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  1. Incase it’s been missed, (the CDA has its own thread), we’re delighted to be taking pre orders for the CDA packs now on the same links as before. Running numbers to be announced soon too!
  2. We’re very excited to see these! Just to make things clear: For ALL the HAAs and CDAs (and any variants!) we will have different running numbers to Trains4U. We will both produce the same quantity of wagons (except blue cradle HAA) That means, for example, with our two double packs of the CDA, along with Trains4U’s two packs, you’ll be able to purchase 8 different running numbers of ECC livery. With the product codes, “K” is for KMS while “T” is for T4U. The following number in brackets is a sequential number such as (2). xxx K(2) is the same livery as xxx
  3. Thanks for the support Mark. We look forward to seeing your order and hopefully some images of the rake when they arrive! Sorry we can’t help in the decision making on which rake. Did you say your new fiddle yard would take two rakes? :-D on a side note, we have plenty of track in stock! ;-)
  4. Thanks for this. Of course you can do this by standing order. We're also looking to add a post payment 0% system - we're evaluating the different suppliers for this at the moment.
  5. We have plenty in stock! In both 4 and 7mm too :-)
  6. Thanks - we're very excited too! We will give an update on the CDAs very soon in its own thread, but we'll of course add the info here as a heads up!
  7. I would just like to echo these words on behalf of KMS Railtech. We have been working on this project for quite some time along with Cavalex. We are delighted to be working in conjunction with Trains4U, and decided to operate the same pre order form as them in the interests of continuity for customers wishing to order from both Trains4U and ourselves. We also decided that we would operate a no deposit system for pre orders on this project, and will do so wherever possible on other projects. We have invested significant funds into the project and it will be seen to compl
  8. Come on in, it’s nice and cozy. The fire is on. There’s plenty of food and drink... how many 73s would you like sir?
  9. We couldn't agree more about the MK5 and 73! There will be some 16 coach rakes being hauled by 73s on our layouts with no OHLE The EOI is going very well so far. So hopefully the EOI stage won't be too long before we can move to a pre order system. We would imagine that this stage will be for a little longer than the EOI.
  10. Thanks Danny. Of course, you will be able to change which ones you order at the time. It is not a crowdfunding project where you will only get the item you ordered, we will try to have some for stock also. However, it is also important that pre-orders are made for those that are committed as without these, it is unlikely that the project will go ahead. With regards numbers, we are a little away from that yet. It is possible that we do more than two numbers too depending on demand!
  11. Hi Danny, thanks for your interest in the 73/9! You do not "have" to fill in the EIO form, however we will use this to decide whether to ahead or not. If we do go ahead, we will use the information your provide to let you know the project is to progress allowing you plenty of time to place an order. We are not 100% sure on the deposits for this model yet. Where possible we are trying to offer exclusives with no deposit however the investment required for a run of locomotives this big will most likely require some sort of commitment - obviously we will keep this to a min
  12. KMS EXCLUSIVE OO Gauge Class 73/9 KMS Railtech are delighted to announce that we are in talks with Accurascale to produce the Class 73/9 locomotive in 4mm OO Gauge We are currently in the initial stages of the project and at this point are encouraging expressions of interest. If there is sufficient demand we would open up the project for pre-orders and delivery of the model would be expected 18 months later. Pricing is expected to be £179.99 for DCC Ready and £269.99 for DCC Sound We are looking to initially provide two running numbe
  13. The two ‘First’ branded packs would have run together. There were only two stag MK3s painted so in theory you only need one pack, however personally I have a 16 coach rake in 4mm because that’s what ‘should’ have happened! The stags go with the un branded pair and you could have up to 5 packs with the stag to make 12 sleepers (plus 4 mk2). However, in theory at least there would have been a crossover of branded and unbranded with the stag. There was only one gold stripe and one ’no stripe’ coach too, so you could go I stag and one gold/no stripe pack, and two un
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