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    Shutting down of debate. Can I remove all my content from this site immediately please?

  3. 37425 and 37411 are seen at Buxton circa 1991.
  4. The U1 performed its banking ritual between 25 and 30 times a day, so some of the firemen must have worked very hard during a shift.
  5. It was a great station, and very impressive to a schoolboy; and I went there a few times with my Dad, but I discovered the delights of Midland (far more 'cops', the Blue Pullman for a time in the middle of the day, and the GC on the bridge across the station) and I'm afraid to say that I used to lobby for an extended visit to the competitor of Victoria.
  6. Is that really surprising? 60 wagons, even older wooden bodied ones, are going to be quite a formidable load (something around 1100 tons fully loaded) to get up 3 miles at a minimum of 1 in 40, and even steeper in places with mining subsidence. That the U1 did it's job for a quarter of a century, is the kind of unsung work which happened without ceremony in those days.
  7. The Cliffe-Uddingston cement trains were about 1000t loaded when I saw them pass through Grantham, although I'm not sure if the 9Fs hauled many of the PCV trains which were 30 wagons plus a brake van. I'm also not sure how many of the earlier Presflos made up the train before the new wagons were introduced. I suspect the details are in a Railway Observer/Trains Illustrated somewhere. Might it be that the 9Fs could not accelerate the train from a standing start quickly enough to pick up water at troughs, and therefore had to stop more often to use the water columns at stations?
  8. I believe they were the train for those people who had saved Persil coupons and traded them for free tickets - Kings Cross to Aberdeen and return.
  9. 50046 is seen at Newton Abbot in 1984. Sadly, the focus leaves something to be desired.
  10. I can't do a triple header, but I can manage 50046 and 50012 passing Teignmouth circa 1984. I'm not sure if this was some form of railtour, but there does seem to be a fair amount of window hanging going on.
  11. It was sarcasm; but if you believe certain areas of the MSM they are responsible for all the bad things that happen.
  12. And road building/improvements could be charged an extra tax for the environmental destruction they cause or help accelerate; not just directly but indirectly due to increased amounts of SO2, NO and CO pumped out by exhausts. For decades everyone (including me) has simply ignored these gases because they are invisible; but our urban children and grandchildren are suffering for our insatiable appetite for the freedom to go anywhere we choose at a time we choose. Sorry, I am drifting away from Beeching - but I doubt Marples-Ridgeway took any notice of the land they bulldozed, or the creatures living in/on it.
  13. How come the GCR have ex-GWR lower quadrants in Leicestershire?
  14. 50030 has a varying assortment of coaching stock in tow passing Teignmouth circa 1984.
  15. This class member is towing a couple of HST power cars back to Laira, seen along the sea wall near Teignmouth circa 1989/90.
  16. Thanks Nidge. That is great info, as I think the semaphores appear on many of the photos.
  17. Yet another with no loco identification, although the presence of what appears to be a naval crest on the bodyside may be a clue. Exeter Central, and the notes say 1987; but I trust nothing on these any more.
  18. Thanks very much. A lot of good advice for me to ponder on. I was also a Lone Star addict in my early years, and had all of the items you describe including the station, signal box and level crossing. In fact, I may still have it all in a box up in the loft. My track was always as big a junction station as I could produce from the points and crossings I owned, and when a schoolmate offered to sell me his collection for about 2/6d (a lot of money in those days, but then he had a lot of track and had tried to model Sleaford West Junction) I ended up with enough to stretch half way around the living room. I had no realism in the ends of the track work - trains were just pushed off the end onto the carpet and were picked up and made ready to appear anywhere as a completely different service. Later I painted the US single ended diesel blue, with a full yellow end, and the US carriages became blue and 'grey' (actually white, as that was the only pale colour I had) once the newly painted Mk1s started appearing on the real railway. Sometimes, I would get bored with locomotives and just ran my highly sacrilegious SR third rail scenario, using the carriages as EMUs and guards vans as tram engines pulling occasional goods trains. East Croydon it was certainly not. I spent hours and hours with this, much to the annoyance of my mother who thought I should be outside playing cowboys and indians like other kids; but I was not at all enthusiastic about pretending to kill people.
  19. Another uid member of the class; this time running l/e through Teignmouth circa 1989/90.
  20. Wow. Thanks for this. It certainly does look like the same train. As I mention above, the slide was a purchase and not taken by me but the details on the slide mount appear to be almost 100% inaccurate.
  21. Sorry, yes. I didn't take the photo, but bought it online. My laziness means I tend to believe what is written on the slide mount. It would appear that in this case just about everything about the transparency is incorrect.
  22. Very good. Those who criticise, must give their opinion.
  23. I know nothing about this, except it is not a Speedlink/Enterprise service through Teignmouth circa 1992/3 as written on the slide mount. Hopefully, some 50 enthusiasts might fill in the blanks.
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