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  1. We've just noticed this thread, thanks for the mention guys. We have a good stock of N (55 and 80), OO (75 inc bullhead and 100), O (FB and BH) and even G45 in stock right now. Check out the range here: TRACK Thanks Team KMS
  2. Thanks for the kind words above! We are slightly older and (hopefully) wiser now! We are expanding rapidly and on that front will have some official news about that soon... We are the number 1 rated "Model Train Shop" on Trustpilot too, with over 300 reviews and a Trust Score of 4.8. Please feel to give us a try and recommend us if you feel we have done well! BTW, one of the things we get commended on most is our packaging. We have more than 20 custom sized shipping boxes and all our packaging is recyclable too! The bubble wrap is even blue (which is as close to the ScotRail Violet we use for our logo as possible!) Team KMS
  3. Hornby PRICES - 31st JULY 2021 We have been informed by Hornby that the prices across their entire range, with the exception of Humbrol, are to be increased from July 31st. In short, Hornby have stated that the massive increase in shipping and raw material costs has forced them to increase prices to maintain profitability. They have tried to absorb the cost but as the COVID pandemic continues, costs are not forecast to reduce any time soon. They are unable to absorb these costs any longer, and therefore have had to increase RRPs accordingly. From the 31st July 2021, all products shipped to retailers will increase by approximately 10%. KMS Railtech, as a growing retailer, cannot afford to absorb these costs, so unfortunately we will have to adjust our prices for from July 31st. Further to this, honouring our existing pre-order prices would put us in breach of terms with Hornby with regards to minimum discounting period of new items. We regret that this has had to happen but it is out of our control. We suggest you contact your own retailer if you have pre-orders elsewhere, to check if those orders are impacted. Hornby have yet to issue a new price list. We will update as soon as they do. Thanks for being a KMS Railtech customer and again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. KMS Team
  4. We've got a good few bargains in our summer sale! https://www.kmsrailtech.co.uk/400-summer-super-sale
  5. Hi all, KMS Railtech always have great prices, but it doesn’t get much cheaper than FREE! From time to time we decide to give stuff away. This month, one lucky customer will WIN A PAIR OF CLASS 20s! This is a massive prize and consists of a matched pair of HNRC locos one of which has been professionally renumbered for us by ABC Workshops. If you’re not the lucky winner, or you just can’t wait, you can order these now from our website HERE
  6. Good Evening, Still at expressions of interest phase at present Thanks! Team KMS
  7. Same for us, although we have had customers asking to start paying now in instalments which we are happy to arrange to help spread the cost.
  8. Same for us, although we have had customers asking to start paying now in instalments which we are happy to arrange to help spread the cost.
  9. This post should be deleted… This never happened. Nope. They ONLY ran in rakes of over 30 :-)
  10. Good evening all. Our January Sale continues... You can see all items in the sale HERE We also have a large stock of Peco track in all gauges, as well as DCC Concepts Point motors, SS Levers, DCC equipment etc. Also, all Hornby 2021 range is online and can be pre - ordered for FREE by selecting CoD at checkout.
  11. Happy New Year to everyone! This project is something we're very excited about! The notes of interest are going very well, and now the festivities are over, we'll be able to do a bit more work on moving this forward. In the meantime, please tell everyone you can think of who may be interested!
  12. We missed some products off our website, oooops! Hornby’s Christmas Family Fun Project has therefore been discounted and will ship today if ordered by 13:00 https://mailchi.mp/kmsrailtech/advent-deals-day-6689368
  13. Sorry! if it does say NLA it may still be worth a call to us to check as the shop and online stocks sometimes get out of sync!
  14. Morning all. We hope you’ve had a good weekend! We've decided to bring forward all of the remains no deals to today. We’ve already started listing these and will continue to do so during today. In an effort to get these deals to you before Christmas, we’ve upgraded all UK orders to 24 hour at no extra cost. All the deals from the 1st to today are all available on our site: https://www.kmsrailtech.co.uk/380-advent-deals Today, so far, we’ve added some ScotRail Inter7City coach / train packs. A Colas 37. DCC Concepts Alpha Meter and more to come! There are deals there for all scales! Some of the previous discounts have even been increased! thanks team KMS
  15. We've just sent out our newsletter with today's deals, along with a sneak peek at tomorrow and Sunday's. We're give a free upgrade to 24 Hour shipping in an effort to try and help you get items before Christmas, and we'll announce the 21st to 24th deals on Sunday. If there are any items in those deals you'd like for Christmas, let us know and we'll try bring the deal forward for you and get them shipped off on Monday. Today: GWR Class 158 with a FREE LENZ DECODER for £220 20% off Hornby Coca-Cola set Saturday: GWR Farewell HST pack Network Rail HST pack Sunday: Lenz Set 101 Command Station / Throttle Lenz LV103 Booster Lenz Decoders Remember, all our deals remain active until Christmas so feel free to go have a look here: https://www.kmsrailtech.co.uk/380-advent-deals Oh, yeah, and there's this: If we ship an order to you between the 1st of December and Christmas Eve, you're in with a chance of winning! (If you order on Christmas Eve your order won't actually be shipped but will be a valid order).
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