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  1. This is exactly what we found when examining the TTS sounds. Lots of 4-chuff sequences that are played one after the other while accelerating.
  2. Not surprising, they obviously come from the same source
  3. Hello nothing easier than that. For steam sounds set CV 316 = 4 (mapping CV for whistle) CV 317 = 2 (mapping CV for brake valve sound), CV 390 = 2 (mapping CV for active brake). If braking is too hard set CV 391 to a higher value (20 or so). CV 391 replaces CV 4 when brake is active. When you buy from our website locomansounds.com you can always ask and we will swap F2 / F4 for you. Saluti Locoman
  4. Why do you need more than 8.36 seconds please?
  5. Which chip will do so? What happens if a single speaker shorts?
  6. In ESU terms this means: Program in this order: 1. CV31 = 16, 2. CV32 = 9 3. Then READ CV 372 4. Then CV372 = add 4 to the existing value and write No need to set F5 to momentary as the ESU brake is not over-sensitive.
  7. If you want to slow the locomotive down by simply pressing F5 without moving the throttle, you need to determine what speed it should slow down to. This is specified in CV 182. If you want it to come to a halt set CV 182 = 0. Saluti Locoman
  8. With a Lenz, never use addresses from 100 to 127. saluti locoman
  9. To carry out a complete reset, you must switch off the power supply for a few seconds immediately after writing value 8 to CV8 or lift the locomotive off the track. The value 8 is only saved temporarily. When reading out, the manufacturer's code will always appear.
  10. In the December issue #162 of Hornby Magazine Mike Wild shows how to install our Doehler & Haass 8-pin sound chip into a Hornby Britannia Class and add front light and firebox flicker. Also a TangBand speaker with HighBass has been installed. In addition, we recommend to add a single sugarcube speaker in parallel for a more brilliant and louder sound. Please watch the video of the model here.
  11. I totally agree! This speaker sounds good even with a £85 decoder: Nice video! Saluti Locoman
  12. Link to Britannia videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh_n6sCF93c&list=PLZB86Yx18yLddwEMXrQeKeY3lRZQjmzEM&index=1
  13. Andy, if you want to go into dcc sound we urgently recommend a system which is able to set all function keys to either momentary or latching. Most US makes are not able to do this. As sound projects get more and more sophisticated free f-key setting is mandatory for using all these fine functions. We recommend european systems e.g. Roco z(small)21. saluti Locoman
  14. Hi Andy, it is a Loksound 4 as printed on the board. Manufactured week 15 / 2015 as on the label. Saluti Locoman
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