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  1. Amazing just how well Mainline/Bachmann captured the Manor's 'face' all those years ago!
  2. Its bad news for Hornby as a company that with announcements from any of the other players apart from KR I'm genuinely excited to see what they are making, with Hornby I'm down to 'curious'.
  3. Pretty sure the A1 Loco Trust that brought us Tornado predates the Bluebell Atlantic initiative.
  4. I've never been sure what 'problem' the Hornby bogie spring is trying to fix. Some models run fine with the spring fitted others like your Black Five lose traction. I think if your trackwork is reasonably level the weight alone of the cast Hornby bogie trucks is usually enough to keep them on the rails. Different with Bachmann where the lightness of the plastic bogies can make them liable to bounce off the rails especially at point work
  5. Really nice to see one branch of the hobby supporting another - you've done a good thing there. Both from meeting Rapido at shows and through gestures like this I get the sense that you are all true enthusiasts :)
  6. Think the internals, and the easy access to them look really well thought out. As with all things Bachmann I’m sure the liveries will be impeccably applied. I’ve nothing but good experience of Bachmann which will count for a lot when these and any competition come to market. Also the only manufacturer to nail BR Green for me.
  7. Hard to imagine Heljan aren’t doing one being as they already have the chassis
  8. I appreciate it's tongue in cheek but the claim of '2 wires' was always to the track.
  9. I happen to have the box of 44781 (from the first batch of the 2002 model) to hand - cat no is R2258
  10. Both Accurascale and Dapol have demonstrated that a 'kinematic' coupling that allows very close/scale coupling on the straight yet able to open up to allow for curves is possible. For reasons unknown Bachmann (on their V2) and now Hornby have chosen to go the opposite direction and offer chunky couplings with very wide fixed gaps between loco and tender - it is literally the opposite of good design.
  11. Broadly what I would do but note that both Tony and @Silver Sidelines on the Hornby forum have noted a lack of traction. @Silver Sidelines has shown where lead can be added on the loco chassis so it might be worth doing that and leaving the decoder in the tender
  12. If there was a prize for 'Ready to Run repair of the Year' you've just won it Tony!
  13. Alternatively a set of Alan Gibson wheels would enhance the look of the front end and the finer flange would give greater clearance.
  14. Seems to be a Scottish region thing, haven’t found a clear colour picture of 45157 yet but found several colour photos of Scottish region Black 5s with plain black cylinders as Hornby have modelled.
  15. Too harsh - Hornby are targeting D&E fraternity with the diecast metal 1955 prototype Deltic which I thought everyone was demanding? 😆
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