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  1. If you note in the cab of 66762 on the left lane, I give you a fine prime figure of Fred the GBRf driver
  2. Hi people anyone know of a replacement motor that can be used in Bachmann class 66s and even class 37 Had to many fail on me under DCC.
  3. An old steam shed now offers shelter to a couple of 37s (but would not like to be in there when they have a cold start up)
  4. Pretty sure that sound fitted Bachmanns use a modified ESU decoder which means it can't be reblown normally loaded with South West Digital sounds
  5. Not sure what its called Bartram but its to do when using the coupling Think it swings out to take the weight of the knuckle thats held of to one side when not in use. Here a pic of the real thing and you can see now the new lights. Fiddly to fit, was in the detail bag that most modellers don't bother to fit but I like to.
  6. With new lights, theres a new look to some 66s out there, and seeing that the Bachmann 66 lights was already wanting I have set about upgrading some of my fleet and yes still retain the red rear lights as can be seen on the first two pics
  7. Hi Andy, any chance you can pick me out the winning lottery numbers please
  8. For sure if your 66s body has white painted hand rails on the steps to the cab, you will need white paint. No way do you not loose paint having to unclip these rails before taking body on or off. After working on my two was hoping these would be OK. Seems only way to make sure I get a good one is to travel up to Hattons and have one opened up in front of me. Like I used to be able to with Modelzone. What you get using the internet
  9. Oh dear I see you have to get the glue out for the roof grill. Yes the more I see and read, think Ill give these a miss for now. Same problems with mine I had to put right
  10. Maybe judging by the post Hattons may have said to the factory, make sure the axels are glued on well and they have now gone overboard with the glue. Want to get the Cemex but after working on the two I have which are now running well and I love them. Seems its still a lottery with the new ones for it to be fine or if I have a lot of work to do again. Ohh and yesterday said it was sold out but now theres more in stock?
  11. Also Just hope they used more or a better glue and that the glues in the right places. Count myself very lucky that I applied some glue to the small steps on the ploughs on both my 66s as I just looked at one and it fell off
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