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  1. Ok thanks thats good to know but only after a tender top any one selling a BR1D one in BR Lined Green.
  2. Looking to purchase a BR1D Tender Top for the latest 4 pin tender does the older tops for 2 pin tenders fit this model if anyone can help.
  3. Are the tender tops interchangeable between the latest 4 Pin and the previous 2 Pin tenders.
  4. Not exactly what i was saying refering 2nd class to the 1960s i have a ticket with the wording Revised with price stamped in ink at the bottom but with no date, thanks for the replies. I should mention this is a green ticket not white so i presume this is pre BR days.
  5. Yes having CLC printed on them makes them pre nationalisation but wanted to confirm these were sold in the 60s i have a couple with early 60s dates i presume being printed Third Class they were issued as Second.
  6. I was led to believe 3rd class ended in 1956 did BR continue issuing these tickets long after into the 60s i have seen CLC tickets with these dates so presumidly BR still had stock of them.
  7. Refering to my previous post the new models have the larger cab roof hatches are these dimensionally correct compared to the older models i am surprised this has not been mentioned before about the retooled body, placed in the wanted section any one have a BR1D tender top to sell for the latest models.
  8. Wanted BR1D Tender top to fit the latest 21 pin model.
  9. If not mentioned before the Track Recording Vehicle this is not Elliot the real thing was a converted Wickham Railbus not a W & M one, just hope Heljan will produce the correct version if they ever make the Wickham model but doubtfull.
  10. But not a rebuilt Crosti can we please have some Bachmann.
  11. Thanks Paul seen that one, i am refering to the topic by Michael Delamare Soda Ash Tanks posted on 2/1/2012 there was a picture he took of a video showing these wanted to know the source may be Michael can comment, could not copy the picture to show on here, thanks.
  12. This TV picture posted By Michael Delamar 5/1/12 topic now closed what video is this from i suspect from one of the B & R Video Productions if Michael or any one can answer thanks.
  13. Thanks Bachmann i will purchase some of these, can we now have the BR Standard Banana Van Diag 1/246 Please.
  14. Thanks yes have tried these unfortunatly nothing found i cannot find any one else that lists parts for the TTA Tanks.
  15. Any one tried to fit the earlier body on the latest chassis was thinking of using R2383 City of Nottingham.
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