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  1. I'm trying to imagine what a A/Scale interpretation of a Peppercorn A1 (Tornado included) and A2 (Blue Peter) would be like ... but wrong thread anyway. I've always liked 'the A1A' as I've always called them since my first when perhaps 10 years old - D5572 I think. Endless fun pulling it apart and reassembling it - no idea why, I suppose simply 'because I could' !! Al.
  2. They're talking about removing VAR from Premier League footy matches as well!! Technological advances are not always, erm, that .... !! Al.
  3. Pin drive and a little bit of shaped appropriate-sized wire work wonders .... or is the reservoir missing as well? Al.
  4. That's just it, with the latest motive power we have nearly twice the power, and the sheds are relatively quiet even at full bore! Impressive but some 'character' (and disturbance / ambience) lost. Al.
  5. Thought you were going to say you'd never had an Essie or Metro !!
  6. When I pre-ordered my Evening Star shed it insisted on payment. I had no intention of not receiving and fortunately had funds available, so completed my order - not long for this one now - yippee!! Glitches happen - just ask the Post Office!! (sorry!) Al.
  7. I thought these were potentially going to overtake the Class 66 delivery, some people reminding that they won't necessarily be using the same factory for everything? !! For me, it's not a problem, honest guv!! It's looking like it'll be yet another Accurascale masterpiece!! Al.
  8. I've not seen any mention of 'all wheel pickups', which would be necessary for such a short WB locomotive. Is it just the drivers, or all wheels? Al.
  9. Same era or same size? Size could mean ..... THE CLASS 40 !! Al.
  10. Black 5 - only Hornby with several versions - and the old Keyser kit. S15/N15 - only Hornby, but both are pretty decent models from my experience. Hall - both Hornby and Bachmann - Hornby's runs nicer, Bachmann's looks nicer (paint finish). B1 - both Hornby and Bachmann. Bachmann's is old but looks quite good, Hornby's is newer. 5MT - only Bachmann, and it's quite old. Those are typical GP 4-6-0 'steamies' as I know them. Al.
  11. I believe there was mention to prepare crews for all new locomotives coming out. I've not seen an update on this since, so good question - Fran, McC please advise. Al.
  12. It appears there may be room for a modern detail, Accurascale-style, reliable Black 5 to go with the 8F request. This is everybody's favourite as a 'general purpose' locomotive. If not wanting to go there, then even British Standard 4MT / 5MT tender models would be interesting - the present ones are 'good / average' and definitely in need of a serious upgrade. Al.
  13. There appears a slight GWR bias in the steam locomotives - apart from the industrials of course. How about 'Heritage Specials' - preserved locomotives still steaming on the rails? OK, these are reasonably well covered by others. 2 I'd love to see to a high standard are the recently re-introduced / on trials 60532 Blue Peter Peppercorn A2 (Bachmann's looks very decent I admit and goes quite well - mine does anyway) and 71k DoG BR 8P - an average-good model produced by Hornby which can surely be easily bettered. I stay with my original 'requests' of course: Parallel Royal Scot. Jubilee - several guises available. 8F - game for a 'powerful, quality' model. Class 40. Ones not done - fascinating to some, relevant perhaps to others, probably not to many. Bressingham's own 'Thundersley' atlantic tank is a nice one for consideration. If you stay on the GWR front, then 4-6-0 Halls and Counties are worthy. Hornby make a good stab at the Castles and Kings, even if they're a little over-geared! Al.
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