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  1. I've got it too - and I haven't complained about any errors. I think this is an excellent move to encourage engagement from their customer base (and of course to improve the quality of books published). I would volunteer, but I fear most of the railway data in my head is from secondary sources too!
  2. Given the volume and weight, it can only be cast aluminium - and therefore a replica. (Nice, though!)
  3. A few from the early 1990s in Devon and of course positioning moves for railtours
  4. I've been scanning some old negatives - from IAT Fairford 1989
  5. There are handrail knobs on the side of the smokebox, so not a 57xx (could be 97xx/94xx/15xx. But looks more like a std 1 to me.
  6. I used a little tacky wax to hold the chimney in place.
  7. I'm starting to scan old negatives - I have some way to go with learning the software, but here is an early effort - a photograph taken on 7th July 1985 next to the Teign estuary.
  8. Starting to scan some of my old BW negatives - from mid-1980s - I'll update the details later when I've found my notes.
  9. I found it a very imposing aircraft on display (RIAT, 2007)
  10. Here, please! (also, if you have any of Torre, I would be especially interested to see them)
  11. Speaking of Scaleforum 2019, John...
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