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  1. The two ‘First’ branded packs would have run together. There were only two stag MK3s painted so in theory you only need one pack, however personally I have a 16 coach rake in 4mm because that’s what ‘should’ have happened! The stags go with the un branded pair and you could have up to 5 packs with the stag to make 12 sleepers (plus 4 mk2). However, in theory at least there would have been a crossover of branded and unbranded with the stag. There was only one gold stripe and one ’no stripe’ coach too, so you could go I stag and one gold/no stripe pack, and two unbranded and two branded white stripes to give the twelve sleepers. these run from Glasgow/Edinburgh to London and back. alternately, you can run as little as one twin pack with 2 mk2s. For example the Aberdeen portion sometime has two sleepers, sometimes 4. Inverness and Fort William are (I believe) the same. This is just my own experience though, I’m sure there are more knowledgeable people on the subject! Mike
  2. Don’t forget: #4028 GBRF ‘Defiance’ #4031 GBRF ‘Hercules’ Exclusive from KMS Railtech
  3. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND – NEW BATCH OF O GAUGE CLASS 50s REVEALED After the phenomenal response to our first release of O gauge Class 50s in late-2019, we have received many requests to produce more models in the most popular liveries. With all versions long since sold out at the warehouse and the most sought-after liveries snapped up quickly by ‘50’ fans, we are delighted to unveil a second batch of these cult classic English Electric Type 4s. In response to feedback from customers, we are producing further quantities of the refurbished BR blue and standard large logo blue locomotives (with grey roof), but we are also adding the much-requested large logo variation with a black roof, as applied to some of the most popular members of the class in the 1980s. Completing a trio of large logo ‘Vacs’ will be fully numbered, named and weathered 50036 Victorious in final condition with red bufferbeams and NSE flashes. We will also fill a gap in the Network SouthEast story with a model in the early light blue variant of revised NSE livery. We will also cater for the departmental scene with a fully numbered, named and heavily weathered model of DCWA pool stalwart 50019 Ramillies in ‘Laira blue’ with grey roof and cabside numbers. Finally, following the success of our GB Railfreight ‘50’, our friends at KMS Railtech have commissioned a rerun of 50049 Defiance in its current livery and, for the first time, GBRf 50007 Hercules in its current split identity guise (numbered on one side as 50014 Warspite). For further information on these two exclusive editions, please see www.kmsrailtech.co.uk All models will have the same technical specification as the first batch of Class 50s and suggested retail price (SRP) has been held at £699.00 for pristine locomotives (factory weathered models £729.00). Delivery is expected in mid-2021. All versions are being produced in limited quantities so early ordering is recommended to avoid disappointment Contact your local Heljan stockists now to reserve yours! O Gauge Class 50 Batch 2 – General Release Models #4020 BR blue (refurbished) #4021 BR Large Logo Blue (grey roof) #4029 BR Large Logo Blue (black roof) #4030 BR Large Logo Blue 50036 Victorious WEATHERED #4032 Revised Network SouthEast light blue #4033 Departmental blue 50019 Ramillies WEATHERED #4029 BR Large Logo Blue (black roof) Exclusive to KMS Railtech: #4028 GBRf 50049 'Defiant' (x25) #4031 GBRf 50007 'Hercules' (x50) #4028/4031 Twin Pack 50049/50007 (x25) All of these models are available to pre-order now on our website HERE We have also setup a Facebook Group for all our Exclusives in 7mm which you can find HERE
  4. PROJECT UPDATE The response to our collaboration with Heljan to produce a 47/7 in 7mm has been very positive. Unfortunately the tight timeline to make Heljan’s production run made it difficult to secure enough pre-orders to allow us to go ahead with the project at this time. Sadly this means we have had to postpone the project. However, all is not lost. Because we now have a little more time to prepare for this model, we are looking at producing other long range variants at the same time. We have started to issue refunds to those who pre-ordered online, as we now know this model will not be produced at the start of 2021 as we had hoped. In the meantime, we ask that any modellers interested in the 47/7 project complete our expression of interest form which can be found on our website or HERE Again, we’d like to thank the community for their support so far on this project and we look forward to announcing some other very exciting updates soon!
  5. Totally unbiased opinion? do it! :-) you can always have a north and south bound rake!
  6. Good evening all. we’d like to thank everyone who’s placed a pre order so far. The good news is you’ve all guaranteed yourself the sets you want when they arrive in around September time! For those that haven’t ordered yet and are hoping to just purchase when they arrive, these are proving very popular and we expect them to be nearly sold out by the time they arrive! We suggest you pre order now to avoid any disappointment. It’s only a 10% deposit, so not a huge outlay, but will guarantee you a set!
  7. Not yet no, as we’re trying to see what the interest is before we commit a significant amount of money (think mortgage) into a new tooling! however it will be a new tooling by Heljan, so it will be of their usual standard. we will of course provide cad and sample photos along the way.
