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  1. A couple of photos of the new layout at Bridlington taken earlier this month
  2. In an ideal world BR would've started freight forwarding and bought lorries to set up a complete logistics business.
  3. I'm looking for a trailer car for a Cravens 105 set. SYP preferred although stripe would do.
  4. I have wildebeest sitting in a drawer in a box.
  5. How do you allocate the wagons and how does it work with the dice? Do you have several sets of sidings and work between them?
  6. Apparently several variations of poker were sometimes played in them.
  7. Rob, speeds remain broadly the same with 20mph on the crossover and 15 for the turnout to No.6. There is no longer a round facility but platform 5 will be bi-directional allowing trains to run north towards Scarborough or terminate in passenger service. Some good news, yesterday, for the Beverley to York re-instatement from the DfT. It now progresses to a more serious study of potential. More pictures tomorrow when I pass through.
  8. The Black and Tans have gone! It'll have to be a Supertrain for me. Xmas has to come early.
  9. More pics here The platforms will apparently remain as 4,5 and 6.
  10. The down main was removed overnight, with trains working over a temporary up main connection before the crossover is installed, probably by tomorrow.
  11. Hi, some single one or two double. I think they used the old layout with wrong direction movements. 7 trains were in on Saturday standing along the single line up to Sewerby. As they left 4 more came in today. The new Up Main is connected but the new crossover is still to be lifted into place. This may occur overnight. The down main may be removed tonight or tomorrow. The lever frame in the box is still in place. Edit. Trains lined up along the gradient buffering up until the last one, which was top and tailed, arrived. Leading locos were then coupled to preceding trains. Last one out is now top and tailed.
  12. More pics from the remodelling at Bridlington available on twitter here
  13. Thanks Rob, Here's a pic from yesterday during a very dull afternoon.
  14. The signals and track layout now in their last hours. Tomorrow is the final opportunity to travel over the existing layout. South Box used to control 30 points until the 70s then reduced to around 11 points in 1983 and now soon to be just 5.
  15. 7 engineering trains to Bridlington are booked over the curve this Friday overnight into Saturday.
  16. Why the tall post? Note the down signal is replaced by a Dorman ILS type slightly further back.
  17. Hi, Glad you are enjoying the new layout, the steamers look heavy and solid works of art. I find that most of my running is diesel as these are the smoothest runners in the garage. I have a Bachmann 24 from years ago which runs faultlessly even on dirty track. A Bachmann 20 (early dcc fitted) never disappoints, despite falling off the layout . The Hornby steam is an apple green N1 which is very temperamental and geared for 150 mph (mostly useless). The only reliable steam is a Bachmann analogue N class in Southern dull green which ploughs on and rarely hesitates. I have a Bachmann V1/3 but it is rather light and not as good. The only Hornby I've had that has worked as well as the superb (and cheap) Trix locos in my odd collection is a blue 08 shunter. Heljan locos seem to start well but run progressively poorly with time (is this the pick-ups and wheels?). I've a Mainline N1 that runs better than its Hornby upgraded version. When I was 13 I was frustrated at having to push Hornby locos at every session. My uncle was exasperated and gave me some money to buy a Fleischmann diesel - it was perfect and I went German. I saw Bachmann's stuff and that got me back into modelling ten years ago. I wouldn't buy anything by Hornby except rolling stock after my experiences with their steam and diesels (except the 08) I've tried US recently on a budget of £30 per loco. Two Bachmann GP's with hoods glide around the track at scale speeds, totally reliably. I was very impressed. Dapol was a series of returns to find something that worked. In what other hobby do you pay £140 or more for something that is faulty?
  18. Here's jsb303's pic with today's view from a similar position
  19. RHTT season is underway and a new Yorkshire circuit is working York to York via Hull etc. Seen here at Bridlington passing trackwork for the relaying work. The photo is by Trains of Hull on flickr and was posted yesterday.
  20. With over 12,000 deaths by shooting a year, the freedom to bear arms exacts a heavy price.
  21. Platforms 7 and 8 now soon to be Lidl. All images are the correct way up on the camera
  22. It looks terrific. Very spacious and well built.
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