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  1. Link to Britannia videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh_n6sCF93c&list=PLZB86Yx18yLddwEMXrQeKeY3lRZQjmzEM&index=1
  2. Andy, if you want to go into dcc sound we urgently recommend a system which is able to set all function keys to either momentary or latching. Most US makes are not able to do this. As sound projects get more and more sophisticated free f-key setting is mandatory for using all these fine functions. We recommend european systems e.g. Roco z(small)21. saluti Locoman
  3. Hi Andy, it is a Loksound 4 as printed on the board. Manufactured week 15 / 2015 as on the label. Saluti Locoman
  4. Yes I can confirm that, there is a checkbox for it that you can click when writing the data. Your own values are then the new default values.
  5. Our sound engineer modified our A3 project for his private use. Chuff takt is now let's say 2-3-1-3-4-6 (where 1 is the loudest) instead of the original A3 1-2-1-2-3-4 takt, injector is rattling loudly at start, rods are louder, very hard coach door slamming, no airpump. Maybe you're interested? Also possible for the A4. Except of chuff takt all sounds can be adjusted by CV.
  6. Technically spoken it is no problem to downgrade a V5 project to V4 as long as you can accept the background noise of the 8bit quality. But it has to be done manually and this takes a lot of time which just doesn't pay.
  7. Proud to announce that our Britannia project is now complete. Please visit our website locomansounds.com for further information.
  8. In the September issue #159 of Hornby Magazine Mike Wild shows how to install our Doehler & Haass 8-pin sound chip into a Hornby Q6 and add front light and firebox flicker. Please watch the video of the model here: https://youtu.be/AClZz5rYuLU
  9. This feature is available since firmware 5.3.113 which came with LokProgrammer software 5.0.12. Maybe you have an older firmware version on the decoder.
  10. We did it! Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxh7QdelReA&list=PLZB86Yx18yLe5eqcbU3eB2zdcZhMko0x1&index=1
  11. New file for the LMS 8F out now. File for Southern V class Schools will follow. And - have a look at the price. 8F video link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=xwsSfTboE5s&list=PLZB86Yx18yLe1oVjbQAZkz-LWpvn77Ve7&index=1
  12. I just quickly fitted as shown for testing our sound but if you are prepared to cut a bit of the internal plastic, seal all around and then glue real coal on top of the tender you would achieve a nicer sound Hope it helps!! Stai bene Saluti Locoman
  13. New projects coming soon! After having launched the Southern 'Schools' V Class on D&H we converted our LMS 8F project from Zimo to D&H. Both will be 85£ each. Also the LNER A4 project will be soon available on D&H for 95£. Please have a look at our website for further details. https://locomansounds.com/product-category/dcc-sound-decoders/d-and-h/ Photo by A .Anderson. CC license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0
  14. Fortunately it's just 85 quid instead of 110+
  15. The active brake is less complicated and easier to set than with Zimo or ESU decoders, so it is absolutely not necessary to have it on a momentary button. F2 is actually intended internationally for a whistle, so that if the whistle is designed as a playable whistle, it can also be played very short and in succession. Nevertheless, to exchange F2 and F4, for example: CV 316: change value from 2 to --> 4 (whistle from F2 to F4) CV 317: change value from 4 to --> 2 (1st brake valve sound from F4 to F2) CV 390: change value from 4 to --> 2 (active
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