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  1. I agree with Grahame, Redutex is a superb material for facing even though it is a bit on the expensive side. I have used it for facing a Petite Properties model and am currently using it for adding slates to a scratchbuilt 4mm cottage. I also got mine from DCC Supplies Cheers Steve
  2. Iain and Newbryford - many thaks for your responses. This is my first layout and the first time I have tried to add an accessory to the Ace v3.2. Your instructions worked perfectly, I had got my knickers in a twist about when to have the IP set to SET and when to RUN whereas it is, in fact, very simple! IP RUN, enter address on ACE, switch IP to SET, activate turnout left and right on ACE, switch IP to RUN, IP now moves on address selected So once again thanks gents Cheers Steve
  3. Hi, Has anyone any experience of adding DCC Cobalt IP Point Motors as Accessories on a SignaTrak v2 DCC Controller please? The instructions are not too clear and I cannt find any help on searching the internet. The first decoder is being picked up by the SignaTrak and operates as a default address of 01 but I am not sure how to add another Cobalt and give it another address Thanks and kind regards Steve
  4. Thank you! I have ploughed through this thread for 29 pages looking for a simple idiots guide explanation of wiring and here it is on the back of the points package. Any concerns I had are now gone and decision made to use BH track and points for the new layout Cheers Steve
  5. Brilliant photos Ian! I am just about to start this kit for my layout so these will give me much inspiration for the finishing along with the very useful list of accessories used, thanks Steve
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