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    Real railways,model railways in 00 gauge (modern)
    ww2 tanks and planes,and fixing repair cars ...
    Vice Chairmen at Merseyside Model Railway Company...

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  1. Been buying in more Rail exclusive speaker for my 37,47s...
  2. More lovely photos James... cheers neil..
  3. Looking forward to another update soon...
  4. Nice work as always Phil,im too fitting all my Bachmann locos out with rail exclusive speakers there great!! thanks neil.
  5. Ive used three tone weathering finish on this res class 47,next wil be Legomanbiffo sound and rail exclusive boom box speaker install. So keep watching for updates..
  6. Just finish off this beastie 47 this evening... next job is to install legomanbiffo sound...
  7. Been adding more scenic along the "branchline" over the weekend...
  8. saxokid


    Lovely work here Shaun...
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