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  1. All three prints are now done. I have now got. Tools to make standard corrugated iron, sheet roofing, and square corrugated too. Also I sprayed the tracks on cherrybrook this afternoon and what was left has gone on the works tracks.
  2. I got back home to Shropshire on sat so this layout is on the back burner until I go back to uni in September. I will do some odd jobs though, for example today I spray painted the track.
  3. My latest 3d print turns ordinary foil trays into corrugated iron. I'm currently printing a few different designs to get all types of metal roofing /walls I've also added an led bar over my workbench.
  4. Got back home yesterday evening. Today I have unpacked everything and amongst other things I have gotten coalorsdale back up and running. A few gremlins as always. - a short on the lighting bus, now fixed. - I had to rewire the choc blocks for the lenz system to match the new layouts standards. - I had to re install the dcc accessory decoder I had borrowed to set up the new layout. - the storage yard mimic board had fallen off of the wall and needed fixing. - a signal had been knocked over when my parents showed a family friend the layout. All now resolved. I've also opened my new wagons from ebay. 8 mineral wagons with coal loads. One is still on the bench with a new coupling gluing up but the rest were perfect out of the box and run very well.
  5. Hopefully it will look good once finished, need to make the works building too!! Here's a first print for one of the warehouse doors. Hopefully it looks less like a radiator once it's got a few layers of paint on it.
  6. I've printed the parts for the clock tower, I probably won't get it painted and assembled until next week, however I've put some filler on some damaged areas I've also drawn up and printed a test window that is similar to those at the works.
  7. I've started packing for my return home on sat, not long now. I've also spent a few hours drawing up my rendition of the iconic clock tower in Coalbrookdale. I've purchased some brass clock faces to fit too.
  8. Ignore my last, prairie is on its way back to Sheffield. I worked my debit card a little hard over the past month and I decided it was best to just get some money back. Also I wasn't overall enthralled by the loco for the reasons below. a. I already have a prairie b. The sound was nothing to go running home about. C. It needed some work, I. E. Running gear and paint touch ups. Hopefully I get a full refund and the. I will have some money again.
  9. I'm back from Cornwall and will be at uni for another week untill I return home to Shropshire. Some of my ebay purchases were waiting for me, such as this beautiful prairie. Some touch ups and weathering required but I do like the polished tanks the previous owner has applied. It is a Hornby offering bought second hand and has a dcc sound chip. Does anyone on here recognise it? I think it's a loksound v4. The gold text under the sticker reads ESU LS4N
  10. Cheers, Indeed I've seen this gallery many times, there are certainly some very interesting castings. Current plan is to 3d print a few.
  11. The latest of my impulse purchases is another green 61xx. Its a slightly newer Hornby model than my current one, and is also dcc sound fitted!. I will probably keep both, I may end up weathering them to different levels or even respraying one into black. I'll get some photos and videos up when I get back to uni next week.
  12. Evening all, I've been thinking about goods movements on the layout and in particular for the works. My main plan for when I return home next month is to get some of the buildings and scenery finished on the Industrial area, as well as working on rolling stock and goods movements. I bought a job lot of kadee couplers a few weeks ago so I can continue to get individual wagons fitted. I've also just won 8 mineral wagons with coal loads and kadee couplers fitted. Here is some of the traffic I think the works needs. The output lists some of the specific items I wish to represent. In - coal / coke - oil - limestone - iron ore - pig iron - sand ( for moulds) - refractory brick (for kiln repairs) - General goods / machinery parts. Out - small domestic castings (crates / vans) - gates / fences - columns - Bridge parts - beams Does anyone have any other ideas for in / out traffic. Or even specific wagons used for each type of traffic.
  13. All done, They're not perfect but they'll do. I'll deffinately get some more figures from hardys at some point. Excellent detail on the figures themselves. A resin printer has also crept up my wishlist, they're more faff but certainly much better at fine stuff than the printer I have.
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