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  1. Distributor of free copies of the famous '30s book "2 shades of grey", followed by the less popular sequel "3 wonky wheels"?
  2. Just in case anyone stumbles across this blog item looking for thoughts on Lifecolor paint and/or Modelu figures, I've posted a few things on the following thread, so just to close the loop and for the sake of completion (etc, etc) here is the link, I think I started posting around page 25:
  3. Hi Phil, thanks for confirming anyway!
  4. Thanks to Wamwig for pointing out that some of the figures can now be found at: https://finescalefigures.co.uk/shop-all/ plus some ones too. I noticed a lack of options for 'practicing skin tones" though!
  5. Hi Phil, upon reflection, I'm not going to have time to put that kind of scene together, so please disregard my off-the-wall query!
  6. Ha, yes, there was a moment of bemused silence! Well, it has been nearly a year in lockdown!!!
  7. Hi, I notice that 3 photos are required. I have a vague idea of doing a scene looking from within a shed outwards toward a platform (of sorts). Photography would only work from the one angle (inside, looking out). Or maybe two shots but the angle would be very similar. Would 2 similar scenic shots plus one of the construction be acceptable? Or must it be something that can be photographed from 3 separate angles?
  8. I do have the makings of a layout in a conservatory. The conservatory has a radiator and sometimes an extra convection heater for in winter. It has been very hot in summer, and rather chilly in winter at night (like now). I've used a modular approach so I can move it (to clean the windows, for decorating, parties if they ever happened, etc). Construction s of 9mm ply and backboard, with bracing underneath. Rigidity gained from the backboard screwed onto a baton along the back of the baseboard, and another strip of ply screwed along the front baton. The platform is made of a B&Q floor
  9. Hmm, good point about the security aspect. Maybe I won't mention it.
  10. Quite right! To get us back on track, here are a couple of Modelu chaps destined for a railcar (when I get round to it!).
  11. Hi wamwig, agreed, the figures are different sizes. The pmmstudio ones were big, suitable for foreground perhaps, but most of my figures are smaller and its a narrow board layout so tricky. So they did stick out. They were nice though, certainly different subjects. The Hardys OO ones come up slightly smaller than Modelu OO judging by the ones I got, but not too small, still suitable for sure. They are also nice, although they come on the sprue attached by their heads which is weird, makes them harder to paint on the sprue and they may have flash on the top/head area. The M
  12. I would say "You should see the other one in there", but it might be too much for you! Actually, there are two figures in there, both female, and these didn't come from Modelu. That other supplier seems to have vanished though, unfortunately. Clothing is scant to non-existent! I ordered a few to practice skin tones with the lifecolor flesh paint pack, and I ended up with a few other figures. They were actually good practice, as they had quite large areas of skin, so handy for testing washed and what colours to use, including for browner skin colours. But it meant I had some rather unusual
  13. Well I finally found a use for the chap in the deerstalker! A Sherlock Holmes (-ish) scene in a coach. I enjoyed painting these guys!
  14. I like the idea of having some open windows in the doors with some people gawping out. A few photos of prototype coaches I've found online show door windows down, and some people looking through, even with heads part-way out. I'm using the Bachmann GWR Collett 60' coaches, which have quite a distinctive red edge around the window frame. I haven't worked out how to replicate an open window yet, and certainly not without trashing the coach bodywork. If I can work that out, there will be some summer air flowing through those corridors and a few casual figures staring into the middle distance.
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