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  1. All of the motors now work at least 96% of the time, that should be 100% when the springs arrive from peco. I've installed a gaugemaster single output decoder on the crossover, I had to put each point on its own output of the lenz decoder meaning I needed more outputs than I initially thought. I've covered the gaugemaster unit with a cover I designed and printed. I'm much happier with the storage yard. I can stand at the main panel and control the scenic points directly and then use the mimic panel and handset to run the Storage points to swap stock.
  2. The mounting plates eem to have worked well. Now the points are realigned they throw much better, hopefully when I get the springs from peco they will be back to 100%. Only 3 more point Motors to refit tomorrow Ive also had a tidy up, installed the new sign on the mimic panel, and painted the framework black to match the facia.
  3. Here are 5 of the mounts, they replace the plywood blocks I had previously mounted the motors to. The small holes are to attach the motors to and the large slots allow screws attached to the baseboard to slide, giving fine adjustment of position. Time to go see if they work, I've tested on one point already before printing in bulk, so hopefully they all work out OK.
  4. Went on another walk today and double checked the signals. There is one wr signal in the yard. It is indeed round post with a ladder, I think I shall add a ladder to a ratio post. (I'm not sure where they've just moved that saddle tank from but I think it's been sat rusting under a tree waiting for a new boiler and complete restoration)
  5. Excellent service from peco, when I go for my afternoon walk I shall post a pre paid envelope to them and they're sending a bag full of point springs free of charge. I've also designed a mount that allows more accurate positioning of the seep motors so I think I shall save the expense of replacing them. Finally, I've also painted the storage yard sign. It was my dad's idea to make a plaque like a station sign. I'm quite happy with it and will glue it onto the mimic panel later.
  6. I've printed a plaque for the mimic panel, I shall paint and install it tomorrow. I'm still pondering the seep motors. I have a few more ideas to try. If that doesn't work out I shall wait until I have cash again and replace the storage yard motors with pl10s.
  7. The yard is rewired, I'm having some trouble with the seep motors throwing the points consistently. I could swap the lenz decoder for one with capacitors built in, but I'd rather have the motors work consistently at low voltage instead of using brute force to throw them. Ive emailed peco about getting some springs to replace the ones I removed from the points. If that combined with some tuning doesn't work, then I'll weigh up my options for replacing the motors. Another project completed today was a dcc mimic panel that shows the routes each point
  8. Ive nearly finished adding two loco sidings to the storage yard, and then it will be time to get the yard rewired and set up for dcc point control.
  9. Here is an original photo a few hundred yards down the line from Where I took my photos. I was hoping I could use my photos as they're 4k so I can see how the ladders mount etc. But it looks like I shall have to use generic wr signals or try and find some higher quality original photos.
  10. Hmm signal may not be as original as. I previously assumed. It is indeed a gwr branch that was later br (wr). I've just had a look through my photos and they all seem to be upper quadrant. Must have been added by the trust after becoming a heritage line.
  11. I'm still working on a few other things for the layout but I've been taking some photos on my lockdown walks. This is at the steam Trust (formerly part of the branchline I'm basing the layout on.) I'm assuming the colour light signal was added recently, but the semaphore is original and is a good prototype to help pick which signals I buy and kitbash.
  12. The crossover is wired up. I went with peco motors as they work better in pairs. I decided to use microswitches as pl13 switches can fail (and I had some switches lying around).
  13. The new crossover is in. Once I've got it ballasted I shall finish a few other projects off and start acquiring signals, and making catchpoints.
  14. After some discussion In The signalling thread...... The crossover is now trailing. I also have a list of signals to buy once I've finished re wiring the crossover and doing other projects. I've decided to use the old crossover to add some more sidings In the storage yard and Im to add an accessory decoder so I can control the storage yard from wherever I'm sat.
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