there. Al.
  18. I also notice that one of the 9016 printed numbers is wearing off .... A well-handled locomotive indeed!! Al.
  19. Absolutely superb!! Tempted to get another now, but family will disown me! Is this control panel lighting going to be a common feature on all 'modern image' locomotives or just the Deltic? Al.
  20. If they made a 47, I'd expect the large louvres in the roof to open when higher throttle settings applied! Loving that lit dials detailing - present on normal DC operation? Al.
  21. It's nice that Bachmann waived this 'right to refuse'. I purchased a Dapol Western perhaps 18 months ago, and the PCB failed when on light trials. The Dapol agents flat refused a replacement PCB as I had purchased from a not-directly-registered-with-them major Ebay seller. The seller had no problems refunding me, very nice, but said they would simply 'break for parts' - which is a sad loss which could have been avoided had the agents agreed to repair. Pity. Not posted as a rant, just as an example of what can happen. Al.
  22. Not incorrect, but for now, setting the standard, apparently ...
  23. I'm just wondering what an AccuraScale rebuilt Merchant Navy would be like ... just a thought! Hornby's is excellent, but falling behind the times ... Al.
  24. I've one 33, 35, 52 and 58. All are very powerful, smooth performers, capable of hauling very decent loads where required and if necessary with a decent turn of speed. Detailing can be a little fiddly to attach, but that aside, all are very impressive. Al.
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