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  1. Yes I hadn’t thought of that but I suppose it does a little bit. That would make an interesting little model actually if you just did the section between the bridges with the old graffitied signal box…
  2. Not done any of these for a while so here’s a couple of moody shots…
  3. Yes ok that all makes a lot of sense thanks everyone. I’m not sure how old my PowerCab is as I bought it off eBay a couple of years ago so maybe it is an older version. I’ll see if I work it out later.
  4. Very helpful replies everyone. Thanks very much. We did try this a couple of weeks ago with my friends controller and it did work quite well. I was hoping for the slightly cheaper option with the NCE cab06p though as I quite liked the look of its simplicity (and the price). But also because it’ll stay plugged into the railway which will give me the time to get to know how it all works. Again thanks. Am I right in thinking that the potentiometer version would be ready to go straight away then (with note taken of what you said about the end-stop)? I read a couple of things about some of the versions needing a chip but if I’ve read it correctly these ones don’t?
  5. I’m sorry for the very late bump up of this thread but I’m looking at buying an NCE cab06p to act as a slave unit to my NCE Powercab when I’ve got friends over and we want to run two trains on a single line with passing loops. Would this be an easy enough set up for someone that’s a bit new to all this stuff? Also, there doesn’t seem to be a function for the lights that I can see. What would you press for them? Any advice much appreciated! Nick
  6. I must say that now I’ve seen yours in its natural setting I’m quite tempted to get myself one for Christmas…
  7. Yes I always get emotional after four really nice pints with some good friends and a nice meal… Actually Will the landlord has made a little sports bar downstairs where they used to have live music so we went to watch the football. It was a very pleasant experience I must say. One of our boys worked in the kitchen for a bit a couple of years ago and I’d definitely consider it my local even though it’s not the nearest pub to me. In other news we managed a trip to Okehampton on the train on Sunday which was great. Especially as it got up to speed on the long straight stretch. Lovely!
  8. I’m going to have to come back and ask a bit of advice on this Rich because to be honest I’ve got so much going on in my head about various details that I know I should get right, yet for some reason I’ve ended up with a self-evacuating head when it comes to the finer details… It’s a bit late now and I’ve had a very emotional evening in the Beer Engine, but I’ll concentrate on this properly tomorrow evening after work I promise!
  9. What a wonderful story about David Suchet. I really didn’t see that coming! I think you did mention something about George at Rose Removals but I didn’t realise that he’d actually approached the railway about it. That’s a nice ‘What Might Have Been’ idea for a railway…
  10. Thanks very much everyone. Obviously I’ve kept the sweary outtakes for Dennis Norden as he’ll want them for his Christmas show. Actually saying that, they are a bit blue so maybe not…
  11. Evening everyone. I hope you’re all doing well? I’ve posted a couple of YouTube clips on here over time and a few people in various places asked me if I could do a bit of an explanatory overview of what’s what on the layout and put it on YouTube. This is the second attempt after messing up the first one so badly that I wiped all of the footage by accident… Obviously it’s quite long (14 minutes) and I already know that I made a couple of mistakes, but if you’ve got a spare bit of time and you’re interested here it is. Thanks all.
  12. Oh yes I see that now. Excellent.
  13. I love the Beetle with the door missing.
  14. I’d probably better add mine to the list. It’s my N gauge take on Lapford and Eggesford on the Exeter to Barnstaple line set in the 1986 - 1994 period: A few of photos:
  15. I’m really not one to complain because the forum is absolutely excellent. But (and you knew that was coming…). For some reason when I click on ‘Content I Posted In’ on my iPhone it just freezes and then gives me an error message. Is this just due to things still bedding down then? Any advice would be much appreciated as it’s a function that I find very useful.
  16. Looking good Bob. It probably says something about you that even though it looks good you still want to improve on it. It instantly has the look of the bridge when you first look at the picture by the way…
  17. Yes, I’d love something like that but there just doesn’t seem to be anything around. Even something classic 1980s like a Scania 112 or a Volvo 10 Turbo 6.
  18. At a loose end so I took a few more tonight. A couple of photos of the 31 picking some logs up from Lapford yard: A DMU with a trailing van leaving Eggesford: And then legging it non stop through Lapford a few minutes a later at full trickity-trock line speed… That old bridge is going to rattle…
  19. A couple of North Devon shots: A 31 with cement and logs for Barnstaple heading north: And an early morning 33 on a passenger turn:
  20. So good John. It actually makes my head hurt looking at it. Is that an N gauge 03 (asking for a friend, honest)?
  21. For some reason when I click on ‘Content I’ve posted in’ it just seems to freeze for me on my phone now. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to bookmark things rather than use this function anymore? Any help would be much appreciated.
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