  8. 47/7 for those following this thread we thought we should post here too. we are looking to add the 47/7 lineup to the next Heljan 47 batch due to go into production at the end of the year. This leaves us with very little time to commit, so we’re looking for serious pre orders in the next week so we can decide whether to do the run. It’s a significant up front outlay for us as to do this variant properly, we need to retool a new body to accept the TDM cables and the Long Range tanks will also be new. The good news is this would then open up further along Range models later too. As mentioned, we don’t have long to decide as CAD would need to start very soon on this, however, it’s not a crowdfund project. The run will be produced with the rest of the Heljan models and should be on your layout at the start of the year. It’s not the usual two or three years away! if you’re interested please let us know ASAP. We know some of you don’t like the deposit model, but with this model we will only produce it if the interest is there, and we’ll only produce the required quantity. you can pre order on our website here If you'd really rather not pay a deposit, please register your interest here - but please remember we will not produce this model unless we can guarantee enough order by means of pre order.
  9. KMS EXCLUSIVE O Gauge Class 47/7 KMS Railtech are delighted to announce that we are looking for expressions of interest for a new tooling Class 47/7 in 7mm. This model would go into production around the end of 2020 along with Heljan’s already announced run of Class 47s. Image for illustration only Heljan will be retooling the new 47 with all necessary modifications to produce the 47/7. We are proposing the following liveries: Large Logo (47712 only) ScotRail Blue Stripe Network South East RES This new tooling combination would allow us to offer the 47/7s in the following liveries either in a further batch or if demand is immediately there; Parcels Fragonset Waterman Blue Pullman More information on the exact locomotive that could be modelled can be found on our website. www.kmsrailtech.co.uk For the project to go ahead we are looking for people to Pre Order with a 25% dynamic deposit (the customer can choose to pay more if they wish). This will be refundable should the project not go ahead, but will guarantee the customer a model in the production run if it does go ahead. We need to be clear, that this model will not go ahead without the commitment from modellers to purchase. So if you want a Class 47/7 for your layout, you need to Pre Order now or it won’t get produced! We will not be making additional models for stock. The project is only viable to produce alongside the main batch of 47’s in the factory so we need to decide by next friday if this is a viable project and there is enough demand. These are expected to have an RRP of £699 and will be available at the same time as the other 47s in Heljan’s main range, which are expected to go into production late 2020. Pre-Order Link: https://www.kmsrailtech.co.uk/Heljan/5317-571-class-47-7-kms-exclusive-pre-order-now.html#/81-livery-other These are expected to have an RRP of £699 and will be available at the same time as the other 47s in Heljan’s main range, which are expected to go into production late 2020. If you would really rather not pay a deposit but are interested, please fill out our online form here but remember if we do not get enough guaranteed orders by means of pre order, the model will not be produced.
  10. Agreed. This goes for all scales, and even things like track and point motors etc. Just because the biggest two are sold out, doesn’t mean we are.
  11. Thanks for the message. The MK2 if we do them, will definitely not be around at the same time as the MK3 in this run. These sleepers are a livery change to an already tooled model. The MK2 lounge cars would be a new model entirely and will therefore be quite some time in the future I'm afraid. This too is an annoyance of ours that in time we'd like to change. Accurascale are doing a good job here with production of full rakes at one time. Granted, not everyone wants a full rake, but it makes it a total lottery if you do want a rake as you never know when or if the remainder of that rake will ever be produced!
  12. The MK2s - Stay tuned! We have the same gripes as you guys as modellers, not just in 2mm! So yes, we are looking to "fix" this.
  13. We've decided to add another twin pack to the list! Un-branded White Stripe "Barbie" livery twin pack: These will go perfectly with our 3 previously announced twin packs, bridging the gap between the "First" and "Stag" liveries! Pre order from our site from as little as a 10% deposit. (you choose how much). They are due along with all the other Dapol sleepers in Q3 this year!
  14. Yes it’s a retailer exclusive... :-)
  15. KMS Railtech announce EXCLUSIVE N Gauge Sleeper sets We are very proud to announce that we have commissioned Dapol to produce 3 twin packs of their soon to be released Mk3 Sleepers. We are offering the following sets limited to 200 each: 2P-006-KMS1 - Stag Teal Livery twin pack. 2P-006-KMS2 - First Caledonian Sleeper "Barbie" with White Strip twin pack. 2P-006-KMS3 - First Caledonian Sleeper "Barbie" with Gold Stipe and No Stipe twin pack. These can all be pre ordered on our website for a 10% minimum deposit. You can choose to pay more now if you wish. We will invoice you the remainder when the items are on their way to us so we can ship them to you as soon as they arrive! They are expected sometime in Q3 along with the standard release MK3 Sleepers from Dapol. Of course we also have plenty of these on order too, as well as other N gauge Exclusives such as our ScotRail Inter7City HST 4+2 set! See them all HERE
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