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  1. Northern 156420 approaching platform 2
  2. Northern Abellio liveried (debranded) 156204 & 156468 at the station.
  3. I haven’t added any videos to the Chesborough North youtube channel for a while now. Although I do intend to do some quite soon. The Cappagh 60 has not had much of an outing on the layout since I got it, One day I hope to have some suitable wagons for it. I would love Revolution trains to do a run of the JNA-Ts in the Royal Blue livery for for my DC Rail stock.
  4. DB 66097 with empty scrap MBAs
  5. GBRf 66783 with a rake of 18 Castle Cement PCAs
  6. Is it too early to have my TPE drivers out route learning!
  7. Well in anticipation of those Accurascale TPE coaches coming out next year my TPE drivers are out route learning. Here’s DRS 68034 running light engine.
  8. I dont ant I don’t anticipate anyone making a 195 anytime soon either so running a Northern based layout with a wide variety of units has much more appeal for me. Those lovely Accurascale TPE coach sets will be a welcome enhancement sometime next year.
  9. Even my Northern Units are out of date now with the new upper case NORTHERN branding being phased in. I usually modify accordingly but things change too quickly now. With this in mind I have decided to freeze time on the layout as 2019/20 which gives scope to keep 142/144s running. This also allows for unbranded Scotrail and FGW units etc to add a little colour and variation to things.
  10. EMR and Northern 158s at the station
  11. A couple of night photos featuring 156420
  12. Northern 158869 at Platform 1
  13. GBRf 66762 with an engineering rake.
  14. another one of 66097 with the MMAs along with a busy scene at the TMD showing 37025, 37099, 70813, 37116 and 56094.
  15. An evening shot of the station building
  16. I have had the RHTT set on the layout today with 37407 and 37405
  17. 66783 with FEA-S and JNA Falcons and 60010 with the MMAs
  18. 66783 having its first run at Chesborough North
  19. 150205 is another addition to the Northern Fleet
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