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  1. Craftsman Kit LSWR/SR/BR T1 Class 0-4-4 Tank Would prefer an unstated kit. Kit number is CRLT 08 Sensible to serious money paid !
  2. Only one up for sale on eBay at the moment. Model Rail/Dapol MR-004 OO Gauge Sentinel 4wVBT Loco No 57 BR Black DCC Fitted £120
  3. I can’t hear of Romney Marsh and especially Dymchurch without Dr Syn springing to mind. An evocative place.
  4. Having taken an interest in kit built locos on eBay over the past 6 months or so a few observations if I may. Most seem to be priced into the £250 to £400 bracket. Most, and I mean the majority, seem to NOT sell and the same locos appear repeatedly without any reduction in price. If there is a RTR equivalent then the price needs to be below that of RTR equivalent unless exceptionally well built or a rare variation or livery. Rare or pre-grouping locos fetch the most with a significant number of bids. However what is of interest is the figures made by pristine loco kits. They are commanding significant sums with lots of interest. Some recent examples include: DJH MODELS GCR/LNER 4-4-0 POLLITT LOCO KIT made £185.00 McGOWAN MODELS GCR ATLANTIC 4-4-2 LOCO KIT made £140.88 REDCRAFT BRASS LOCO KIT FOR A RHYMNEY RAILWAY/GWR CLASS J 0-6-0 OSF SADDLE TANK made £244.00 Alan Gibson 4mm Scale Brass GWR 4-4-2T No 4600 Loco Boxed Locomotive Kit made £175.00 However some, as stated with RTR equivalent made low figures in my opinion. For example a Blacksmith Models G.E.R./L.N.E.R./B.R. 4.4.0 D16 1/2/3 Claud Hamilton OO Gauge 4mm scale made £73.79 with motor and wheels. A bargain to my eyes. So if you want your beneficiaries to make the most from model railways as your hobby just buy “rare” kits and don’t build them!
  5. Very interested in the turntable build if you get chance to do lots of photos. And/or pass an opinion on the “skill” level required. I’ve got a 50ft LRM turntable to build but could be tempted by this. Thank you.
  6. Apologies in advance if I’m repeating a previous entry having not had the chance to read all the entries. But YouTube only needs one video to be priceless. In my case it has just been released as part of a Society Virtual Show. The video? Templot for the Totally Confused. It’s not perfect but it just made everything click and now I’m away! I can use it. I would have paid good money for the video and that’s a Yorkshireman saying that! And if a proportion of my EMGS subscription paid for any part of it then bravo. I had intended to sit with demonstrator at either the EM or S4 show last year to get to grips with it but they were obviously cancelled.
  7. Never in the field of layout building, Has so much been written, by so many, about so little a layout. With apologies to WSC.
  8. You’ve heard of Airbnb? This is Railbnb!
  9. Typically I’m now not sure if Ashdon & Midport is the layout I was thinking of. It’s a bit too rural whereas the one I remember was more urban in nature. But my mind could be playing games with me. But it is all grist to the mill of my proposed new layout. South for Moonshine, Ashdon & Midport and Metropolitan Junction will all be in the mix! Thank you all once again gentleman.
  10. To me that is one of the iconic photos of Buckingham that sums it up. A station approach with complicated, but not too complicated, track work which flows. Add in the signal box and signals and it just works! I could waffle on about evolution, the fact it is a refinement of several previous versions and just not luck but that would be pretentious. After all it is only a model railway! (Ducks for cover ). As has been said, it is the top of the list. It is THE model railway. And I’m still jealous of Tony!
  11. What an excellent resource RMWeb is! And yep 10 years out!!!! I think the layout I was thinking of was Ashdon and Midport and it was in the December 1982 issue of RM. I did have a vague feeling it was named after its builder and so it was.
  12. Hi It was similar to Crewisle and Metropolitan Junction (EM). A very compact layout with structures and scenery pretty much limited to the railway itself. It had through and terminating platforms. Probably published in the 80s or 90s and I think it was the Mk III version so had history/previous articles? LNER possibly but I could be wrong. I don’t think it employed a backscene. Central operating space I think. Thank you for helping.
  13. Does anyone know if there is an online listing/database of RM Railways of the Month? I can semi-visualise the layout in my mind but it’s name has escaped me. Any help or guidance gratefully received! Thank you.
  14. If anyone is interested there is an unmade GP Models J63 kit for sale on eBay at the moment. Starting bid £200 but no takers so far.
  15. Despite a fatalistic attitude, ie if it’s meant to be it will be, I feel the “old ways” have gone forever now. Unfortunately. That and people insisting on “their rights” but ignoring “their responsibilities” to others. The only way forward in my opinion to anything approaching former normality is a Covid/Vaccine Passport with the prebooking and payment of tickets so the Passport can be checked. A faff and a hassle and it will no doubt affect attendance. And no doubt it will discriminate as it will be more cost effective and viable for a large show as opposed to a small one. Also it will in effect become enthusiasts only as the casual attendance by a family will largely cease to be. As to the shows themselves, pre pandemic I had started to limit the number I attended because, as previously noted, it was a largely a case of same layouts, different venue. The Specialist Society Shows were a must attend as were normally Wakefield and York (I’m in Doncaster). But attending other shows depended on if there was a particular layout I wanted to see. The upshot of all this however was I now found I was prepared to travel longer distances than before. There does seem to be two different “circuits”. The Southern and the Northern and never the twain shall cross. Costs I guess. But if the exhibition scene wants to revive itself then a few “expensive guest” layouts from the other “circuit” maybe a possible way forward. Whether the layout owners/operating team would want to make the trek is another matter entirely.
  16. Are there many roses in this part of London....
  17. Agreed I have to keep reminding myself it is in 2mm. I’d be more than happy with similar results in 4mm! Plus I find the dedication over such a period inspirational. Keep on buggering on!
  18. My understanding is you pick up from one side of the loco and the opposite side of the tender. The loco and tender being isolated from one another.
  19. I may have missed it but is it possible to buy a subscription nowadays using a new fangled Debit or Credit Card? My super special all singing all dancing “modern” bank account no longer provides a cheque book!
  20. You’re all wrong. I’ve seen photos of Borchester station and it’s environs. It’s pure LNER/ER. Locos, carriages, wagons not to mention buildings and infrastructure. So it must be a long incursion into the area by the LNER. The GWR must have been spitting feathers !
  21. Yes, an example wiring diagram would be very much of interest. Especially the signal and calling on signal, and how they interact regarding power to track, or part of the track. I think I’ve figured it out in my head. Or at the least how I might do it. But a worked example would be much appreciated.
  22. Excellent video. It explains a lot regarding how the track power is supplied. The idea of no section switches appeals greatly as does the fact the model is being run on, or to, prototypical principles. Less appealing is the “complicated” spaghetti of wiring which appears necessary. Much cogitating ahead for me I think.
  23. Looking forward to seeing the video Tony. From the very first, the idea of a model railway having a “purpose”, as opposed to just running trains, has fascinated me.
  24. Hi Bit of a long shot I know but does anyone have the instructions for the Mallard Models LBSC/SR/BR K Class mogul? If so a scan or a copy would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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