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  1. Ok, thanks keefer and pH. I have reversed the image.....
  2. This photo has my location finder stumped as well. Apart from it is in Scotland, I believe. Does anyone recognise it?
  3. The only music which reminds me of railways is by Edgar Froese; because a track on Epsilon In Malaysian Pale sounds like it was recorded in the front seats of a Metro Cammell DMU.
  4. Thanks Jim. I had looked at all the 'big' Scottish stations I could think of, but would have taken weeks to come up with the answer.
  5. Excellent work, Purnu. Thanks very much. This forum thrives on folk who have information which many others do not. Here is an easy one for everybody, although still a mystery to me.
  6. Thanks Bon Accord; it would make more sense, as I had not heard of push-pull services going north.
  7. I am adding this image because I was not aware that 27s and push-pull sets worked across the Forth Bridge, but this appears to show otherwise. D5400 (I think) just south of Dalmeny.
  8. Another mystery. This location would appear to have had a three way junction behind the photographer, with one alternative now out of use. I suspect it could be in Scotland, although certain images in the slide box seem to be in the Manchester area.
  9. Thanks Caradoc. Embarrassing to say that I have been there a few times and still do not recognise the location.
  10. I think we are on a roll, and so here is another Scottish one. I can't quite read the name on the station board.
  11. It certainly is. Thanks very much. You have made my day. I had searched for Waterside on Railscot, but that only had a link to a place near Stirling which threw me a little. There are so many Watersides in Ayrshire that I began wondering if the one I was looking for really existed.
  12. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant detective work. Thank very much. At least I know the area to work on.
  13. However, it is not Maxwelltown because the station building there was quite a bit smaller according to Railscot. https://www.railscot.co.uk/locations/M/Maxwelltown/
  14. This is a brake van tour somewhere in Scotland circa 1969. I have looked on Sixbellsjunction but cannot find any railtours to fit the bill, and am too braindead for trying the reverse image search again. Does anyone recognise the location?
  15. Right click is available in Safari, it is just that it involves pressing the ctrl key first. I tried that and the option of a reverse image search did not appear.
  16. You may have to browse through some late 1950s/early 1960s Railway Observers to find examples of that information. There is a coaching stock section in most (if not all) monthly issues during that period, although how reliable and comprehensive the details are, I don't know.
  17. I use Safari, and I'm not sure that option is available to me.
  18. Sorry, you have lost me there. Reverse image search?
  19. Please don't worry about the thread wandering O/T at times. I enjoy all the tangential facts and info that the thread drift brings. Thanks also for the Coryton info. It would be one of the last places I would have guessed but I failed to allow for the trees obscuring the nearby housing. I'm hoping that someone can enlighten me about this station also. To me it looks Lancashire, but that kind of guess usually results in me being hundreds of miles out.
  20. Shouldn't there be housing visible at Coryton?
  21. The location of this photo has completely stumped me.
  22. Wow! Thanks everyone. It looks like quite a rare shot, in that case.
  23. Now I have a working laptop again, scanning can be resumed. Fortunately for readers of this thread, this means that unknown locations are appearing once more. I cannot guess where this might be.....
  24. That is excellent. Thanks for all the details of parts used to make gutters and downpipes. I had been searching for small items that I might use on a few of my buildings (when I actually get around to them). It is the attention to small detail which makes these kinds of building look realistic.
  25. Have you ever wished you could run a crazy liveried locomotive on a 1950s steam layout without being subjected to judgmental finger wagging? You might try one of these specials -
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