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  1. Here are a few more shots of the layout to close-out the year: Bursley station by night Loop Line Steam line-up (4F from Santa on the right) The pot-bank is taking shape Overall view I'm happy with the progress we've made in 12 months, plans are afoot to finish the layout quickly in the new year, we will then start thinking about our next project. Cheers for all the support, help and advice. Happy New Year to all!
  2. Great modern image scenes Dave - that Javelin looks the business !!
  3. The lad had been less interested in the layout of late, I couldn't work it out until I realised that he couldn't see further than the fiddleyard!! . So we have removed the whole thing and now the lad can see right over to the station - Success! I had really wanted a fiddleyard to make a 'proper' layout but with our configuration it just would not work - at least we can see the trains running round now. Elsewhere on the model we have installed our new platform, building and yard lights (pics to follow soon) and we are cracking on with our bottle kilns. We are building a rail served pottery factory now to replace our current 'generic' goods yard. hope everyone has a great holiday and gets time to do some modelling!
  4. campaman - Im powering the lights on a series circuit from the AC supply on a simple Hornby controller. digital - nice work, when budget allows I'll be having a go in brass.
  5. Thanks for the detailed explanation of this system Mikkel. As a novice all these different systems can mean little unless you actually see them illustrated. Cheers again and have 5 stars
  6. Is that part of another satellite in the background there? I hope you pose your loco's behind pics you're sending to ESA
  7. Look forward to this one, we're on our way to creating Longport station building for our own NStaffs effort. We have some photos of the station and surrounding area if its any use cheers Steve
  8. Not sure if this should be here but theres no news section so ... http://www.engadget.com/2009/10/26/planets-smallest-model-train-set-revealed-to-macro-lenses-micr/#comments 1:35,200 scale ffs!
  9. Here's the first one finished, a bit rough but hopefully the next one will be better.
  10. thanks Padstow, reason for the research is wanting to swap our somewhat crude metcalfe station kit for something more Stokie. for the record we have several shots of the station and environs in the old Foley Crossing thread: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=42541 so I'll probably just make up a building that looks a bit like it,
  11. Brilliant! I never saw this one on RMWeb3 - cheers for posting the pics, the pub looks particularly good, more please!
  12. We did ours by cutting a suitable piece of foam (you could use wood or layered cardboard), chamfer one edge on the bottom to facilitate removal and carve the top to a curved profile. Now add neat PVA, crushed coal, once dry add a sealing layer of PVA - coal dust been nasty stuff cheers steve
  13. This is a really nice layout mitzi, the low angle shot of the river is stunning. As Miss Prism says this is probably the wrong area for layouts, you can make a blog (see the Guides section) or there is a new Layout Topics area for people who really don't want to blog. You can also make a gallery if you want, your modelling certainly deserves it!
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