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  1. Today i painted up my peco tunnel portal, as well as installing a 3d printed tunnel liner. heres a shot of the bare portal before paint.
  2. Thanks for the tip, I modified the kit to be about half way between single and double width deck. No problems so far! I've just tried with a 61xx and a toad and all is fine. I even tested the 40 and no problems there either. I'm just waiting for the tunnel portal to be delivered and I can check that clears too.
  3. I got the cork glued down across the bridge this morning. I've temporarily laid some track with double sided tape, just to test how things look on the bridge and make sure my longest stock clears.
  4. A few photos of the installed bridge. you can see the 3d printed decks either side that will eventually be hidden in the landscaping. The stone work may get some more painting in the future, i just wanted to get the whole thing painted before i glued it in ready for cork to go down.
  5. Today I've been painting and installing the wills River Bridge, more photos when I get them off my camera
  6. I forgot to post yesterday, all but the bridge and the small area beyond it have now got cork. I've also attached a backscene, this time an n gauge I'd backscene as the board is only roughly 8" high, I think it Looks very good and adds more depth than a very cut down 00 gauge one would. Finally I also marked out the track plan on the cork and dropped some flexi track on to see how the station looks. I've ordered all of the points, however they won't be shipped until they are all in stock, hopefully it won't take too long. Here's
  7. A bit more Cork down today, another section on the scenic boards and the whole of the storage board.
  8. Thank you very much for the photo, exactly the sort of scene I am aiming for. I'm sure the photo will be helpful, particularly when I'm looking for colours.
  9. I've ordered most of what is needed to get the layout running, the track is delayed until the points are in stock, however the cork arrived this morning and the backscene is due this afternoon. I've started cutting and gluing the 3mm Cork, I've decided to cover most of the station area but will only put Cork under the single track on the curve. It currently has half my bookshelf holding it down, including a full copy of the lord of the rings.
  10. Excellent work and incredible attention to detail as always. I can't help but think that by now you have probably spent much more on parts than it would cost to get a resin printer and curing oven yourself. I got into printing my own bits a few years ago when I needed a body shell for a model aircraft and all of the quotes I received were just under the price I paid for my own fdm printer (I currently don't have a resin printer but their costs are falling too at present) I've never looked back. They don't cost terribly much to run, they're now very safe,
  11. I travelled back to uni yesterday. It took me. A while to sort all of my stuff, but eventually everything fit exactly as I had planned. This morning I've managed to get the boards set up on my bed. Fortunately they all fit. The scenic board is heavy enough to level itself, however the lighter storage boards follow the level of the mattress meaning there ona very slight angle, it shouldn't be a hinderence to running though.
  12. Thanks for the reasurence, I wasn't certain on running tender first but it appears to be completely acceptable.
  13. Yesterday I made up an insert for one of my storage crates using some corrugated plastic. I've decided to transport my rolling stock unboxed to save space, including my unboxed pannier and my 04 (which has a box but fitted nicely behind the pannier) In the top of the box I can fit all of the other locos I want to bring inside their boxes. I could save even more space and allow room for new locos if I transport all of my locos unboxed, but there are so many detail parts on the new ones I think I'd be happier to leave them in their
  14. I finished wiring up the lighting pelmet this afternoon. The led strips alternate between warm Wight and cool white and are angled to spread light across the board. The whole assembly folds in half and is quite compact and relatively light. I think it will illuminate the scene quite nicely.
  15. I'm waiting on some hot glue sticks to assemble the light bars, however this afternoon I managed to get the track plan printed out and taped together. I plonked on some locos and rolling stock to double check siding lengths etc. And all seems to be going to plan. Two coaches fit perfectly in the run around and My longest tank engine fits beyond the points at the end of the platform. Each goods siding fits at least 5 wagons, 6 at a push. The cattle dock fits 3 vans and the spare siding behind the bay fits 3 or 4 wagons so will be
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